Episode 2.14 : A House Divided

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : February 01, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Adam talks to Max about the camping trip that Zeek is taking him on; it’s a Braverman family tradition. Adam is worried that being outside his normal environment and sitting too long while fishing isn’t going to make for a successful trip for either Zeek or Max. Adam hands Zeek a manual that Kristina put together with steps on how to have a successful trip with Max. Zeek is offended and says he doesn’t need a manual to tell him how to camp with his own grandson. Over at Crosby and Jasmine’s, Jasmine receives an invitation to an engagement party that Julia has decided to throw for her. Jasmine admits that Julia scares her a little. Crosby tells Jasmine that although it’s an engagement party for her, it’s actually about Julia trying to prove something to the family; it’s not clear what that is just yet.

Adam and Kristina are in the car discussing the situation with Haddie. Kristina has had it and wants her to come home. Kristina puts it simply, Haddie is their daughter, she’s 16 and she wants her home. When they arrive at Zeek and Camille’s, Adam and Kristina ring the doorbell and ask for Haddie. When they tell her they want her to come home, Haddie says she has conditions. Haddie asks Adam if he stills feel the same way after Alex came to talk to him. When Kristina asks Haddie point blank if she wants to be Alex more than she wants to be with her family, Haddie says yes. Kristina, hurt and sadden, says there’s nothing more to be said.

Sarah sits in Adam's office for her employee review that she requested. Sarah explains that she needs a good review to support her request for a raise. But Adam breaks the news to Sarah that things around the company are tight and that a raise isn't likely. Sarah is concerned about money and the cost of college, especially at Berkeley where Amber wants to go. Over at Julia and Joel's, Julia is in the kitchen prepping the hor d'oeuvres for Jasmine's party. She tells Joel that he and the boys can stay out well past midnight drinking if they want since the girls will be over having a great time. She wants the party to be perfect and wants to be sure they all know it's as fun at her and Joel's than at anyone else's.

The following day, Kristina stops by Zeek and Camille's to drop off clothes for Haddie. While there, Camille tells Kristina that although they are all on the same side, she thinks that Kristina and Adam might be choosing the wrong battle with Haddie. Camille tells her that Haddie is falling in love with Alex and telling her she can't be with him only pushes her closer to him. Kristina doesn't want to listen to Camille's opinion. That night, Kristina talks to Adam about his mother and her point of view. Adam suggests that perhaps Camille might have a valid point of view in this situation when it comes to Alex. Adam tries to explain to Kristina that his opinion of Alex has evolved after spending time with him at the office.

The next morning, Sarah brings Adam a cup of coffee and lets him know that Haddie is doing really well. Sarah is confident that it won't last forever, Haddie is in fact sharing a room with Amber and Sarah's convinced no one can survive that for too long. Over at Zeek and Camille's, Amber asks Haddie how long she'll be staying with them. Haddie tells her that until her parents change her mind about letting her see Alex, she'll be living there. Amber reminds her that she isn't talking or living with her parents for a guy that also won't talk or see her until she smoothes things over with her parents, so it doesn't appear that the situation will be resolving itself anytime soon.

Zeek stops by Crosby and Jasmine's to pick up some of his camping equipment. When Zeek tells Jasmine that Jabbar is the next Braverman in line for the camping trip, Jasmine asks why Sydney wouldn't be. Zeek simply replies "she's a girl." Crosby warns Jasmine not to push, it's just Zeek's tradition and it's for the Braverman men only; a male bonding thing, but Zeek does admit it's sexiest and is ok with that. Crosby checks in with Zeek to make sure he's really prepared for this trip with Max. Since Crosby has seen Max have a full fledged melt down before, he wants Zeek to be prepared.Sarah takes an opportunity to chat with Corey at T&S and ask him for a raise. When Corey turns her down, Sarah quits. Adam and Kristina drop Max off at Zeek and Camille's for his camping trip. Kristina is nervous for Max and checks in with Zeek to make sure he's prepared. Haddie comes out of the house with Camille to give Max a big send off. Once Zeek and Max drive off and Camille and Haddie return to the house, Adam and Kristina are left standing in the drive way, alone, both kids away from home. Later that morning, Kristina and tells Adam she's not feeling well and isn't sure she'll make it to Jasmine's party at Julia's that night. Adam calls her out and says she definitely has a bad case of "I don't want to go to this party."

Corey, Adam's boss, calls him into the office on a Saturday because he's finally figured it all out, it's finally figured out shoes. While Adam goes to the office, Kristina gets ready and heads to Julia's for the party. Out in the wild, Zeek and Max arrive at the campsite. Zeek asks for Max's help setting up the tent, but can't get his attention or help. Over at Julia's, Kristina, Sarah, Camille and Julia wait for Jasmine to arrive. Sarah takes every opportunity to mess with Julia and make her a little more nervous about the party. Sarah brings up the subject of Haddie with Kristina and the conversation turns ugly, quickly. Kristina feels attacked and asks that they change the subject. Luckily Jasmine arrives and the attention turns to her.

Adam arrives at T&S, heads directly into Corey's office to find him with a pencil writing all over his windows. Corey walks Adam through his thinking process and explains what he's learned. While doing so, Corey brings out an edible, starts sucking on the lollipop and offers Adam one. Adam starts sucking on his, unaware of what he's eating. Back at the party, Julia asks everyone to move to the living room and play a game. After dinner, Kristina excuses herself from the party.

Adam arrives at Crosby's for guys' night, with his edible in hand, and quickly starts rambling and talking a million miles a minute. Crosby is immediately suspicious and asks Adam if he's wasted. When Adam says no, Crosby asks him about his lollipop. Adam explains that his boss Corey gave it to him. Crosby then explains to Adam that his lollipop isn't candy, it's an edible which is medicinal marijuana; Adam is high. Over at Julia's, Camille goes outside and finds Kristina sitting on the porch by herself. She sits down and listens to Kristina talk through everything. Camille comforts her.

Zeek tells Max stories about his camping trips with the other Braverman men. When Max asks if they have done everything they were suppose to do, why can't they go home? When Max doesn't like Zeek's answer, he has a full meltdown and Zeek doesn't know what to do. Back at the party, Camille gets Kristina to come back in. When they start laying the table topics game that Julia bought, Crosby, Joel and Adam all show up to the party. Adam starts eating everything in site, and then explains that he's totally baked, totally high because his boss got him high. Adam breathes some much needed air into the party and so the Braverman family parties together.

While at Julia's, Zeek calls Adam for help with Max. Adam asks to talk to Max immediately. Zeek confesses to not reading the instruction manual that Kristina provided. Adam lays it on Max and gives him a choice. He can come home, but if he does he'll miss out on something really special. Ultimately the decision is Max's to make. When Max tells Zeek they can stay, Zeek is amazed. Adam and Kristina wait at Zeek and Camille's for their arrival the following morning to welcome them home with open arms. Zeek has a touching moment with Adam tells him what a wonderful boy Max is.

Haddie knocks on her parent's door later that night. She thanks them for bringing her clothes over to Zeek and Camille's. She tells them she feels really stupid about telling them that she chooses Alex over them and apologies. She also says she's not sorry for moving out and that they are making the wrong decision when it comes to Alex. Haddie then breaks the news that she'll be staying at Zeek and Camille's indefinitely. That night, Adam finds Kristina curled up in Haddie's bed and explains that her mom ran away with her dad when she was 16. Kristina's fears are real. Adam assures her that they won't lose Hadddie. Over at Jasmine and Crosby's, Jasmine models some of her lingerie gifts for Crosby from her party at Julia's.






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