Episode 3.15 : Politics

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : February 07, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
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Cast and Crew

The Story

That evening, Zoe sits with Sydney while Joel and a vigilant Julia cook dinner. Sydney gossips about what her baby brother will be like. She wants to name him Andy and hopes he can sleep in her room sometimes. Zoe is totally thrown for a loop. Across town, Dr. Joe shows Jasmine online photos of a swanky house he's looking to buy. It would be a great place for a kid to grow up... Jasmine is shocked when Dr. Joe asks her to move in and is, in fact, rendered speechless for once. Dr. Joe picks up the slack in the conversation. He knows it's a shock, but he's never been surer about anything else in his life.

Jasmine stops by The Luncheonette to drop her bomb on Crosby's lap - Joe asked her to move in. She's not asking permission, but she does want to open up an adult discussion. Crosby's wounded to hear they already found a house. Jasmine corrects him; Joe found the house, not her. She knows it's a lot to process, so they should come back together in a couple of days to talk. Julia's at work when some strange guy rolls up with the coffee cart. He confirms Zoe quit her job, and Julia runs back to her office, panicking. That night, Amber's working late going through Bob's notes when he touches her shoulder, making her jump. Bob admits there are a lot of people he doesn't remember meeting. But meeting Amber - he remembers that in exquisite detail. Amber remembers she talked a lot because she gets chatty when she gets nervous, and she gets nervous around Bob. When she keeps talking, Bob leans in for a sweet kiss.

While walking back to work, Crosby tells Adam how much he'd like to invest in some new analog equipment. Adam reminds him they haven't yet paid off the renovation, and they can't afford to take on any more debt. Ever ADD-ish, Crosby makes a sharp right turn into a record store, where he runs into Brent, an engineer he used to work with at Bayview. After commiserating about their old boss Sid, Brent mentions he's going to meet with the band Dawes. Sid wants him to seduce them - does Crosby have any advice, since he knows them? After Brent leaves, Adam pounces on Crosby. They should be seducing Dawes, not Brent. Meanwhile at the campaign office, Kristina pretends to let Amber down gently. Amber can't work for Kristina anymore... because she got a promotion! Bob wants her to be his personal assistant. Amber is shocked, but Bob assures her that she earned it.

Sarah and Mark whoop it up, paging through his high school yearbook. Suddenly, the words just pop out of Mark's mouth - "I love you" - and Sarah says, "I love you, too," for what seems like the first time. When their attention turns back to the yearbook, Sarah notices that listed among Mark's superlatives is cutest couple, along with one Kirsten Matai, who is in fact freakishly beautiful. Mark admits they dated for six years, and Kirsten was his only other serious girlfriend until Sarah. Luckily, they'll get to meet her this weekend along with all his other friends at an engagement party; that won't be awkward at all. At The Luncheonette, Adam runs into the control booth. He's researched Dawes, and he knows they'd love The Luncheonette vibe. They have to get them in to record. Crosby backpedals; he doesn't know them that well. Adam reminds him that once the initial buzz wears off, they're still going to have to pay the bills. Crosby needs to reach out to Dawes.

Back at home, Joel and Julia find a short note from Zoe - she moved out. Julia lets herself melt down - why would Zoe quit her job and move out? Maybe she wants to keep her baby? Over at The Luncheonette, Adam has been gathering intel on Dawes. They're staying at the Chamberlin Hotel. Since Crosby doesn't want to call them, how about they stage a random bump-in at the Chamberlin's hip bar? Crosby thinks this plan amounts to stalking Dawes and screwing over his ex-boss, but Adam explains it's sink or swim time. They have to make the business succeed, and Crosby has to man up and act like a partner. Kristina checks in on Amber at work - Bob's been telling her such good things! When Bob stops by, it's clear that the impact of the kiss is weighing heavily on Amber.

Bob kicks off Amber's new job with an insane project, dumping a giant envelope of random scribbled notes on scraps of paper onto his desk. He makes notes on everyone he meets, so that when he runs across them again, he'll know what's important. But now he's overwhelmed and needs someone to sort them out. Amber's game, though she does admit she's worried Bob wrote a note about something stupid she said. Bob assures Amber that he only takes notes about people he's going to forget, and Amber will never fall into that category. Suddenly, the phone rings, and Amber picks up her first call as Bob's assistant... and it's his mom. He's embarrassed but insists she stay in the office. If he makes a choking face, that means she needs to step in. The chemistry in this office is running thick...

Camille hangs out with Sarah in the guesthouse, as she nervously tries on clothes. In addition to the engagement party, she's having drinks with all of Mark's friends tonight. Of course, Camille reminds her that she should just be herself; Mark loves her and all his friends will too. When Sarah reminds her that this is a serious relationship, Camille wonders if they're talking about getting married... or having a baby? Sarah is her charming self that night, even though she feels out of place with the much younger crowd. She's surprised to learn that Mark always said he wanted to hike Machu Picchu, and his friends are surprised to learn about the way Mark and Sarah met - and that Sarah has two nearly grown children.

Zoe finally calls Julia with apologies for having fallen off the grid. She was having some pain and went to the doctor to learn she has an incompetent cervix. The doctor put her on bed rest, so she quit her job,\ and has applied for disability. Of course, Julia wants to help and can't help asking why Zoe moved out. Zoe claims she's living with roommates and her disability check will pay the rent. And no, she doesn't need Julia's help right now. That night, Amber calls Sarah to thank her for the flowers. Sarah's super-excited about Amber's promotion, so much so that she can't really understand why Amber's not all gung ho. Amber hangs up just as the Harvard grad intern informs her that Bob wants to see her in his office. Grabbing her purse, Amber tells Harvard to tell Bob that she went home sick.

The next morning, Mark is up early, giggling over texts from his friends, who all say they liked Sarah a lot. Sarah mentions there are a lot of things she doesn't know about Mark, like Machu Picchu. Her Machu Picchu is Morocco - she wants to go to the bar where Jack Kerouac used to write and do the same. Besides going to Mexico once on spring break, she hasn't really been anywhere. Mark's response? They have a lot of travelling to do. Amber and Kristina walk into work together to find a giant bouquet of flowers on Amber's desk. Amber blanches, but Kristina gushes, tearing into the card. When she claims the flowers are from Bob, Amber's worst fears rise up in her throat, but Kristina insists she's joking - the flowers are really from Sarah. Kristina insists on taking Amber's photo with the bouquet and sending it to Sarah.

Adam and Crosby are hanging out at the hotel bar, and Crosby is hitting the scotch pretty hard. By the time he spies the guys from Dawes, Griffin, Tay, Taylor and Wylie, his nerves are sufficiently lubricated, so he dives in. He explains that he got fed up at his old job at Bayview and left to start The Luncheonette. The guys are concerned, since the just met with Brent and are on the verge of signing a recording contract with Bayview. What can Crosby tell them about the place? Crosby glances at Adam, then wishes the guys luck and heads back to his scotch. He's surprised when Taylor taps his shoulder a moment later. He doesn't want to bug Crosby, and the band respects the fact he didn't trash Bayview - but this upcoming album is important to them. Can they buy Crosby a drink? Delighted, Adam steps in to introduce himself and take over the negotiation.

Amber's surprised when Bob stops by her apartment with soup. She doesn't beat around the bush. She's not sure if she can continue working for him, and furthermore, did he give her the job because he thought she'd be good at it, or because he wants to sleep with her? Bob reminds Amber that she's smart, funny and thinks for herself - which is why he gave her the job and kissed her. He hopes she decides to come back to work. Across town, Lily finds a drunken Crosby lying on the counter at The Luncheonette. He explains that they scooped Dawes, but he's not happy about it. Being an adult means you have to do horrible things, like drink scotch, sell out your friends and pretend you're okay with your ex-fiancee moving in with her boyfriend. It's not going to last; Crosby tried buying Jasmine a house, and she still broke his heart.

Mark and Sarah are on their way home from the engagement party. Mark's been reading up on Kerouac and Morocco. Maybe they should do that - leave the country for a year, be expats, go to Morocco. She can write... Panicking, Sarah asks Mark to pull over. In tears, she reminds Mark that she's 40, and she's afraid that if they wait to have a baby it will be too late. If they want a baby, they have to do it now, and she doesn't want to put that pressure on Mark or be responsible for wrecking his dreams. Mark insists he's ready. If they have to have a baby now - that's fine.

The next morning, Amber returns to work, ready to dive right back in. Having tracked Zoe down, Joel waits for her outside the door of her new apartment. When she shows up hauling two heavy bags of groceries, he insists on taking them. Isn't she supposed to be on bed rest? Julia doesn't know he's there, but he's got to ask the question she's too scared to and he's too scared not to: is Zoe changing her mind about the baby? Zoe doesn't hesitate to say no. Joel stresses he needs her to be honest. If she waits much longer, it will tear Julia apart. Zoe explains she moved out because she needs her space - this is why she wanted a closed adoption in the first place. She grabs her groceries and goes inside, promising she's going to be fine.

Jasmine drops Jabbar at Crosby's and asks to talk. She's decided she wants to move in with Joe. She's surprised when Crosby says, "Okay," then calmly registers his concern about yanking Jabbar around - but if this is serious, he trusts her. Jasmine has decided to wait until closer to the move-in date to speak with Jabbar; Crosby agrees this is a good idea. Jasmine thanks Crosby for being mature and is further surprised when he offers a housewarming gift: a doorknob he made out of a ballet barre for the house he bought for them to share.

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