Episode 3.11 : Missing

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : November 29, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

It's early in the morning, and Crosby and Jasmine are naked and snuggling in bed just like old times, when Jasmine wakes up. Her mother is dropping Jabbar off in just a few minutes! Crosby's got to leave right now! Crosby wants to know if they should talk about last night - is everything okay? - but now's not the time. Jasmine pushes him out the door before he can put on his shoes, as the weight of what she's done smashes onto her shoulders. Putting on a cheery face, Zoe stops by Julia's office, only to find that Julia has forsworn the office coffee cart in favor of Peete's, and Julia's not feeling very friendly at all. When Zoe suggests Julia might need time to think about what Troy said, Julia corrects her. She and Joel don't need time to think. They can't pay for Zoe's baby. What they do need, is time to get over the loss. And would Zoe shut the door on her way out?

The next day, Sarah stops by The Luncheonette to have lunch with Crosby. He's sorry he can't hire Amber right now, because she would be great. Crosby drops a bomb, mentioning he slept with Jasmine the other day. Figuring Sarah's probably done the same with Seth, he's looking for advice. He explains the situation: they were both sad to have to tell Jabbar they weren't getting married, they started drinking wine, and one thing led to another. Crosby wants to know if this is going to change things. Sarah allows that it depends on whether Crosby wants things to be different. As usual, Crosby doesn't know, or if does, he's not saying. Kristina stops by Bob Little's campaign office, and the place is humming. Bob wants her to attend a meeting tomorrow, Saturday, which is when Kristina's scheduled to take Max to the museum to see the dinosaur exhibit. Deciding to jump in, Kristina promises to make the meeting.

Back at The Luncheonette, Rachel approaches Crosby. She thinks she needs to quit; she's ruined everything with one drunken mistake. Crosby promises her life goes on, it'll blow over, and Rachel's not quitting. Rachel's mortified to discover Kristina knows about the kiss - Kristina must hate her! Crosby assures Rachel that he was in the same position a few months ago, and now everything's fine. All he had to do to get back on Kristina's good side was deliver her baby. Kristina stops by The Piping Cup to offer Amber a job as her assistant. It'll be a lot of work, early mornings, lots of meetings, etc. but she has complete faith in Amber, who admits she's scared. After all, she doesn't have the best track record when it comes to family business, and she doesn't want to let Kristina down. Kristina assures Amber that she's a diamond in the rough. It's going to be great - starting 9 a.m. Monday morning!

Adam returns home for dinner right after Kristina breaks the news that she won't be able to take Max to the museum tomorrow. Max jumps on his father as soon as he walks through the door, talking rapid-fire about their museum trip. Without knowing what he's walking into, Adam informs that he has to work tomorrow too. Max quickly escalates into screaming tantrum mode and runs out of the room. When Adam snipes that Kristina should have let him know she needed to work, Kristina asks whether she should have called his secretary? Next time she will. Nevertheless, she's going to fix things with Max, and Adam shouldn't trouble himself. It's not long before both Adam and Kristina are trying to convince Haddie to babysit for Max tomorrow. Adam tries to bribe her, but Kristina puts her foot down. No money will change hands. Haddie WILL babysit for Max, who will leave her alone so she can study for her big test. This is not a negotiation.

The next morning, Kristina sets aside her emotions to drop baby Nora with Sarah for the day. Sarah recalls the separation anxiety, but Kristina tries to make light of it, claiming she can't wait to get to work. She thanks Sarah for taking care of her baby, and Sarah thanks Kristina for taking care of Amber. Meanwhile, Max assaults Haddie with plans to take the bus to the museum. He's charted a course and wants to review it. Haddie reminds Max that he's supposed to be leaving her alone to study, and they're not going to the museum today; Adam and Kristina will take him tomorrow. Even when Haddie shuts the door, Max continues to jabber. It's just not fair! Kristina's in the middle of something at work when she gets a call from The Luncheonette. Assuming it's Adam, Kristina steels herself, but it's worse - Rachel's calling to apologize for the kiss. Kristina's only response is, "I have to go." She hangs up and silences her phone.

Mark hangs out with Sarah and the baby. Despite Nora's constant crying, the three of them have a grand old time. Haddie emerges from studying in her room to find Max has disappeared. In fact, he's not anywhere in the house... which is because he's boarding a city bus, hopefully bound for the museum. It's not long before Rachel interrupts Adam's sales meeting with an urgent call from Haddie. In minutes he's speeding towards home, "not yelling" at Haddie, who's already called the police. Haddie's to stay home, and tell the cops that Max is autistic and will probably behave erratically. Adam's going to head to the museum. Meanwhile, Crosby and Jabbar hang out in the park. Jabbar lets it slip that Jasmine was crying alone in her bedroom last night. When father and son decide to run and get some ice cream, Jabbar falls hard on his wrist - ow!

After going through the museum five times and talking to all the security guards, Adam calls Haddie, who's heard nothing - she has no idea where Max could be. Adam decides to head home. Over at Sarah's, baby Nora is finally not crying, which allows for a few moments of reflection. Nora is the smallest baby Mark's ever hung out with; none of his friends have babies yet. Sarah remarks that when she was Mark's age she already had two babies. Zoe visits Julia at home, hoping to explain that Troy's not a bad guy; he's just looking out for her, even if he does seem like a jerk. Julia remains cold, explaining that she doesn't want Sydney to see Zoe. It's too hard to explain. When Zoe says she's sorry, Julia allows that she is too; she would have been a great mother to Zoe's baby. She goes inside, leaving Zoe in tears on the stoop.

Back at home, Adam tells Haddie that the cops told him to call all Max's friends, but since Max doesn't have any friends, Adam's just going to call all the kids in his class. He calls Kristina AGAIN, but the 15th call goes straight to voicemail. Meanwhile, Max finally gets off the bus. He has no idea where he is, but wherever he is, it's not the nicest neighborhood. He tries introducing himself to some people and asking directions, but he gets nowhere. Before long he's freaked out and bolting down the sidewalk. Meanwhile, Crosby takes Jabbar by Dr. Joe's office, who has left amazing seats at a football game to check out Jabbar's wrist. Luckily it's only a minor sprain. Crosby has to admit Dr. Joe's a great guy who really cares about Jasmine and Jabbar.

Kristina finally realizes she's missed 26 phone calls and calls home, just as the cops tell Adam they picked up Max. Kristina didn't even know he was missing, but she's home when the cops pull up. Adam invites Max to tell them about his adventure, but he just wants to go to his room to feed his lizard. Fed up when Adam and Kristina fail to address what happened, Haddie confronts Max. What he did today wasn't okay, and he should understand and should care! Haddie gets emotional - Max needs to learn to think about people other than himself. Beyond frustrated that life with Max will never be normal, Haddie slams into the house. All Max can do is ask, "Is she going to get in trouble for yelling?" Later, Adam stops by Haddie's room. She's not in trouble, and she has a right to be upset. Sometimes Adam and Kristina forget how much she puts up with. Nevertheless, it is what it is, and it's often hard. Adam pulls Haddie close and tells her he's proud of her.

Afterwards, Adam finds Kristina crying in the bedroom. He promises they'll figure it out. They're a team, and since they're both going to be working, they have to. Kristina thinks losing Max is all her fault; she silenced her phone because she was mad at Adam. He admits she had a right to be mad. He promised to fire Rachel and he didn't. They finally agree. They're best friends and they hate fighting. Crosby visits Jasmine to tell her about Dr. Joe leaving the game the other day to help Jabbar. Crosby has to admit, Dr. Joe is really nice to Jabbar, and he's guessing he treats Jasmine the same. She deserves it. Jasmine feels horrible. She's doing to Dr. Joe just what Crosby did to her. Crosby reminds her she has a choice. He doesn't want her to lose everything she has because of something that never should have happened in the first place. There will always be a part of him that loves Jasmine, and he's sorry that part keeps doing horrible things to her. She doesn't deserve it. He kisses her on the forehead and leaves Jasmine feeling devastated.

Feeling better, Kristina calls Rachel at The Luncheonette. "That thing" Rachel did with Adam? Not cool. She better never do it again. Rachel promises she won't, and Kristina tells her they're good. Kristina hangs up, shedding at least one heavy weight from her shoulders. Sarah and Mark hang out, lazing on the couch and watching video of their babysitting day on Mark's iPhone. That's when he lets it slip that he could totally see having a baby with Sarah. As soon as the words have been spoken, Mark freaks out. He must be tired - is Sarah freaked out? Honestly, on a scale of 1 - 10. Sarah will only say, "Two." Neither Mark nor Sarah can look at each other, but they smile to themselves, contemplating possibility. Adam and Kristina take their family to the museum to see the dinosaurs, and peace reigns in the family again.

Julia opens her door to find Zoe in tears. She had a big fight with Troy, he told her not to come home, and she had nowhere else to go. Julia reaches out to hug Zoe, but she backs away. She can't promise anything. Troy's really mad, and she doesn't think he's ever going to sign the papers. She doesn't know what's going to happen to her baby. All Julia will say is "Come in," which is enough. Zoe crumbles into Julia's arms.

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