Episode 3.10 : Mr. Honesty

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : November 22, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

A delicious breakfast is on the table at Joel and Julia's house, but no one's touching it. They're waiting for Zoe's boyfriend Troy. She calls, thinking he's on his way over, but he claims he got called into work. Zoe insists that both she and Troy want Joel and Julia to have the baby, and Troy will sign the papers. Over at The Luncheonette, Crosby's incredulous to learn that Rachel kissed Adam. For Crosby, it's like Christmas came early - but now the question is should Adam tell Kristina? Adam tells Kristina everything.

Crosby jokes around, but his message is clear. This is one thing Adam should NOT tell Kristina. Rachel interrupts the conversation with lunch, and it's so awkward that Crosby's nearly in hysterics. Meanwhile, Amber's barely making ends meet. Her job is thankless; she works all the time, and still she has to top off her rent envelope with the contents of her change jar.

Crosby drops Jabbar at Jasmine's after school. Jabbar's teacher is getting married - so when are Crosby and Jasmine getting married? They look at each other, and for once, they don't have anything to say. Rachel brings the week's bills for Adam to sign, shyly announcing that their first check arrived from Cee Lo. And about the other night... Adam cuts her off. He doesn't want to talk about it. Joel stops by Julia's office to track down Zoe's boyfriend Troy on Facebook. He's an Oakland native who works at a convenience store, which Julia thinks is weird because Troy's so hot he could be a stripper. Joel thinks they need to meet Troy, and he makes a plan to drop by the convenience store. Jasmine stops by The Luncheonette to talk about Jabbar. She figured he would eventually understand that there's no marriage on the horizon, but now she knows Jabbar's really confused. It's not good for him to keep hoping for something that's not going to happen. Crosby agrees they should sit him down, and it's going to suck. Why not have Jasmine's mom do it - she's great at bad news!

Amber's practicing her guitar when the landlord knocks on the door. There's no way to make like she's not there, so she answers the door, only to learn what she already knows. She's $140 short on her rent, and the landlord wants it by tomorrow or she's out. While getting ready for bed, Kristina's just telling Adam that she's thinking about doing a cleanse to lose her baby weight, when he cracks, unable to take the pressure of withholding the truth anymore. He confesses that Rachel kissed him, which was weird and didn't mean anything, but ultimately, he wants to be honest. Despite her desire to rise above, Kristina can't fully mask her vulnerability. The only question Kristina has: So, I assume she's leaving? With no other recourse, Adam promises that yes, Rachel won't be working at The Luncheonette anymore.

Crosby's working with recording artist Landon Pigg at The Luncheonette. When he heads for the booth to start recording he finds Adam, broiling in his own juices. They have to fire Rachel, because he told Kristina about the kiss. Crosby's upset and can't help but think that Adam had a hand in the kissing incident. How does a hot young girl just attack an old dude? After Adam explains what happened, Crosby gets it. Adam told Rachel that she was beautiful on the inside, so he can't fire her now. Adam doesn't want to fire Rachel, but he's going to have to in order to keep the peace at home. Kristina may have overreacted, but Adam didn't do anything wrong. Landon Pigg finishes his song way before the brothers realize that there's no more music.

Joel tracks down Troy at work and introduces himself. Troy offers his hand to shake and apologizes for missing breakfast. Joel knows the situation is awkward, but he wants to get everything on the table. Troy can tell Joel and Julia want Zoe's baby badly and offers any one of his six brothers and sisters. Joel invites Troy to dinner on Saturday to discuss everything. Rather than answer in the affirmative, Troy lets it be known that he likes steak. Meanwhile, Amber's situation goes from bad to worse when her cute clunker overheats in the middle of an intersection. Within seconds, she's caused a major traffic jam; even the homeless guys are laughing at her.

cream sundaes while having the marriage talk. Families come in all shapes and sizes; some live under one roof, and some don't. Jabbar knows that his mom and dad have decided not to live together - which also means there won't be a wedding like they planned. Jabbar still doesn't get it. He was looking forward to wearing a suit and carrying the rings. Crosby and Jasmine apologize, but Jabbar has to be sure. Does this mean they're never ever going to get married? Are they sure? They are. It doesn't stop Jabbar from wishing they were an under-the-same-roof family, devastating his parents. Back at The Luncheonette, Adam finds Rachel deep into playing a Beethoven sonata. When she sees him, she jerks to a stop, so he launches into the firing conversation... but he can't quite do it. He likes her; she's a great employee, but he won't hesitate to let her go if anything like the kiss happens again.

After dinner, Haddie and Max run off, leaving Adam and Kristina alone. Adam immediately gets up to clear the dishes, but Kristina wants to know how Rachel took the news that she's fired. Although this whole thing started with Adam's need to tell the truth, he can't do it now, and he doesn't cop to the fact that he chickened out. Later that night, Amber stops by to visit her grandmother. Camille immediately knows Amber has something on her mind. It's embarrassing, and Amber's ashamed; but she really needs to ask for money. The emergency number is $140, but what she really needs is more like $400. Amber's working hard and trying to do everything she can, but it's just not adding up. Having been in the same situation, Camille offers $400, but just this once. Amber's going to have to figure it all out - and she will.

Zeek invites Crosby over for a day in the garage sorting screws, and as usual, Crosby screws up. Zeek knows something's on Crosby's mind, so Crosby relates the marriage conversation. For the first time, he's realized that when he cheated on Jasmine, not only did he screw things up for them, but he ruined Jabbar's only chance to have a real family, and it feels horrible. He's a terrible dad. Zeek reminds Crosby that he's a great father; he's Jabbar's hero. He should never say he's a bad father. Meanwhile, Kristina's having such a great time playing with baby Nora that she decides to call Adam at work to share the good times. When Rachel answers the phone, Kristina fumes silently on the other end until Rachel hangs up.

That night, Crosby sings songs over the phone with Jabbar and Jasmine, tucking Jabbar into bed. Sarah meets Amber at The Piping Cup to introduce her to Suze Orman's expense-keeping software. Amber isn't open to this sort of thing and is quickly overwhelmed and freaking out. This sort of software is for people who have a plan and know what they're doing, which she doesn't have, and she doesn't know how it's going to get any better. Sarah tries to keep it light and positive - all they have to do is get Amber a goal and a plan - but Amber collapses on her mom's shoulder looking like she wants to cry. Joel has put together a great steak and potato dinner in Troy's honor, but the atmosphere is tense. Troy cuts to the chase. Zoe really wants Joel and Julia to have the baby. Since Zoe signed the papers pretty quick, Troy wants to change some of the terms. People pay a lot of money for a baby these days...

Julia explains that it's illegal in the state of California to pay biological parents for their child. Troy figures that since Julia's a lawyer, it's her job to work around the law, but Joel explains it's actually Julia's job to uphold the law. Is Troy trying to coerce them? Mortified, Zoe tries to make peace; they're just in the middle of a misunderstanding. But Troy feels the situation is one-sided. Joel and Julia have laid out their terms and are getting everything they want. It's only fair that he and Zoe have a chance to say what works for them. After a moment of loaded silence, Troy stands up to leave. Julia begs him to stay to work things out, but he tells Zoe they're leaving and thanks Joel and Julia. When they're ready, they know where to find Troy and Zoe.

Adam comes home late to find Kristina teary-eyed and ripping at her wedding ring on the couch. She shies away from him and immediately explains that she called the studio today and Rachel picked up. She's been trying desperately to give Adam the benefit of the doubt and would really like an explanation. When Adam starts off with, "I spoke to Crosby," Kristina shuts down in righteous indignation. Why talk to Crosby?! Adam lied! Why did he lie? Adam starts at the beginning, explaining that they were celebrating with tequila... which only makes it far, far worse. Nauseous, Kristina can't understand what's happening, but she tries to listen. Adam insists he was trying to do the right thing, and after all, it was Rachel that kissed him. And no, he's not attracted to her. Well, maybe a little, but he doesn't want a relationship with her. It all falls apart from there. Adam tries to move in for a hug while continuing to say the wrong thing, not realizing what's at stake for Kristina. She always has her husband's back - so who has hers?

Zoe stops by Julia's office to say goodnight. She feels terrible about the other night - does Julia hate her? Or Troy? Troy's a really good guy, and he's just trying to look out for Zoe, who doesn't know what to do. Closed off, all Julia can do is explain that she can't give Zoe money for the baby. Crosby stops by Jasmine's on a pretext, hoping to see Jabbar. Jasmine informs that Jabbar's staying over at her mother's for the night - would Crosby like to come in for a glass of his favorite cabernet? Crosby turns on the charm; the spark is lit, and pretty soon they ex-lovers are making sweet love. Meanwhile, Adam approaches an icy Kristina, asking to talk. Hoping to avoid a slough of degradation and betrayal, Kristina jumps in. She's decided to go back to work. She's always done what's best for the family, but now she's going to do what's best for her - and she doesn't want to have a conversation about it right now.

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