Episode 5.04 : In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : October 17, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Wedding plans are underway for Amber and Ryan. Unbeknownst to Sarah, they've selected their ceremonial spot: the lake where the couple first met. Skeptical of the small, inaccessible location, Sarah claims there won't be enough room for wedding guests. Ryan assures her his guest list includes only friends from his unit and possibly his mother. Meanwhile, Heather reams Adam for being financially unsupportive of Kristina's campaign. In Heather's mind, it's unacceptable that Adam knows the rapper Mistah R. A. Y. and hasn't squeezed him for campaign funds.

Natalie officially dubs Drew her "best college friend." Desperate to exit the friend zone, Drew seeks help from Adam to woo Natalie with knowledge of her favorite musician, Joni Mitchell. Crosby offers his two cents, encouraging Drew to fully commit to being a Joni Mitchell super fan. However, unable to lie to Natalie, Drew admits he learned Joni Mitchell facts to impress her because... well, he likes her. Natalie thanks him, but doesn't return Drew's sentiment.

Julia reaches the end of her rope with Victor and Sydney's fighting. Employing the big guns, she takes the kids to Zeek's for some old-fashioned punishment: cleaning dirty car parts. The activity isn't enjoyable for Sydney, but Victor thrives on the labor... until the car's manual is opened for reference. Victor slowly attempts to read aloud, his low reading level painfully apparent to Zeek. He confronts Julia about Victor's issue, a problem she admits is a constant concern for her too. Zeek takes matters into his own hands and convinces Victor his help is needed: Zeek's old, tired eyes can't see the small text in the car manual, so Victor's going to have to read for the both of them.

Back at The Luncheonette, Crosby and bored music executive Arrison Turner listen to Ashes of Rome's 30th take, but lead singer Oliver Rome's ego seeps unwanted into the music. Crosby asks for yet another take, causing Rome to lose his temper - what more could Turner want from his artistic performance? Later that day, Turner fires the band from his label. Despite the business loss, Crosby is ecstatic to no longer have to work with douche bags.

Armed with fleshed-out flashcards, Adam reluctantly visits Mistah R. A. Y. to secure his financial backing for Kristina's campaign. The visit doesn't pan out as planned, as Mistah R. A. Y. sucks up Adam's attention with tales of his new in-house recording studio. Having his own recording studio means he doesn't work for the man anymore - he is the man. Inspired, Adam broaches the idea with Crosby - why not start their own label? By recording, producing and distributing their own music, The Luncheonette would be self-sufficient! Though less enthusiastic for many good reasons, Crosby agrees to the idea.

Back at campaign headquarters, Heather expresses her disappointment in both Kristina and Adam's lack of new donors. Her own persistence has paid off, as she landed Kristina an interview with developer Harry Lerner. Kristina is firm in her opposition to Lerner's projects, but is convinced a face-to-face meeting could produce serious funding. Heather affirms Kristina's feelings and agrees to steer clear of agenda differences. However, once in front of Lerner, Heather schmoozes their way into his good graces and wins Kristina $20,000. Kristina's moral compass tells her this money may hurt the campaign's integrity. She decides to return Lerner's check, meaning her run for Berkeley's mayor is finished.

A determined Adam returns to Mistah R. A. Y.'s mansion to request an ethical donation. Unknowingly, Adam touches Mistah R. A. Y.'s soft spot - his own son is in the Berkley education system and he only wants the best for his boy. Without blinking, he writes a check for $20,000. Kristina is back in the mayoral race!

Amber and Sarah clash over wedding plans and the family members Ryan doesn't want to invite. Sarah fears her daughter is repeating the mistakes Sarah made with Seth, but Amber refuses to listen. If Ryan isn't close with his family, she sees no need for them to attend the wedding. Later, Amber asks Ryan about his intentions only to learn his stepfather would ruin the wedding and his biological father is dead. Ryan guarantees her the past is the past and won't affect their happily ever after.

Sarah tries to persuade Amber that her grandparents' backyard is a better location than the lake. Fearing that her wedding will look too much like Jasmine and Crosby's if she uses the same locale, Amber confirms the lake as her final choice. Unable to help herself, Sarah rehashes the relationship concerns Amber confided in her previously and isolates Amber further. Insisting that her wedding will take place at the lake, a wounded Amber retreats and stops answering her mother's phone calls...

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