Episode 2.16 : Amazing Andy and His Wonderful World of Bugs

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : February 15, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Max stands at the window, waiting for something, as Adam and Kristina bustle around, making plans for Max's upcoming birthday party. Suddenly a loud chirping noise echoes from the curb, and Max explodes with excitement! Andy Fitzgerald, birthday party entertainer extraordinaire, has pulled up in his Wonderful World of Bugs van! Andy's a little odd, cold even. He won't look Adam and Kristina in the eye, and he walks into the house without invitation. While Adam and Kristina are immediately on guard, Max couldn't be more pleased. Meanwhile, Seth picks up Drew for a night out. Sarah's nervous, but still believes that Drew spending more time with his dad is a good thing. Zeek's not so sure.

From his houseboat, Crosby calls Jasmine, still feeling a bruised and angry their fight, which he doesn't quite understand. Why are they fighting over how to load a dishwasher? In Jasmine's mind, they're fighting over much more - doesn't Crosby remember he said he couldn't marry a woman like her? Crosby thinks Jasmine's twisting his words, but she knows what she heard. Crosby pouts. If he knew everything he said would be held against him, he would have had a lawyer present. Jasmine tells him to call Julia and hangs up.

Andy has a lot of requirements for his birthday party performances, with no deviation allowed. No one can come within 10 feet of the insects, no clapping - it scrambles bug brains - and no more than 25 guests. Adam protests, but Max tells him to stop making Andy mad. When Andy tells everyone he's going to use the bathroom, Adam and Kristina confer. They're going to have a lot more than 25 guests, and Andy seems just a little too weird. Their suspicions are confirmed when they hear water running - Andy seems to be taking a shower!

Julia comes up for air during the middle of a heavy make-out session with Joel. They have to stop! She should be ovulating within 48 hours, and they have to save the sperm 'til then. Joel's not happy, but Julia prevails, promising it'll be worth the wait. Meanwhile, Kristina visits the office manager at Max's school to ask about Andy, who's performed there many times. It turns out Andy has Asperger's, which explains his odd behavior. Nevertheless, Kristina is nervous about the prospect of a birthday party comprised of kids with varying degrees of Aspeberger's and autism presided over by a guy with autism. After school, Gaby helps Max with his homework. When he realizes that the new rules dictate only two stickers instead of six, Max goes into full meltdown mode, flaming on Gaby and calling her a useless idiot. Crosby walks into the middle of it, and comforts Gaby, who can't help but tear up.

While getting ready for bed, Adam and Kristina discuss Andy - how could they have not recognized his Asperger's? On the one hand, it's kind of a revelation to consider that kids with Asperger's do grow up to become adults, but on the other hand, they just don't feel comfortable hiring Andy for the birthday party. Meanwhile, Crosby and Gaby drown their sorrows in margaritas, and the heat between them is palpable. When Gaby gets up to leave, it's clear neither of them really want to part, and their hug good-bye is way too long. Did a line get crossed here?

The next morning, Adam and Kristina are surprised when Andy stops by the house with a gift of a plush cricket, which he gives to all the people who hire him. Andy promptly invites himself into the backyard to measure for the party, as Max runs around in a frenzy of pure joy. But there's a problem. Andy can't perform in the backyard, since it doesn't have proper sun protection. His bugs will fry! Desperate, Max suggests moving the performance inside. When Andy begrudgingly agrees to measure inside, Adam and Kristina cave, telling themselves the party will be great.

Crosby stops by the apartment, desperate to repair the rift with Jasmine. Doesn't she want to work it out? Jasmine's not sure anymore. Right now, she thinks they both need to take some time to figure it out, and make sure they're making the right decision. Tearing up, Crosby admits that everything Jasmine just said really scares him. That night, Zeek approaches Seth, who's waiting to pick up Drew in the driveway. Zeek invites Seth inside, but Seth refuses. They don't like each other. They should be civil in front of Drew, but otherwise it's best they don't talk. When Zeek asks why Seth always takes something good and turns it to crap, Seth says he sounds like Sarah. Infuriated, Zeek orders Seth never to talk about his daughter, and shoves him onto the hood of the car, just as Drew comes out of the house. Telling his grandpa that wasn't okay, Drew leaves with Seth.

On the way to the batting cages, Drew asks Seth not to be offended by Zeek, who just acts "that way" sometimes. Seth apologizes for not having been there for Drew, admitting that it's hard to always have people telling you that you don't add up. Seth has reserved a batting cage, but the group of kids in there refuses to leave, and start giving Seth a hard time. Drew claims they're just being jerks, but Seth won't stand for it. He explodes, grabs a bat, and chases the kids out. It's a little scary, but once the kids leave, Seth apologizes to Drew. Kind of impressed, Drew assures his dad that he does add up.

The next day at school, Drew's at his locker when a bully named Arnie and his crew start teasing him. Drew starts out calm, but when Arnie won't stop, he takes his cue from Seth and starts punching. Sarah's pulled out of a gluten-free cupcake baking session with the girls to bail Drew out of the principal's office. She's surprised to find Seth waiting for her - Drew called him. Sarah explains to the principal that she's the full-time parent and it will never happen again. Afterwards, Seth gloats. He told Drew getting the first punch in would shut the kid up. Getting upset, Sarah claims the message is not to fight. Drew gets mad, demanding his mother stop blaming Seth for everything. Drew's the one to blame, he punched Arnie, and he's getting a ride home with Seth.

Crosby's thrilled when Jasmine calls, but she doesn't have good news. She's taking Jabbar to visit a sick aunt, which means he's going to miss Max's birthday party. Crosby protests, but Jasmine doesn't care, she's taking Jabbar and that's that. When Crosby asks to get together and talk it out, Jasmine claims she's not ready and hangs up.On the day of Max's party - which is pure chaos - Crosby tells everyone that Jabbar's sick, later admitting the truth to a sympathetic Gaby.

Kristina is developing a serious headache, dealing with all the kids and their peculiarities, and Zeek's put off by Andy, who won't accept any help, and won't allow anyone to touch his stuff. When Adam explains that Andy has Asperger's, Zeek's impressed - Andy actually lives an independent life. Meanwhile, Julia pulls Joel into the hallway. She's finally ovulating, so tonight's the night! Unable to wait that long, Joel drags her deeper into the house. When Kristina asks Andy if they can start the show a few minutes early, he immediately refuses; it would be breaking his rules. Gaby offers to negotiate, and manages to persuade Andy to change his mind, impressing Crosby. Kristina heads upstairs to grab an aspirin, only to discover Julia and Joel in flagrante delicto in the bathroom. Inviting them to use the bed, she tells them to keep at the baby-making, she'll get the aspirin later.

Andy's finally ready to perform his show. He hands Adam a laminated card with a script for introducing him, then hides behind a sign until his introduction is over. Max is in seventh heaven, shouting out the names of the insects and stealing Andy's punch lines. Adam and Kristina finally relax, and everyone agrees, Andy's Wonderful World of Bugs is truly amazing. After the party, Adam asks Andy if he's happy with his life. Andy's brief answer kind of sums it all up: "Sometimes." Crosby walks Gaby to the car, and their flirtation heats up...nand continues into her bedroom. Meanwhile, Sarah thanks Seth for spending time with Drew. Even Drew punching out Arnie is okay with Sarah. When Seth leaves, Amber joins her mom in the yard, and tells her she loves her.






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