Episode 4.10 : Trouble in Candyland

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : December 04, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Joel is just about to leave for work when Amber pulls up with coffee and a smile. Joel knows something's up, and indeed it is: Amber's hoping Joel will give Ryan a job. Joel has no openings, but he does have a soft heart, so he relents, telling Amber to have Ryan show up at the construction site tomorrow. Later at The Luncheonette, Glen Hansard is regaling Crosby with tales of his troubadour life, when Amber runs breathlessly into the studio with an emergency. Marlyse has called a tow truck, and Glen's car is seconds away from being towed out of the alley. Crosby tries to bribe the tow truck driver, but no dice.

Victor is doing his darnedest to wriggle out of doing homework, as Julia tries to keep his nose to the grindstone. When Victor insists he needs to get ready for baseball, Julia raises her voice: if Victor doesn't do his homework, there is no baseball. Victor pushes his paper at Julia and folds his arms. Standoff. Across town, things are icy between Mark and Sarah as they pack for their respective trips. Sarah's doing her best to act as if everything's okay, but Mark refuses; and furthermore, he doesn't want Sarah to even try to come to the wedding. When Sarah explains she's in a tough position and she had to make a choice, Mark tells her that while she may be a great employee, she's a lousy fiancee.

Hank and Sarah meet Ruby and Hank's ex-wife Sandy in front of their hotel. Clearly, Sandy's not too thrilled to see Hank - could this have anything to do with her upcoming move to Minnesota? - so Sarah steers Ruby inside. Back at The Luncheonette, Crosby finally informs Adam that Marlyse is dragging them to the next City Council meeting, where they'll have to demonstrate their good neighbor status and argue for a use variance. And yes, the city could shut them down. And the City Council meeting is tomorrow night. Adam flips out! They're going to talk to Marlyse today, hat in hand, and Adam will do all the talking. Having tried everything he can think of to soothe Marlyse' savage soul, Crosby angrily agrees to witness whatever Jedi mind tricks Adam has up his sleeve.

Sarah calls Mark to apologize for choosing to go to Los Angeles, while Hank has lunch with Ruby to talk over the move to Minnesota. Much to his surprise, it turns out Ruby is excited and looking forward to the move. Amber and Ryan share takeout food in bed. Ryan's nervous about the job with Joel, since he has no experience working construction. Amber's positive Ryan's going to be great; his new co-workers are going to love him as much as she does. That night, Sarah and Hank do some serious drinking. Hank fears he's going to be erased from Ruby's life, and he's putting her in the middle of his own unhappiness. Why did he drag Sarah to Los Angeles? He's a big baby. When Sarah keeps looking at her phone, Hank realizes there's trouble in Sarah's candyland - so they should drink more.

A few hours later, Hank and Sarah drunkenly stumble toward their hotel rooms. Sarah has her shoes in her hands and is leaning on Hank's shoulder when she rounds a corner to discover Mark, sitting outside her room. Once inside, Mark lays into Sarah - what the hell was that? And what was going to happen if he wasn't there? It's like he interrupted some kind of romantic interlude! Mark felt bad that he called her a lousy fiancee, so when he got her sad phone message he got on a plane to apologize. Even though she's drunk, Sarah rallies, fighting to defend her honor. She would never do anything with Hank, and Mark knows this! Nevertheless, Mark's too upset to stay, and he slams out of the room.

The next morning, Ryan puts his best foot forward, giving his new job working for Joel all he's got, but he's clearly inexperienced. When Joel stops by to give him some pointers and insist Ryan stop calling him sir, the guys start talking smack, making Ryan uncomfortable. In Los Angeles, both Hank and Sarah are hungover. Hank's back to talking about Ruby - should he invite her to live with him? This time around, Sarah's not biting. She tells Hank it's not her job to fix him, then apologizes. Last night was terrible; Mark's not answering his phone, and she's got to focus on her life.

Crosby rushes off to join Adam and Marlyse in the office. Marlyse is on the attack, and Adam sucks it up, apologizing, explaining that he hasn't been around because of family matters. Crosby decides to play the breast cancer card, but Marlyse could care less, because she had breast cancer last year - and is Adam trying to use his wife's cancer to make her drop her complaint!? Pissed off, Marlyse stomps out of the office, promising to see the guys at the City Council meeting. After she leaves, Crosby ironically thanks Adam for his master class in diplomacy.

It's late in the afternoon when Sarah finally finds Mark on the treadmill in the hotel's gym. Once again, Sarah assures Mark that nothing was going to happen last night with Hank - Mark has to believe her! Can they have dinner tonight? Mark offers to meet Sarah for dinner after he finishes his workout, and grudgingly returns her "I love you." Meanwhile, Kristina has just gotten high when Julia knocks on the door, seeking advice on how to get Victor to do his homework. After confessing that she's been smoking pot, Kristina takes Julia into the kitchen and pulls out her secret stash of candy. How does she get Max to do what he doesn't want to do? Straight up bribery - although if she were on "Oprah," she'd call it an incentive system. It really works!

Adam is rehearsing his speech for the City Council meeting when Amber pokes her head up from the computer. There's something Adam and Crosby need to see, right now: Marlyse has sent a photo of Crosby peeing in the alley to all the neighbors. Crosby can't believe it until he lays eyes on it, then remembers that he did once pee in the alley after he locked up. Adam is apoplectic - this is a disaster! Meanwhile, Julia has wasted no time putting Kristina's plan into effect. Victor tries, but when he makes another mistake, he throws his hands up in frustration - he's just stupid. Julia explains there's a big difference between being stupid and being behind. If Victor works hard, he can ace his test, and that will feel awesome!

At work on the construction site, Ryan forgoes the advice of a more experienced guy and opts to move a bunch of long, heavy pipes by himself. Sadly, he doesn't notice the plate glass window that costs $800, and crashes the pipes right through it. When Joel runs up demanding to know what happened, Ryan walks off the job. Later, when Joel gets home from work, Julia tells him about her candy experiment. The worst thing about it is clearly no one ever told Victor that he's smart, or that you have to study to get smarter. Every time Julia tries to connect with him, Victor pushes her away. She didn't think it was going to be so hard...

Mark has just stepped on the elevator when Hank rushes up, asking him to hold the door. Hank takes his opportunity to try to plug Sarah - she's been really helpful. She knew the LA job was a scam, which he booked to use as an excuse to see Ruby. Maybe Mark should cut her some slack. Quietly infuriated, Mark tells Hank to mind his own business. Mark continues on to dinner, still boiling, to confront Sarah about what Hank said. It seems like Hank needed Sarah more than Mark did. Sarah admits she did the wrong thing. When Seth needed Sarah, Mark understood, but he doesn't understand now. Sarah does this thing: whenever there's something good in her life that's making her feel good about herself, she runs away. Mark really loves Sarah, but he "can't do this anymore."

Julia's baking cookies when Sydney and Victor arrive home from school. Sydney reports that Victor's in a snit, so Julia investigates. Victor lays into her. She said he was going to pass the test if he worked hard. Well, Julia's a liar, and he's stupid! Victor runs upstairs and Julia follows to remind that two days ago, he wouldn't have gotten any of the questions on the test right. He worked hard, and she's proud of him. And it doesn't matter if he gets 62 or 92 on the test; Julia will always love him.

Blood boiling, Adam sits alone at the City Council meeting, wondering where Amber and Crosby are. Marlyse takes the microphone to state her case in no uncertain terms, accompanied by a presentation of photos representing disturbance of the peace, illicit drug use, and of course public urination, her personal favorite. Co-owner Crosby Braverman couldn't even bother to show up to the hearing! Adam has just been given his turn to speak when Crosby pushes him out of the way, apologizing for his tardiness. He reminds everyone of The Luncheonette's musical legacy - it defined the Haight's culture. And he's brought along several neighbors to testify on The Luncheonette's behalf... which is more than half the battle.

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