Episode 5.07 : Speaking of Baggage

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : November 07, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

While studying in his dorm room, Drew is interrupted by a knock from Natalie, completely wasted and obviously horny. Drew remains clueless until she throws herself at him. He's not going to complain! However, in the morning, everything's back to normal. Does she even remember last night?

The Luncheonette is a somber scene as Oliver Rome sounds like he's boring himself while recording. The lack of energy is appalling and apparent to everyone. Oliver accuses Crosby of sleeping on the soundboard - clearly that's the only explanation for the poor sound quality. Amber saves the day with a brilliant suggestion: she's heard Ashes of Rome live and the energy was off the charts. Why don't they give Oliver a live, in-studio audience to perform for? Adam and Crosby agree to give the idea a shot, and put event planning in Amber's capable but stressed hands.

Amber is living and breathing for The Luncheonette and Ashes of Rome. Her physical relationship with drummer Zack is getting too close for comfort, which Ryan witnesses. She's been so busy, she forgot to tell her fiancé that their wedding plans changed. Now that Sarah's onboard, Amber wants a full-blown wedding again.

Max discovers a large portrait of his Aunt Sarah in Hank's studio. The Second Inquisition commences, then concludes with Hank revealing a little too much information - the concept of baggage is difficult for Max to grasp. At the next extended family dinner, Max circles the table taking pictures of everyone and repeating Hank's intimate comments. Camille awkwardly discloses her solo Italy trip to the family, raising eyebrows all across the table.

Sarah, understandably upset that her nephew knew many relationship details, confronts Hank. As the adult, Hank needs to hold back information from Max despite his probing questions. The confrontation escalates quickly, ending with Hank "firing" nosy Max. A few days later, Hank knocks on Sarah's door to apologize. He really does enjoy having Max around. The kid stays.

Three of the Braverman siblings are concerned about Zeek's well-being, but Julia explodes, defending Camille's right to do something for herself for once. To show her support, Julia gives Camille her trusty carry-on suitcase to use for her trip to Italy.

The house is completely destroyed with toys lining every inch of the stairs - Julia is overwhelmed. Collapsing on the couch, she listens to a funny voicemail from Ed about a recent job rejection email. Suddenly, she realizes she's smiling and replaying the message. Joel's working late, but that doesn't stop Julia from showing up at his office wearing a trench coat and sexy black lingerie. It's a desperate attempt to reconnect with her husband, and Julia definitely has a worried look in her eyes...

With an armful of laundry blocking her view, Julia nearly slips on Victor's plush football. Julia loses it on a completely new level, yelling at Victor and Sydney to pick up their crap. Realizing she's barely holding onto her sanity, Julia seeks asylum by calling Joel, who's too busy at work to listen. Holding back tears, Julia insists she's fine... She's fine. When she closes the call, a new humorous picture message from Ed pops up. A couple days later, she returns his phone call and unloads her stressful week onto him. Ed totally understands - his week was terrible too, until his phone rang.

The big night is here. Amber rushes around The Luncheonette, doling out hugs and headphones. Ryan watches from the sidelines, his expression indiscernible. Oliver's locked himself in the bathroom, likely throwing up from nervousness. Drew invited Natalie to the event, and when she shows up with a group of friends, it's obvious this night will end differently than Drew wanted.

Finally, Oliver emerges from the bathroom, but his pallor is terrible. The night is shaping up to be an epic disaster... suddenly, Oliver's adrenaline kicks in and energy starts to flow. Ashes of Rome sounds better than they ever have and the live audience loves it. Adam, Amber and Crosby share a satisfied look.

After the recording, Natalie tracks Drew down and invites him to an after-party. Drew makes up a lame excuse, which she sees right through. Hopefully their hookup the other night didn't give him the wrong impression. She's young, in college and just wants to have fun, not a real relationship. But the next day, a sober Natalie comes knocking on Drew's door again...

At her loft, Amber waits impatiently with her eyes closed. When Ryan instructs her to open them, she finds him on his knees with a beautiful solitaire ring in his hand. Despite the sweet gesture, Amber stammers that they can't afford it and looks unsure about whether she wants to accept the ring or not.

Adam interrupts Zeek's car maintenance to discuss Camille's trip. No matter what's going on with the house, Zeek should step up and do something his wife wants to do. Zeek finally admits he's not going because he wasn't invited. The day of Camille's departure finally arrives. A quick goodbye and she's gone, leaving Zeek to tend a big empty house alone.

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