Episode 4.05 : There's Something I Need To Tell You...

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : October 09, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Julia is sitting at her desk at work, holding her head in her hands. Joel calls - Julia was supposed to be home half an hour ago to get the kids ready for Sydney's dance recital! But something's very wrong at work, and Julia begs off, upsetting Sydney. Across town, Jasmine is doing the bills and questioning some of Crosby's work expenses. She's surprised to learn the reason Adam always buys lunch is that he makes almost double what Crosby makes. There are a few good reasons why, but most of them don't make sense to Jasmine. Now's a good time for Crosby to talk to Adam about money - and if he won't, Jasmine will.

Kristina is tearing up while checking out photos Haddie has emailed from Cornell when Amber rings the doorbell. She's come to help Max make posters. Kristina quickly figures out that Adam said something to Amber about the breast cancer. Amber explains that Adam said almost nothing, but she's still teary-eyed and worried. Hank gives Sarah a tutorial in the darkroom, printing photos of his daughter. Thanks to Sarah, Hank and Ruby are back on the good foot. Suddenly, Hank leans in and kisses Sarah, and she doesn't exactly back away. It's real awkward afterwards, as Hank just continues on with the work.

The next morning, Joel is surprised to find Julia making breakfast after working all night. What's going on? Julia admits she screwed up big time. It's legally complex, but she forgot to file papers with the court... now the firm could be sued for malpractice, she could lose her job... and that's just the tip of the iceberg. The kids run in, and Victor reminds Julia about his upcoming baseball game. When Julia promises to be there, Sydney goes off. How could Julia make the baseball game when she blew off Sydney's recital? It's so not fair! Julia never missed Sydney's recital before Victor came to live with them.

Kristina confronts Adam. He told Amber? She's not upset; it's time to start telling people. What seems most daunting is the idea of telling Haddie about the breast cancer. Sarah has clearly been lying in bed thinking for hours when the alarm goes off. She shakes Mark awake - they should go jogging! She drags him into the park, gushing, "I love us; we have the best relationship." At work, Crosby circles Adam's office, trying to figure out how to bring up the subject of money. When Adam barks at him to spit it out, Crosby asks to chat about his salary. Adam will only say he can't do it right now. When they started the business, they each agreed to take a pay cut - that's fair. When Crosby points out that it's not fair anymore, Adam puts off the conversation until the end of the year.

Zeek stops by the VA to check up on Ryan. It turns out Ryan was set up with a job interview, but he blew it off and hasn't been seen for days. Adam and Kristina skype with Haddie, trying to make small talk look normal before they drop their bomb. They assure her that everything's going to be fine, and she shouldn't worry; but Haddie cries, feeling very far away - and not sure her parents are telling her the whole truth.

Julia stops by to see a colleague, Laura, who is opposing counsel on the case she screwed up. Julia admits she made a rookie mistake - is there any way Laura would be willing to look the other way? Laura scoffs - how can she look the other way when hundreds of thousands of dollars are at stake? Her pride gone, Julia explains that adopting Victor caused her to lose focus at work; now she's begging. Zeek stops by Ryan's apartment to check in. When Zeek mentions the job interview, Ryan turns rude. He's sick of people looking at him like a broken veteran, and besides, that job sucked. Zeek should save it for someone who cares and not come back.

Haddie calls Adam in the middle of the day; she can't stop thinking about Kristina. When Adam starts telling her to stay positive and strong, Haddie explains that not worrying and focusing on school is impossible when she has no information. Can't Adam treat her like an adult? Adam gets serious and gives Haddie all the details he has. By the end of the call, he's barely holding it together, but continues to insist that he's okay. Later, Adam and Kristina sit Max down to tell him about the breast cancer. The most they can get out of him is an, "Okay. Can I watch TV now?" Kristina isn't sure that Max cares, and though Adam assures her he does, he doesn't seem convinced either.

Julia's looking more frazzled than usual, making breakfast for the kids. They're yammering away as she burns the toast, then tries to scrape the ash into the sink. By the time the smoke alarm goes off, Julia's in crisis. Joel finds her bent over the sink, unable to catch her breath. He shoos the kids out of the room and takes the burned eggs off the stove as Julia slumps to the floor, hysterical. She pushes Joel away, saying, "I can't do it. It's too much." Across town, Zeek tells Camille about his visit with Ryan. Camille thinks Ryan is confused and angry; at least now he knows someone cares about him. After Vietnam, it was a long time before Zeek came back to her. Zeek is grateful that at least he had someone to come back to.

During a poster-making session, Max asks Amber if she's a grown-up, since his parents told him he has to be more grown-up, now that Kristina has breast cancer. Amber doesn't dress like a grown-up; she's shorter than most of them, and she's not married. Amber explains that she has to meet the right person before she gets married. Max tells Amber that Kristina has breast cancer, but no, he doesn't want to talk about it. Across town, Hank doesn't want to talk about what happened with Sarah either. All he'll say is, "You got close to me." Sarah pushes, so Hank starts digging himself into a conversational hole, offending her. By the end he's yelling, "Fine! It wasn't nothing!" Sarah's funny, pretty, nice and good to talk to, but she already has somebody. So they should leave it at that.

Ryan isn't too thrilled to see Zeek at his door. Zeek lays into Ryan for being rude - he's got to show some respect. Ryan's been sitting around his apartment moping and not thinking about his future like he should. When Ryan asks whether Zeek has come to analyze him, Zeek takes a step back. Actually, he's there to invite Ryan to a ball game. Ryan's surprised to learn that it's Victor's little league game, and the whole Braverman clan is in attendance. Ryan takes a seat next to Amber, doing his best to appear casual. It's not long before Zeek is threatening to talk to the coach - why aren't they putting Victor in the game!? Just then, Julia gets a phone call. The partners are waiting for her in the conference room, and it's not good. She rushes off, leaving Joel worried.

During the ball game, Adam's playing with Nora when Crosby re-opens the money conversation - which isn't really about money, but about the way Adam treats him. Crosby's been doing more than half the work, while Adam's been using Amber like his own personal errand girl - Adam is acting like a jackass. After a moment of silence, Adam says, "Okay, you're right. Monday morning, we'll fix your salary." Crosby's battle has been too easily won, and it makes him nervous. In the stands, Max asks Kristina if she's expecting to get chemotherapy, which she should know kills healthy cells too. It's an unusual way to register his concern, but Kristina is grateful for it.

Finally, Zeek has had enough - the coach should put Victor in the game! Ryan agrees, prompting Amber to remark that he fits right in, as Joel goes running after Zeek, who's making a beeline for the coach. When the coach claims the game is too close to put Victor in, Zeek goes through all the Braverman exploits on this very field, not to mention Ryan, who's an American hero. Ultimately, Camille stands up to yell, "Just put the kid in the game!" The coach orders Victor to put on his batting helmet, and Joel starts filming with his phone. Victor manages a hit, and through a magical series of the other team's fumbles and foibles, Victor turns it into a home run with bases loaded.

Meanwhile, Julia sits through a terrible meeting with the partners of her firm, who want to know where she's been the last six months. Julia's plea to opposing counsel didn't work, so the case is over. Her rookie mistake caused a multi-million-dollar screw-up. Julia was on track for partner, so she's going to have to tell them right now that she's committed. Julia surprises herself; she thought she could do it all, but she can't. Not now, anyway. After nine years of hard work, she quits.

After the game, the Bravermans gather at Yuri's Pizza Palace for a victory celebration. Victor bonds with Max, while Ryan and Amber get to know each other. Out of the blue, Sarah asks Mark if he wants to move in together. He asks about their original plan, which was to wait until Drew graduates high school, but Sarah's ready to move now. Everyone's shocked when Haddie walks in, going straight for her mom. After hugs, Kristina asks Amber to take the little kids to play some video games, then stands up with Adam to say there's something she needs to tell the family...

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