Episode 2.17 : Do Not Sleep With Your Autistic Nephew's Therapist

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : February 22, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

The morning after Max's birthday party, Crosby tiptoes out of Gaby's bedroom without waking her, full well knowing he's really screwed up this time. Making pancakes is a Sunday morning ritual for the Braverman family. Adam returns home from shopping full of gusto, but no one's listening to him. Max is fully engaged in a basketball lesson with Alex, who's been over the house way too much for Adam's liking. Kristina's just thrilled that Max hasn't mentioned bugs in the last hour. But Haddie presses Adam's last button, asking him to invite Alex to the pick-up basketball game later. They'll be able to get to know each other better - it'll be fun!

Pancake breakfast is also in full swing over at Zeek and Camille's. When Seth stops by to drop off Drew after some breakfast of their own, a chill hits the room. It only gets worse when Seth presents Amber with one of his old guitars, specially rigged with light strings for long hours of playing. Amber reacts coldly, makes an excuse and bails, leaving the guitar on the counter. Seth's face falls and Drew seethes, while Sarah assures them that Amber will surely love her gift.

That night over dinner, Sydney announces that she's become a vegetarian. Even though chicken is her favorite, she's not going to eat it anymore. It's unhealthy and mean.Gaby and Kristina are negotiating a new sticker reward system with Max, which isn't going over too well, when they doorbell rings. It's Jasmine, who's come to apologize for missing Max's birthday. And no, Jabbar wasn't sick; this is all about her situation with Crosby. Kristina reassures Jasmine with a big hug - she's family! - while Gaby shrinks in her seat, mortified by what she's done.

Adam, Crosby and Alex let loose on the basketball court. Adam's got a bee in his bonnet, which only gets worse when he tweaks his back, trying to prevent yet another basket by Alex. On a water break, Adam lays into Crosby for moving out on Jasmine, and throwing away the best thing that's ever happened to him. Crosby blows up, yelling at Adam for constantly judging him. Adam must be so frustrated that Crosby's not perfect. When Adam tells Crosby to keep his voice down, Crosby grabs his stuff and stalks off.

Drew asks Amber to stop being so rude to Seth. Amber claims that she's merely meeting rudeness with rudeness. After all, isn't it rude to ditch your family because you can't deal, and then come back whenever expecting everything to be fine? When Drew tells her she's entitled to her opinion, Amber starts yelling. The actual fact is that Seth left them, and he's not making things any better by giving her a crappy guitar - which is only worth $42! Even if Seth's had the guitar for 20 years, Amber's selling it. Vulnerable, all Drew can say is, "Please, please, just don't push him away." Amber's not trying to. She just wants Drew to realize that Seth will leave again because that's what he does. And she doesn't want Drew to get hurt.

Trembling with emotion, Gaby rings Adam and Kristina's doorbell but refuses to come in. She's giving notice, but can't give a reason, other than something personal has come up. Kristina's eyes flush with tears and panic.Crosby stops by Jasmine's to pick up Jabbar for a movie. Jasmine finally wants to talk, hoping to end the wretched silence between them, but Crosby makes excuses. They're late for the movie, so he'll call her to set up a time to talk. Later, Crosby stops by Adam's to apologize for blowing up on the basketball court, but Adam can't deal. With Gaby gone, Max is amidst a full-blown meltdown with little hope in sight.

Stunned to learn Gaby has quit, Crosby rushes to her apartment to urge her to fix the situation. She has to go back or Crosby will never forgive himself! Gaby knows Adam and Kristina will find someone else. Besides, she can't go back... because she likes Crosby. Knowing they can't do anything about it, Gaby and Crosby say goodbye.On babysitting detail, Zeek and Camille arrive at Julia's with a tray of lasagna, Sydney's favorite dinner. Zeek can't tolerate Sydney's newfound vegetarianism, but Camille offers to cook Sydney whatever vegetarian meal she wants.

Seth and Drew find Sarah in the kitchen, butchering a chicken in a lame attempt to cook dinner. Seth offers to step in - he's taken a surprising new interest in cooking - and within minutes the homey scene is just like good old times. When Amber passes by the kitchen, the good times come to a halt; everyone's on guard. Seth invites Amber to accompany him and Drew on a trip to Alcatraz. Simmering, Amber ironically accepts the invitation, then drops a bomb. She doesn't like the way the guitar sounds, so she's selling it. When Sarah asks her not to be rude, Amber explodes. Anyone who knows her knows she gets sick on boats, so how could she possibly go to Alcatraz? Of course, she's forgotten. She and her dad are basically strangers.

Amber continues to read Seth the riot act. She's sorry, but she just can't forget all the times he made promises and never came through. She can't believe he's changed, because all she sees before her is the same old loser who's always let her down. Amber storms out, and a shamed Seth leaves, promising to call Drew about the Alcatraz trip. Furious, Drew sweeps the contents of the counter to the floor. How could Sarah just sit there? She didn't even try to protect Seth, and Amber won't give him a chance!

Camille prepares a vegetarian meal with seitan (which Zeek calls "Satan"), and Sydney hates it. Luckily, she's willing to eat dessert. Zeek won't stand for it. Camille has made two meals, and Sydney's not leaving the table until she eats one of them. Sydney folds her arms and settles in for a long night.Seth stops by the bar to talk to Sarah. A gig in Seattle has come up, and he's going to have to back burner the Alcatraz trip. Oh, and he's leaving first thing in the morning, so will Sarah say goodbye to the kids for him?

Sarah rushes out of the bar after Seth. She's spent a lot of her life blaming him for things, like when Drew sits in his room for weeks without talking. But she really shouldn't blame Seth, because it lets her off the hook, and she doesn't want that anymore. Seth will say goodbye to his children. They leave for school at eight, and he better not be late.Jasmine stops by the houseboat, where Crosby is halfway down a bottle of Jack Daniels. It's not a good time to talk. She tries to apologize but he won't hear of it, admitting he did something stupid. Jasmine presses, so Crosby spills the beans, insisting it will never happen again. When Crosby moves in for a hug, Jasmine freaks out and starts throwing stuff. How could he be such a selfish idiot?! Crosby doesn't deserve anything good in his life, ever, and she'll never forgive him.

Julia stops by her parents to return the lasagna pan and scold Zeek about what happened with Sydney. Zeek defends his actions. Rules are rules and Sydney has to follow them, same as anyone else. Julia thinks Zeek is trying to undermine her parental authority, and squelch Sydney's spirit. Camille steps in. Zeek may not always make the best choices, but what he does, he does out of love. It's backwards to let Sydney feel she has all the power.Kristina stops by Gaby's apartment on the verge of tears. Whatever's happening in Gaby's personal life, Kristina can help. Realizing she owes Kristina the truth, Gaby fesses up. Things got complicated with Crosby.

Maybe for the first time ever, Seth shows up for the hard work of saying goodbye to his kids. He apologizes about Alcatraz, telling Drew how proud he is that he's become a great young man. Near tears, Amber is awash in conflicting emotions, and tries to apologize for yelling at Seth, who stops her. Everything she said was true, and she had every right to say it. Maybe one day, he'll get to hear her beautiful voice. Seth finds Sarah outside. He thought about her all last night, and wants her to know she's like magic. She was always the artist - she wrote all his best songs! - and he's just the guitar player. He hopes she doesn't let herself get in her own way. And the kids are beautiful; she took that burden. Through a heartfelt hug, Sarah allows that the kids aren't always a burden; sometimes it's more like a privilege.

Zeek finds Camille doing laundry. He thanks her for getting his back with Julia. It means a lot... and it gets him hot. Zeek tells Camille he's going to kiss her, and it's a kiss for the ages, that leads to much more. Meanwhile, Amber knocks on Drew's door to apologize for pushing Seth away. Drew tried to talk to her, but she didn't listen. Drew admits that if Seth was a real dad, nothing Amber ever said could make him leave. Amber suggests they'll always have their mom, and each other. She's learned the song Sarah wrote and Seth performed on her new guitar. Does Drew want to hear it? He does. As Amber plays, Sarah starts writing, finding her muse once again.

Adam comes home from work to find Kristina sitting dejectedly in the living room with a glass of wine. When she breaks the news about Gaby and Crosby, Adam is beside himself with fury. He has a good mind to run over to the houseboat and punch Crosby in the face. Always one for good timing, Crosby knocks and enters, trying to apologize and explain. Adam can't hear a word of it; the only connection Crosby had with Gaby is the same thing he has with every woman - sex. Crosby rallies. Adam may have lost a babysitter, but he's lost his fiancee and possibly his son! Pushed beyond his limits, Adam reminds Crosby that Gaby is a behavioral aid. Max has Asperger's remember!? Max appears on the stairs, drawn by all the yellling. He has Asperger's? What's Asperger's?






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