Episode 2.13 : Opening Night

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : January 18, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Haddie gets a call from Alex, who asks if she wants to grab some lunch. He's done with his deliveries for the day, and he's only 10 minutes from her house. Concerned about her parents, Haddie checks to see where they are. Once she's certain they're leaving the house, she tells Alex she's on for lunch. Over at school, Crosby and Joel work with the students on the school play. Jabbar forgets his line during dress rehearsal and gets nervous. Crosby tries to encourage him, but Jabbar doesn't want to do the play anymore.

Drew asks his mom for help selling holiday gift wrap that he never sold for a baseball fundraiser back in December. Camille thinks it's ridiculous that Drew didn't sell it when he should have and is now asking for Sarah's help. Sarah agrees to help, promising to figure something out. Adam and Kristina return home to find a gift card that Max left behind, surprising Haddie. Adam notices Haddie's dressed up. When the doorbell rings, Haddie rushes out and tries to grab Alex before her parents see him, but Adam catches her. He asks Alex to leave and grounds Haddie. Alex doesn't understand what's going on, but leaves on Adam's request.

Sarah takes Drew to a local store to post a sign that reads "Support a Procrastinator." It's her way of helping him sell the gift wrap. Drew tells Sarah that all the other baseball parents' just buy all the gift wrap to help their kids, but Sarah refuses to do that. Haddie stops by the community center to talk to Alex. She tries to explain her reasoning behind not telling him about her parent's decision. Alex explains that he works hard at being an honest person; it's part of the AA program. By making him a part of her lie, Haddie took that honesty away from him. Walking out of the center, Haddie runs into her grandmother, who drives her back to school, taking the opportunity to pass on some advice.

Crosby and Jasmine talk to Jabbar about performing and what it's like to get nervous. Jasmine tells Jabbar he doesn't have to perform the part in the play despite Crosby's preference to push him. They disagree on how to handle the situation and Crosby isn't happy about it. At home, Adam and Kristina confront Haddie about missing the first four periods at school earlier that day. Haddie tells them she went to see Alex. Beside himself, Adam asks for her cell phone. Haddie screams at the top of her lungs on the way to her room.

The following morning, Adam and Kristina remove the door to Haddie's bedroom as part of her punishment until she earns back their trust. Sarah brings Drew and his gift wrap to T&S to sell it to co-workers. Adam asks her not to bring the fundraising brigade into the office, but to his surprise, Corey buys some gift wrap from Drew. Back at school, Julia and Zeek watch as Joel and Crosby work with the kids on the play. When Zeek notices that Sydney is now playing the part of the gold miner, he confronts Crosby. Crosby explains the situation: Jasmine doesn't want to push Jabbar. Zeek tells Crosby that he needs to stand up and let his opinion be heard - he's Jabbar's father!

Kristina stops by Camille and Zeek's to get some information about Alex and explain the situation with Haddie. Assuming Haddie told Kristina about the ride to school yesterday, Camille offers some advice that Kristina doesn't take well. Alex stops by T&S to see Adam. Alex explains that he didn't know Adam and Kristina told Haddie she couldn't see him. Adam appreciates Alex's position, and explains their reasoning behind the decision. Alex lets Adam know that he's a good father; he wishes there was someone who cared for him the way Adam and Kristina care for Haddie.

The morning of the school play, Crosby approaches Jasmine about her parenting of Jabbar. Crosby wants a say in the parenting decisions. He wants Jasmine to stop treating him like her first mate and not an equal parent. Crosby stands up for what he feels is the right decision. Over at Zeek and Camille's, Sarah counts her tips to see what she can do to help Drew and explains the gift-wrap situation to Zeek. Over at the school, Crosby takes one last stab at convincing Jabbar to give the part another chance. Jabbar finally agrees, making Crosby really happy.

Sarah apologizes to Drew for not being able to afford to bail him out of the gift-wrap dilemma. Drew tells her it's not a problem because someone bought all of his remaining paper. Backstage, Crosby and Joel tell Sydney that Jabbar is going to take his part back. But Sydney doesn't go down easy, and proposes a deal. Crosby agrees to take Sydney to the movies if she gives Jabbar her part back.

As the school play starts, Haddie refuses to go inside, so Amber joins her in the car. Amber decides to call Alex and let him know that if he wants to talk to Haddie she'll be at Amber's number for the next 45 minutes. Amber suggests that Alex not blow this chance since Haddie is the best. Inside the theater, the whole Braverman clan sits in the audience to watch Sydney and Jabbar. Just before Jabbar's big moment, Crosby sneaks backstage to give him one last bit of encouragement. Despite a minor hiccup, Jabbar manages to shine like a true star.

Haddie sits in the car waiting by Amber's phone. Alex calls to let her know there's nothing either of them can do about the situation at this point. After the play, Jasmine tells Crosby that she's proud of both her guys. When Adam, Kristina and Max get to the car, Haddie asks Max to give Amber her phone back. She tells her parents to ground her more since she made a phone call. And she's going to walk home, since she doesn't want to be in the car with either of them. When Zeek, Camille, Sarah, Drew and Amber walk to their car, Sarah discovers that the car's trunk is full of wrapping paper.

The next morning, Haddie throws an attitude with her mom in the kitchen. Kristina reminds her that as long as she lives under their roof, she lives by their rules. After hearing that, Haddie grabs her bag and leaves. She walks over to Zeek and Camille's and asks if she can stay there for a while, like possibly until college.






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