Episode 3.05 : Nora

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : October 11, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Adam and Kristina have a sit-down with Max to discuss his upcoming detention for fighting with Jabbar at school. He's to eat his lunch alone in a classroom for an entire week and write Jabbar a letter of apology. Max is upset to hear that not only does Jabbar not have detention, he doesn't have to write a letter. Jabbar hit Max first! Adam explains that since Max is the older kid, the school thinks he should be setting the example. Max is angry and can't understand why the situation is so unfair. Finally, he breaks down in tears, slapping at his parents when they try to give him a comforting hug.

Crosby fills a parking meter, then boasts to his young date Tuf that there's no way he's going to blow money on the valet. This way they won't have to wait for the car after their date either! He's surprised and more than a little upset when they bump into Jasmine and Dr. Joe waiting at the valet for Dr. Joe's brand spanking new Mercedes convertible. Later, Mark and Sarah return from a date. They're having a great time until a drunken Seth, who's been waiting for Sarah outside her door, makes his presence known. Seth calls Mark "Captain Morgan," and "Sarah's boy toy," then confesses that not only did he get kicked out of the band, but he has no money and needs a place to crash. Zeek hears the commotion and comes running out in a fury to literally push Seth off his property. Sarah tries to intervene, offering Seth money for a cab, but he takes off, preferring to walk. Turning to Mark for a hug, Sarah's mortified.

At work, Julia's surprised to find Zoe sitting on her couch, looking a little green around the gills. Zoe thinks it's just gas, but when she has trouble standing up, Julia insists they're going to the hospital - now. Desperate and wildly hormonal, Kristina stops by Amber's apartment with a very big favor to ask. Will Amber sit with Max during his lunch detention this week - starting today? Max is mad, so he's going to be unpleasant; and furthermore, Amber's going to have to make him write the letter of apology to Jabbar. Amber's not sure she's the right one for the job, but Kristina persists, which is what she advises Amber to do with Max.

On the way into work with Adam, Crosby rants about Jasmine dating Dr. Joe - is dating their son's pediatrician ethical? Adam suggests Crosby throw his energy into work. Crosby can fix the mixing board, while Adam works on the contract for Mister R.A.Y., their first client. Crosby points out that it's not Mister but Mistah, and on the topic of hipness, Adam should hip it up for Friday's meeting with Mistah R.A.Y. Furthermore, Adam can't bring a contract to the meeting because Mistah R.A.Y. isn't going to sign it - the meeting is about solidifying the gig. Furious, Adam reminds Crosby that he said Mistah R.A.Y. would record his next album at the Luncheonette - he lied! Crosby asks Adam to trust him, everything will be fine. Not convinced, Adam insists he's bringing the contract to the meeting and grumbles over the prospect of hipping himself up.

Lunch with Max is frosty. Amber does her best to start conversation; but Max doesn't want to talk, and he really doesn't want to work on his apology letter. He has nothing to apologize for, and he's not doing it. That night, Julia visits Zoe at the hospital, with news that the doctor says she's fine. It was just Braxton Hicks, very common early false contractions. Nevertheless, Zoe will have to stay in the hospital overnight for observation. When Julia realizes that Zoe's all alone with no hope of visitors, she pulls up a chair and settles in to watch "Cupcake Wars."

The next morning, Adam blasts Mistah R.A.Y. while modeling a white Nehru jacket in a vain attempt to hip up his look. Kristina covers her face, then advises him to stick to his regular - a suit. She's surprised to hear that Mistah R.A.Y.'s contract isn't a done deal; this means Crosby lied once again. Adam knows Crosby does a lot of stupid things, but the recording studio is a good idea; and he needs Kristina to be on his side right now. At lunch, Amber ups her game with a bag of tootsie rolls. Max performs a verbal apology, but it's not convincing. So Amber tries a little game. She apologizes once in monotone and once with feeling. Which way is more effective? She's shocked to learn that Max can't tell the difference.

Julia brings home a surprise guest for dinner - Zoe! Joel goes with it, following Julia out to the car to help carry in the groceries, but what he really wants is an explanation. With little support from Zoe's family and boyfriend, Julia's decided she's going to stay the night. Just one night. Crosby stops by Jasmine's to discuss Dr. Joe. Yes, they did agree they'd both start dating, but they didn't agree that she would be dating their son's pediatrician. While Jasmine understands Crosby's concern - that they should get another doctor - Dr. Joe is one of the most sought-after pediatricians in the Bay area. Kristina said he had a six-month waiting list, which is why Jasmine got her into see him. This only adds insult to injury, and Crosby leaves in a huff, suggesting Jasmine might want to get the entire Braverman family on Dr. Joe's roster.

Sarah stops by Mark's classroom in the middle of the day to check in and apologize - it's like "The Jerry Springer Show" at her house. Just so Mark knows, Seth was doing great, but he slipped. Sarah chose to marry Seth 20 years ago, and it's a choice she'll have to live with her entire life. Mark insists he understands, and no, he doesn't want to run away. The next morning, Zoe comes down to breakfast to find Sydney painting Joel's nails purple. It's a super cute family scene, which Zoe clearly isn't used to. When Sydney asks to feel Zoe's baby, Julia and Joel try to put her off, but Zoe says it's okay. Meanwhile, Adam's rocking his new hipster look - that is until he catches a look at himself in a window. Ahhh! The bulldog necklace is definitely not working! Since he's down the street from Mistah R.A.Y.'s, Adam calls Crosby and asks him to pick up a suit at the house.

Over breakfast, Camille tries to convince Zeek to apologize to Sarah for his treatment of Seth. After all, Seth has a disease and needs help. Furious, Zeek refuses. Half the time they've known him, Seth has been drunk - look at what he's done to Sarah and his kids! The next time Seth shows up, Zeek's calling the cops. He's going to handle it all right, because Sarah never could. Of course, Zeek's unaware that Sarah has overheard the entire exchange. At lunch detention, Amber keeps plugging away, showing Max a video of President Clinton apologizing to the American people. Together, they deconstruct the elements of an apology, eyes down, soft tone. It's going so great they even move on to how to do thank-yous.

Crosby rushes into Kristina's house to pick up the suit, and she can immediately tell that something's on his mind. Crosby lays into Kristina for hooking up with Dr. Joe through Jasmine. Kristina tries to be patient, telling Crosby that he's overreacting, but when he calls her insensitive, she reads him the riot act. Insensitive is sleeping with Gaby; insensitive is not telling Adam about the lunch situation between Max and Jabbar; and furthermore, Crosby better not lie to Adam - ever again! The argument escalates. Crosby's on his way out when Kristina calls him back - her water just broke! Crosby drops Adam's suit and speeds Kristina to the hospital, while leaving Adam multiple messages.

Meanwhile, Adam's waiting outside Mistah R.A.Y.'s gates with no cell reception, no Crosby and no respectable suit. When Mistah R.A.Y. and his entourage drive up, they immediately make fun of Adam's wardrobe, asking if he's lost. Nevertheless, Adam's going to suck it up and do whatever he needs to do to land this account. On the way to work, Zoe asks Julia if Joel always lets Sydney paint his nails. Zoe's life is such a mess, and Julia's family is so nice. Back at the hospital, Crosby's leaving another desperate message for Adam, as Kristina launches into full-blown labor. When Crosby tells Kristina to hold tight, Natalie the nurse tells him that holding tight is no longer an option.

Adam hangs out with Mistah R.A.Y. and his crew, accepting an offer of scotch not on the rocks, and trying to steer clear of an aggressive pet Doberman who hates white people. Where's Crosby!? Crosby's taking off his jacket and rolling up his sleeves, doing his best to move quietly into the hospital corridor. When Nurse Natalie demands Crosby step up and help, Kristina warns him not to look down there and asks him to stay. Crosby grabs Kristina's hand and promises he'll stay for the duration. Meanwhile, Adam explains that he doesn't know what recording equipment Crosby will use, and no, he hasn't been in the recording business for long. He does get the Mistah vibe however, even though he's not too keen on the explicit language. Adam seems to finally have won hearts and minds, when one of Mistah R.A.Y.'s entourage reports that he just got a text from Crosby. Adam's having a baby - right now! Before running out, Adam hands over the contract for Mistah R.A.Y.'s perusal.

Both Kristina and Crosby are elated when perfect baby Nora is born, and Nurse Natalie asks Crosby to cut the cord. Adam has to hike up his hip-hop pants so he doesn't trip while running down the hallway. It's not long before the entire Braverman clan is gathered in Kristina's hospital room to see the new baby. Kristina sings Crosby's praises, and Julia's excited to hold Nora. When Jasmine and Jabbar show up, Max commands everyone's attention to read his very well-worded apology. He admits that it's hard for him to be flexible, but he's working on it; and he still wants to be Jabbar's friend. Jabbar wants to be Max's friend too, and with a high five, all's well. Thrilled, Kristina gives Amber a look full of her deepest thanks.

Later that night, Julia's sitting at home when the doorbell rings. Zoe doesn't want to come in, but she does want to offer her baby boy to Joel and Julia. Rather than accept Julia's hug, Zoe shakes hands and tearfully returns to her taxi. Meanwhile, Sarah gets a late-night call from Seth. She proceeds to his crappy motel, but no one's around. So she starts wandering around the parking lot until she spies Seth beaten and bloody, slumped over by the ice machine. What now?

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