Episode 4.08 : One More Weekend with You

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : November 20, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Adam is less than thrilled when less than three days after her first chemo treatment, Kristina agrees to have Max's friend Micah sleep over for the weekend. Kristina claims Doug and Val, Micah's parents, had an emergency, but it turns out they're just going to Vegas, further annoying Adam. Regardless, Kristina is determined to make the best of it. Across town, Jasmine wakes a very cranky Crosby. Even though he worked until 3:00 a.m., she needs him to help prepare for their first big party - an authentic Italian dinner for parents of Jabbar's school friends. Ryan stops by The Luncheonette to tell Amber he can't make their date that night. A last-minute trip to Bakersfield has come up; it's a funeral for one of Ryan's military buddies. Worried, Amber offers to go with. She loves a road trip, and moreover she'd like to lend her support.

Having finished up at school early, Mark stops by the apartment, only to walk in on Drew and Amy having sex. After Amy leaves, Mark gets over his embarrassment to have an awkward talk with Drew, to ensure he's using condoms each and every time he has sex. Mark covers all bases, but when Drew asks him not to tell Sarah, he stumbles, agreeing to stay mum. Joel and Julia are thrilled - Victor is finally getting the hang of baseball and making friends on his little league team. A cranky Sydney exacts a promise from her parents to go ice-skating after Victor's game, but when the whole family gets invited to a victory celebration at a burger joint, Joel and Julia don't hesitate to say yes. At the restaurant, it's not long before Sydney has a full-out meltdown. Victor is not her brother; she hates him, and her parents aren't treating her fairly!

On the way to Bakersfield, Amber asks Ryan about his friend Evan. How did he die? All Ryan will say is that Evan died in an accident, which happened stateside. Back at Adam and Kristina's, chaos reigns. Max imperiously demands nachos as his video game blasts; Otis is peeing on the carpet; baby Nora is wailing, and Adam is yelling at everyone. Suddenly, Kristina turns pale and queasy, hit with a wave of nausea. She heads for the stairs, but she's not quick enough to make it to the bathroom before she throws up all over the place.

When Jasmine finds Crosby watching football and drinking beer when he's supposed to be setting up silverware packets, she puts her foot down. Turning off the game, she tells Crosby it's time to go to the store. When Crosby complains, Jasmine gets surgical: Crosby wants everyone to think he's a great parent, but in truth, he's a freeloader. Crosby reminds Jasmine that he's been filling in for Adam at the studio, working late hours. Why should he work all weekend to hang out with people he doesn't even like? Jasmine reminds him that the party was his idea, so Crosby grabs the keys and heads to the store.

Sarah and Mark are making dinner when Drew asks to borrow the car. Sarah's surprised to realize he's seeing Amy again and wants details, but Drew doesn't want to talk. Once he leaves, Sarah gives Mark the third degree and quickly realizes something's up. When she presses, Mark caves, telling her about walking in on Drew and Amy having sex. Sarah freaks out, so he tries to calm her down, explaining that he's trying to transition from being Drew's teacher to more of a parent figure... and he promised Drew that he wouldn't tell Sarah about the incident. Can she just trust him with this one? Sarah agrees, but she's clearly not happy about it.

Joel and Julia can't help but giggle when Sydney rolls her suitcase down the stairs and announces she's running away from home. She's fed up! Julia said she was quitting her job because she wanted to spend more time with her kids, but Sydney knows what she really meant was that she wanted to spend more time with Victor. In case they forgot, Sydney was their kid first! In Bakersfield, Ryan and Amber sit around drinking with his buddies from the service, when one of the guys, Austin, starts complaining that Evan had no right to take the coward's way out. Ryan is instantly ready to throw some punches. Luckily, another friend steps in, so Ryan grabs Amber and heads off to their motel room.

Hours have passed, and Kristina is still feeling deathly ill; everything hurts. Adam has just brought her a fresh glass of water when Max charges into their bedroom. He's not sleeping downstairs with Micah like they agreed because he's sick of Micah. Of course this means Adam has to carry Micah upstairs and set up a bed for him on the floor of Max's bedroom. That's when the boys start arguing over whether to keep the light on. And then as soon as everyone's settled, Micah asks to go to the bathroom! Ryan runs into Austin on the way back from the ice machine. Austin immediately starts up the argument - how could Evan receive full honors!? Unable to take it anymore, Ryan starts punching in a frenzy, not stopping until his friends come running to pull him off Austin. Amber runs up, unable to understand what happened, and Ryan crumbles into a ball on the ground, crying.

Over breakfast, Joel suggests a weekend outing just for Sydney. Julia thinks it's a mistake to reward her tantrum, but Joel thinks Sydney may be acting out because she's right - since Victor became part of their family, she's getting the short end of the stick. At work, Sarah vents about the situation with Drew and Mark - she does not like being in a position where she can't say anything! Ironic as ever, Hank wonders how he too can get this deal. His advice: what he tells his daughter is there are no secrets in parenting, bottom line, which works until his ex-wife starts lying.

Adam has just gotten Nora to sleep when Max and Micah start fighting again. Adam tries to stop the fight, but Max refuses. He wants alone time now, and he's tired of being nice to Micah! When Adam tells him to suck it up, Max runs for his mother on the verge of a tantrum - she'll let him do what he wants! Adam runs after Max, desperate to keep him away from Kristina. When Max barges into the bathroom to find Kristina crumpled on the bathroom floor next to the toilet, Adam bodily removes him from the room and drops to his wife's side.

Amber gingerly cleans up Ryan's bloody mouth as he apologizes for his behavior last night. If Amber doesn't want to see him anymore, he totally understands. In tears, Amber promises she's not going anywhere. But did Evan kill himself? When Ryan admits this is true, Amber cries. She can't imagine what that must feel like. Ryan assures her that he's not Evan, but Amber doesn't seem convinced. She's worried. That night, Jasmine and Crosby's party is a resounding success. Nevertheless, Jasmine's a little peeved that Crosby, who's the life of any party, is getting all the credit. His playlist is genius!

Kristina is failing to improve, and her medication isn't working. Beyond frustration, Adam finally has an idea. He grabs the baby, shuts off the TV and rallies Max, Micah and Otis, piling everyone into the car. Twenty minutes later, he's knocking on Crosby's door. Crosby's eyes go wide when Adam brings the whole mess - crying baby, peeing dog, arguing kids - into the party. Jasmine gracefully takes Nora from Adam, and leads the kids to the kitchen to get something to eat. Max is holding pee-soaked Otis, eating Jasmine's carefully prepared Italian hors d'oeuvres with his fingers, as a desperate Adam drags Crosby into the bedroom to find some marijuana for Kristina.

When Sarah finds Drew doing homework, she decides to reopen the conversation about Amy. How did they get back together? She's worried, because the last time they broke up, Drew was devastated. That's when Mark butts into the conversation to confess to telling Sarah about the Amy incident. Sarah tries to explain they can't have secrets within the family and tries to keep the conversation going, but Drew shuts it down. If Sarah wants to know about his relationship with Amy, she can ask Mark. As soon as Drew leaves, Sarah apologizes to Mark - it just came out. Nevertheless, Mark is upset because he feels Sarah didn't trust him enough to handle the situation.

Joel and Julia take Sydney to the skating rink for a nice talk about what it's like to have brothers. When Julia was little, she used to fight with her brothers all the time, but now it's cool to have brothers. And Victor is going to be a part of their family no matter what. Across town, Kristina takes a hit of Crosby's joint and lets it resonate. For the first time in days, she's finally feeling a little peace. Meanwhile, Jasmine and Crosby say goodbye to the last of their guests. Crosby acknowledges that it was a great party and apologizes to Jasmine for acting like a baby and not helping as much as he should have. Jasmine has the last laugh as she heads to the bathtub and leaves Crosby to clean up.

That night in bed, Sarah tells Mark that she's realized she has no experience parenting with somebody else. Mark knows he has no experience whatsoever; he's just trying to figure out his place in their family. It's late when Adam collapses into bed - Micah has officially left the building! And miracle of miracles, Kristina is feeling well enough to joke and laugh. One thing's for sure... she's going to need some more weed.

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