Episode 4.15 : Because You're My Sister

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : January 22, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Over morning coffee, Crosby starts a conversation about a fancy new restaurant, Cafe des Nuits, that Jasmine's been wanting to try. The only problem is it's really expensive, impossible to get a reservation and requires fighting bridge traffic on the way home. Luckily, Crosby has booked a suite at the W, and arranged for dinner at the chef's table to celebrate their first anniversary! Jasmine is over the moon... but who's going to watch Jabbar? Crosby figures Renee can babysit, but Jasmine has doubts since Crosby didn't apologize for the talk about Jabbar that offended Renee so much. Her intuition is confirmed when Renee appears in the kitchen asking for her suitcase, having decided to move in with Jasmine's brother Sekou. She's going to a place where she's wanted.

Sarah's surprised to find a taxi outside Hank's studio, and even more surprised to learn he's leaving for Minnesota to see Ruby right now. He promises they're going to talk when he gets back. Julia visits her parents to make sure Zeek will dress nicely - no sneakers - for Victor's adoption ceremony at the courthouse. This is a rite of passage, and Julia wants Victor to understand he's an important part of the family. Meanwhile, Adam and Kristina have an appointment with Dr. Bledsoe. So far Kristina's all clear, but she has one last chemo treatment, and then she'll have a final PET scan. Even though Bledsoe explains he doesn't think they'll find more cancer, a panicky Kristina isn't convinced she's cancer-free.

Victor doesn't want to wear a suit to his adoption ceremony, and Sydney insists she doesn't need a dress because she's not going. She knows she has no choice in the adoption, but that doesn't mean she has to go along with it. Sydney's already on her way to her room when Julia sends her there. Drew logs into UC Berkeley's website to make a stunning discovery - he got in! Across town, Ryan shows up at Amber's door with a gigantic bouquet of flowers to thank her for her fantastic advice. He worked double shifts to pay off his debt to Joel, he's started therapy and his pills are under control. They both start crying when Ryan tells Amber how much he loves her, asking her to remember their bond; she's his best friend in the whole world, and he can't remember what life was like without her.

Kristina returns to the chemo room at the hospital for her last treatment, where she's stunned to find her old friend Gwen, who has relapsed, which absolutely devastates Kristina. Her doubt only increases when Gwen pledges to never give up the fight. Mark stops by Sarah's with something to say: he still loves her and he knows he always will, because she's the one for him. He should have fought for her and he didn't, but now he's fighting. His ultimate goal is Sarah's happiness, but he's sure that he's the guy who can make her happy.

Sarah's in the kitchen with her parents, trying to explain that a sneaker is not a shoe, when Drew steps in to make his big announcement. Everyone's thrilled, and Sarah is so proud - Drew is the first member of her family to go to college! And he'll be in the neighborhood, so she can embarrass him on the regular. Joel helps Victor through suit shopping with Julia, whom he explains, is going to be the one who picks the suit. After telling Victor that Sydney didn't really mean what she said about boycotting the adoption, Joel sends Victor to pick out his own tie. Julia tries to put the kibosh on his choice, but Joel backs up his son and buys a matching tie for himself.

Crosby and Jasmine are busy stripping the bed while Sekou loads his mother's belongings into the car, shaking his head at Crosby all the while. Crosby is still clueless about his role in Renee's move, making stupid comments about musty mother-in-law smells - when will they go away? Jasmine reminds Crosby they hurt Renee's feelings, which sent her packing, but Crosby insists she'll be thrilled to live with Sekou... who reminds Crosby his apartment is a 700-square-foot studio, which is why Renee didn't move in with him in the first place.

Adam opens a special bottle of wine to toast Kristina's full recovery from breast cancer. He's also got another surprise in store: an awesome trip to Hawaii, which is totally arranged - all Kristina has to do is pack. But while Adam is convinced Kristina's cancer-free, she's not. Until she gets through her PET scan with flying colors, they don't know for sure that she's healthy. And until then, she can't plan a trip or celebrate. In tears, Kristina asks Adam to cancel the trip. The next day, Kristina surprises Adam at work, wearing a new hot pink wig and bearing pot brownies and an apo logy. Adam admits he shouldn't have rushed to buy tickets to Hawaii. He was being selfish, wanting her all to himself, which she assures him, was exactly the right medicine.

Sarah visits Mark's classroom to say she wants to make it work with Hank. She and Mark keep getting interrupted, which must be a sign - she has to get her life together. She can't explain in words how much she loves him, but this is goodbye. Julia cautions Victor when he runs through the living room, but seconds later an expensive vase is busted. Uninjured, Victor apologizes profusely, offering to pay for the vase... Julia's not going to change her mind about adopting him, is she? In this moment, Julia's clearer than ever that she'll never change her mind.

Drew stops by to see Amy after a long period of radio silence, for which she's grateful. He admits he thinks of her constantly, as does she... and he wanted to tell her that he got into Berkeley - she was the first person he wanted to tell. It turns out Amy got into Tufts and this is pretty much goodbye. Both Amy and Drew pledge they'll never forget each other. The next day, Amber knocks on Ryan's door with something to say. She describes her car accident, when she came to accept responsibility for the people who love her. Can Ryan be strong and accept Amber's love - take on that responsibility? Ryan insists Amber is the one thing in his life that's clear and strong... and Ryber is back, with tears and passion.

Victor finds Sydney reading in her room - and he's got something to say: he wants her to come to his adoption ceremony, because she's his sister. Ever jaded, Sydney says, "Fine, get out of my room." Turning to Julia, who's overheard the whole exchange, Victor says, "Looks like she's gonna need a dress." Meanwhile, Crosby and Jasmine are having mouth orgasms at Café des Nuits, but clearly, Jasmine's a little preoccupied. When Crosby asks, Jasmine admits she's worried about her mom. Renee raised Jasmine and Sekou on her own and for the years Crosby wasn't there, she was Jabbar's second parent. Jasmine's not choosing Renee over Crosby, but they're going to need her when the baby arrives...!

Renee and Sekou are enjoying a rousing game of Scrabble when Crosby and Jasmine show up with the remains of their exquisite anniversary dinner in take-out cartons. Crosby explains they met a new friend, who insisted on meeting Renee and felt she deserved an apology for their talk about Jabbar. They wanted Renee to be the first to know about the new baby! Meanwhile, Hank's back from Minnesota, enjoying a late night dinner with Sarah. And he's got news, too: while he's not impulsive, he's decided to take a leap of faith, sell his business and move to Minnesota. He's never met anyone like Sarah, but one more blink and his daughter will be in college... Sarah understands.

Kristina heads into the PET scan machine. Nevertheless, she makes it to City Hall, where the Bravermans have gathered for Victor's adoption ceremony. Zeek is surprised to see Ryan with Amber; Max gifts Victor with a lizard of his own. Amber is just congratulating Drew on his acceptance to Berkeley when the clerk calls the Bravermans into the judge's chambers. The judge is ready to make quick work of the proceedings, but Zeek wants to state his case, his intentions for Victor as a member of the family. Of course, Adam and Crosby can't resist chiming in and the rest of the family follows suit. It's a great moment, which ends when Max manages to get a hold of the judge's gavel, and the Bravermans realize it's time to go.

Hank stops by Sarah's place on his way to the airport with a camera he wants her to give Max. And the other thing he wanted to say is, "I think I might love you... come with me." Sarah loves Hank, but... He knows what it all means, asking her only to think about it before he gets into a taxi, wanting to say more than he can.

Kristina and Adam are holding hands when Dr. Bledsoe tells her she's cancer-free. Of course, she still needs to have radiology treatments, and they don't use the word "cured" for five years. For now, Kristina needs to take a deep breath and enjoy her life. Meanwhile, Ryan and Amber are looking at rings... the Graham family is getting along famously, watching movies... Mark Cyr is continuing to teach... Jasmine and Crosby have their first ultrasound with the whole family in attendance... Kristina hands off her cancer shirt to Gwen... Hank and Ruby are having fun moving into his new house in Minnesota... and Adam and Kristina are living it up on their Hawaiian vacation.

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