Episode 3.03 : Step Right Up

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : September 27, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

It's a beautiful weekend, so Zeek and Camille are hosting a huge family yard sale. Sarah spies Camille selling some of Amber's old things and steps in. Amber loves that stuff - Camille can't sell it! Camille claims Amber left a box of stuff to sell, but Sarah won't hear of it. Later, Zeek and Sarah spy Drew making awkward conversation with cute neighbor Amy, who's looking through a crate of old records. Zeek steps in to chat, then offers to give Amy the entire crate for free. Drew watches her haul the records across the street, clearly smitten.

Crosby and Jasmine take Jabbar for his first visit with Dr. Joe Prestridge, who may be the hottest (and most in demand) pediatrician in Berkeley. Jabbar's been experiencing some joint tenderness, excessive gas and a rash on his shins, which Dr. Joe thinks is probably a wheat allergy. Crosby and Jasmine should eliminate wheat from Jabbar's diet and keep a dietary log for the next 30 days. Skeptical, Crosby reacts poorly, but Jasmine and Dr. Joe hardly notice, as they seem to have eyes only for each other. When Jasmine clarifies that they're not a couple, Dr. Joe hands her his card, seeming to forget Crosby is Jabbar's father. Meanwhile, Sarah stops by Amber's apartment with the stuff she rescued from the yard sale - which Amber wanted to sell after all. It seems that Sarah's been visiting Amber way too much and offering way too much unsolicited advice on apartment decor and life in general.

Adam decides to break the news about going into business with Crosby to Kristina as she undergoes her eight-month ultrasound. Despite her attempt to be as supportive as possible, Kristina's understandably nervous about Crosby and his (lack of) business sense. Dr. Kite interrupts with good news. The baby looks great, and they're still on schedule for next month. Are they still sure they don't want to know the sex of the baby? Adam explains. It's complicated. A girl would have a much lower chance of having Asperger's. Adam leaves the decision to Kristina, so she screws up her courage and says, "All right." Both Adam and Kristina are over the moon to hear the good news - it's a girl!

Julia's dreading going to work because then she'll have to face Zoe. Asking for her baby was maybe not the best idea. Over breakfast at the Pancake House, Zeek asks Drew about his intentions regarding Amy. Does he want to ask her out? Drew guesses he does, so Zeek hatches a plan. Drew can return the hedge clippers Zeek borrowed from Amy's dad last summer, then butter her up with some compliments, and ask for a date. To illustrate his tutelage, Zeek calls waitress Sandy over to the table - she's low-hanging fruit, as Crosby can attest - for a little flirtation.

Sarah stops by the Piping Cup, the coffee shop where Amber works as a barista to - ahem - drop off Amber's mail. Amber's busy, and it's clear she's feeling crowded by her mom. Haddie drops by Alex's apartment to find out why he hasn't returned her calls. Trying to lend her support, Haddie again volunteers to go with Alex to see his lawyer. On edge, Alex explains that Haddie is a witness, so she can't go to the meeting - it's confidential. Alex has real problems, and he has to deal with them on his own. Haddie returns home to find Adam cleaning the kitchen. When he asks about Alex, Haddie says, "I don't know" and breaks into tears.

Spying Zoe, Sarah runs into her office and pretends to take a phone call. She's so mortified she doesn't realize that Zoe's hip to her game. Crosby stops by to pick up Jabbar for school. Crosby can't believe Jasmine has made all Jabbar's lunches without wheat, per Dr. Joe's advice, and she's started a food journal. When Crosby suggests Dr. Joe may be a quack, Jasmine points out that he went to Harvard, wrote three books and has 200 people on his waiting list. Later, Amber stops by her grandparents' house to do some laundry. Sarah awkwardly tries not to be cloying, while Camille bakes cookies for the baby shower she's throwing for Kristina at the end of the week. When Amber informs them that she can't come to the shower because she has to work, Sarah points out that she had a shift at work too, but she shifted her shift - which Amber could do also.

After Amber slinks off, Camille asks Sarah how many times she's been to Amber's place. Turns out, it's three times in the last week, which is pretty much half the week. What's Sarah afraid of - that if she lets Amber go, she won't come back? Camille let Sarah go, and she came back... Armed with the hedge clippers, Drew rings Amy's doorbell. Folowing Zeek's recipe for success, Drew makes awkward conversation, leading up to the big ask: the Fleet Foxes are playing this weekend... Sadly, Amy saw them just last weekend. When silence falls, Amy asks about the hedge clippers. Drew opens the door to hand them over, and Amy's dog slips out and runs off. Amy peels out after the dog, leaving Drew standing there holding the hedge clippers, feeling like an ass. He deposits the clippers on the porch and takes off.

Zeek spies Drew slinking back towards the house, slouching with the weight of his anguish. Drew tells Zeek the whole dreadful story, how he screwed up every step of Zeek's surefire recipe for romance - and the dog ran away! Zeek maintains that losing a battle doesn't mean they've lost the war. Time to reload and fire again. Drew figures the dog is dead, so there's no way Amy's going to date him now. Alex is looking at photos of himself with Haddie in happier times when there's a knock at the door. It's Adam. Mortified that Haddie told Adam about his past, Alex apologizes. Adam doesn't want to hear it; he's come because he and Kristina want to offer their help. Alex isn't sure what Adam can do. He's in a lot of trouble...

Amber is woken out of a sound sleep in the middle of the night by something making very scary noises in her kitchen area. She reaches for the phone in a panic, then waits for Sarah to arrive in the hallway. Armed with a plunger and a badminton racket, the girls cautiously re-enter the apartment only to discover a giant rat in the kitchen. They scream and dance around until Amber jumps into her mother's arms and they rush back into the hallway.

The weekend has finally arrived, and Adam and Kristina's baby shower is in full swing. Kristina enjoys her one glass of champagne in the yard, while Adam hangs with the guys inside watching football. Jasmine drops off Jabbar along with some good news. Jabbar's rash is gone! Crosby thinks it's a coincidence, of course. Jasmine wants to drop off gifts and leave, claiming it's a family party. Crosby tries to convince her to stay, but she's got something to do, which prompts Crosby to divulge his suspicions. Is something going on with Jasmine and Dr. Joe? Out in the backyard, Zeek toasts to Adam, Kristina and the new baby, whom he hopes is named Blanche, after her great-grandmother. Everyone clinks glasses to celebrate their extraordinary family.

After the party's over and the family's hanging out, Kristina looks almost Zen-like waddling through the house to the sun porch to sit on the couch. Crosby and Joel are deep in discussion nearby. Adam and Crosby have asked Joel to help with Luncheonette renovations, and he knows full well they're trying to get the "family deal." Crosby stops Joel mid-sentence and sits next to Kristina. Is she mad at him for some reason? Krsitina admits that she knows nothing about recording studios, nor what Crosby actually does all day, but she's a little bit concerned. She thinks the Luncheonette is a big gamble for her family. Crosby tries to allay her feelings, but Kristina stops him. This isn't a conversation. All she's asking him is not to screw up.

Later that night, Adam visits with the Bells, Zach's parents. He's not trying to defend Alex, but he would like to explain. The Bells are holding firm and don't really want to listen, but Adam continues, explaining that initially, both he and Kristina didn't want Haddie to date Alex. But they've come to learn that he's a great kid, who's working really hard to change his life. All he was trying to do the night of the party - when he was completely sober - was get Haddie home safely. Adam has to stand up for the guy who stood up for his daughter.

Zoe shows up at Julia's office with a free coffee and a little bit of attitude. She knows how much Julia loves her lattes, so no more running around acting crazy. Mortified and vulnerable, Julia calls after her and admits she's been avoiding her. Maybe Julia does have an ulterior motive, but she really does want to help. Zoe explains the reason she said no to giving her baby to Julia: she wants a closed adoption, because she can't stand the idea of handing her baby over to someone she knows and likes. A clean break would be easier. After everything's off both their chests and tears are shed, Julia and Zoe are friends again.

Dr. Joe calls Jasmine, ostensibly to check up on Jabbar, but he also has a question for her... and it's the first time he's ever done something like this, and he's a little nervous. Would Jasmine like to grab dinner sometime? Of course, she'd love to. Meanwhile, Amy tries to return the hedge clippers to Zeek, but he won't let her. He shouts, "No, no," then yells for Drew - who's surprised to learn the hedge clippers don't belong to Amy's dad, and her dog is fine. Sarah and Zeek spy on Amy and Drew's awkward conversation, ducking behind bushes in the yard. When Amy turns to go, Zeek indicates that Drew is to follow her. Drew screws up his courage and asks Amy if she wants to go see a movie - she does! After Amy leaves, Zeek does a victory dance and Sarah pops up from behind the bushes, further embarrassing Drew.

Haddie bounds into her parents' bedroom, beaming from ear to ear - the Bells are dropping the charges against Alex! Haddie runs off to take a shower, leaving Adam to ask Kristina why she's riveted to the ultrasound of their unborn daughter. Kristina admits that she's worried. Of course, a female child has less risk of having Asperger's... but no matter what, Kristina knows she'll love her daughter so much. She already does.

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