Episode 4.07 : Together

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : November 13, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

The next morning, Camille shows up at Adam's to watch Nora during Kristina's first day of chemo. She comes bearing a gift, a warm and comfortable fleece shirt. Camille's friend wore it during her chemo, and now Kristina will be the seventh person to wear it. When Adam first brought Kristina home, Camille didn't think she was right for him - and she's never been happier to be more wrong. Even though she's not her mother, Camille loves Kristina and would do anything in the world for her. In tears, Kristina accepts Camille's gift, and the hug of a mother who has come to be her own.

Max is stunned to find his mother waiting to pick him up at school; worse yet, she's eating ice cream! Dad says she's not supposed to do either of those things. Playing directly to her son's hand, Kristina pulls out Max's favorite ice cream treat. This is a bribe: Max isn't going to say anything about anything, and if Dad asks, Grandma picked him up. The price of his silence is a trip to the arcade to play Skeeball, which is just what the doctor ordered for Kristina. That night Julia tells Joel all about Victor's play date with Miguel, which went great. Victor was so engaged and happy... why can't they bring that out in him? They're making progress, but it's not enough for Julia. She needs to see this version of her son all the time.

Crosby finds Adam working late. Adam wants Crosby to look over paperwork, but Crosby insists that what Adam really needs is a cocktail. And miracle of miracles, Crosby has a one-time offer: he will pay. Stunned, Adam bellies up to the bar and unloads. It's been a very stressful couple of weeks, which everyone can see when Adam repeatedly lays into a guy that keeps bumping into him. The truth of it is, Adam's scared to death. Kristina's chemo starts tomorrow. Amber wakes up at 3 a.m. to find herself alone in bed. Ryan's sitting, lost in thought, staring out the window. He can't sleep, and no, he doesn't want to talk about it.

Camille overhears Kristina talking on the phone to her mother, who won't be able to visit this time around. Camille empathizes, but it's lost on Kristina, who has come to expect this from her mother. Right now, all Kristina wants to do is pick up Max from school. She knows Adam doesn't want her to drive, but... she's fine. In tears, Kristina asks Camille for the car keys, and Camille hands them over, wondering if she's doing the right thing. Amy stops by Drew's locker to apologize for any awkwardness. Drew's not having it; he turns all the pain of losing Amy back on her with his sarcasm. Finally, he admits things have been so bad lately that he's getting used to it. And yes, the basket he gave Amy was Kristina's cancer basket.

Amy knocks on the door of Mark's apartment looking for Drew. He apologizes for his tirade, and Amy accepts. She just wants to be friends, and she's really sorry about Kristina's cancer. Is she going to be okay? When Amy takes Drew's hand, he decides to take it all the way home, talking about how terrible he feels. It's a perfectly timed moment. Looking into Amy's sad eyes, Drew tells her that Kristina is starting chemo, then leans in for a deep kiss. Across town, Victor is thrilled to spy Julia cracking the Rosetta Stone to learn some Spanish. At the hospital, Adam holds Kristina's hand and wraps her in Camille's chemo shirt as a nurse gets her going on her very first installment.

After calling the social worker, Julia reports back to Joel. The social worker is against the idea of Victor visiting Miguel - it's time for him to focus on making new friends. Julia pulls the mom card; she thinks they should do it anyway. Victor needs a friend right now. Sarah stops by the VA to visit Zeek, gunning for the lowdown on Ryan. When she refers to him as Amber's new flame, Zeek takes a pause. He just had lunch with Ryan and they talked about Amber, but Ryan didn't mention dating Amber... Hiding in Max's bedroom, Kristina calls Adam to complain about his mother. She can't help it, but she feels like a prisoner in her own home. She's not used to being taken care of. Kristina wants to take care of her own baby and she wants her own mother to consider her important enough to get on a plane and come see her. What she wants to do right now is curl up in a ball and cry, but she can't because Camille is there!

Kristina gets frustrated when she goes to make a cup of tea - what happened to the tea bags? Camille moved them from a high cabinet to a drawer, thinking of Kristina's fresh stitches. Then Camille suggests Kristina try stevia instead of sugar. When the doorbell rings, Camille rushes to get it, showing in the somewhat annoying Suze and Phil, who have brought yet another chicken. Kristina tries to make an excuse - Nora's naptime - but Camille insists on taking care of it, so Kristina can visit with her friends. Within seconds, Suze is in tears, and clutching for Kristina, irritating more than her fresh surgical scars with chatter about the couples' venture into sex therapy...

Drew rides his bike over to Amy's to say hi. Things are going great until her new college boyfriend Jake introduces himself. Jake is plenty friendly, and offers Drew a ride to school, but he stomps off, claiming he prefers to take his bike. Joel drives the family Lexus through an impoverished neighborhood to Miguel's apartment, offering to take Sydney out while Julia watches the boys play. Julia is overjoyed to watch Victor having fun with his old friend, but one thing isn't lost on her - they speak only Spanish together. Sarah stops by her parents' house to talk to Zeek. Was there something he wanted to tell her about Ryan and Amber? Zeek tries to avoid answering, but finally reminds Sarah that since Ryan just returned from Afghanistan, it's going to take some time to regain his balance. Usually, in those circumstances, it's the ones you love that you hurt the most.

Zeek meets with Ryan at The Piping Cup coffee shop (where Amber used to work) to talk about job prospects. Most of the jobs suck, but there is one that strikes Ryan, as irrigation consultant for a wheat farm. Ryan knows about wheat farming, not from his home state of Wyoming, but from his experience in Afghanistan, where he performed outreach to encourage locals to stop growing opium. One of the guys Ryan was working with was killed a few days after he switched out his crop, and Ryan clearly still feels that he's to blame.

After a late-night session, the studio is a mess when Adam arrives at work, and he immediately goes off. How could Crosby let Amber come in late? He better clean the whole mess up on the double! Back at home, an uncomfortable Kristina tells Camille to stop cleaning - this is Max's job. Moreover, Kristina doesn't want any of Camille's well-meaning advice about her upcoming chemo. That evening, Julia tells Joel about what happened after little league practice, upset that none of the other parents thought to invite Victor. When Victor pops into the kitchen, Joel asks if he wants to invite a friend over, since they haven't done that yet. Victor asks to invite Miguel, his former next-door neighbor, which leaves Joel and Julia wondering if they haven't totally put their foot in it.

A nervous Adam stops by Camille's just as she's leaving for his house. Did Camille get his email about Kristina's diet - no caffeine, no sugar, high fiber? And Kristina can't drive, even though she's going to want to. Camille patiently assures Adam everything will be okay. After a sweet good morning kiss, Amber's surprised when Ryan pulls out a bottle of pills, which he describes as the aftermath of his two tours in Afghanistan. But she doesn't have time to think about it, since her mom is banging on the door - they were supposed to have breakfast! Pantsless, Amber answers the door, so it doesn't take Sarah long to figure out she's got a guy inside. Threatening embarrassment, Sarah demands facts until Amber reveals that it's Ryan, Zeek's friend. With a shout-out to Ryan, Sarah finally leaves, fully mortifying her daughter.

Amy's sick, so Drew decides to bring her one of the 30-odd gift baskets Kristina has received as cancer condolence. Recruited to chauffeur Drew on this mission, Amber thinks it's a creepy idea. Failing to talk him out of it, she keeps the car running as he approaches Amy's door. Spying Amy sleeping on the couch, Drew lets his guard down to take in her beauty, which is when her dog goes crazy. Drew drops the basket on the porch and runs back to the car, urging Amber to gun it. Across town, Adam multi-tasks, trying and failing to absorb Kristina's morning routine, while making her a gross yet healthy green smoothie. Kristina has been hoping her mom will show up to help put, but since that's an unlikely prospect, Adam has arranged for Camille to come over, much to Kristina's chagrin.

Julia picks up Victor from little league practice. When she spies a group of kids climbing into a mini-van, she offers to talk to them - surely they want to include Victor in their plans. Embarrassed, Victor just wants to leave, but Julia knows he's feeling lonely and disappointed. Ryan takes Amber mini-golfing for their second date, and the sport is clearly not Amber's forte. It's not long before she's getting a pretty sexy golf lesson which segues into a hot kiss. Ryan puts on the brakes, saying he still thinks they should take it slow, but it's not long before they're ripping each other's clothes off while blindly making their way into Amber's apartment...






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