Episode 2.12 : Meet the New Boss

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : January 11, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Adam walks into the kitchen to find Kristina making chocolate chip pancakes for what he assumes is his first day at work with the new boss. She's making them for Haddie instead. They're Haddie's favorite, and Kristina is trying to win her back. When Haddie comes into the kitchen she's not easily won. She doesn't want anything to do with the pancakes, and instead takes a cup of coffee, black, just the way she likes it.

Sarah pops upstairs to get Amber and Drew for school, just as Zeek tells her to tell Amber to change up her song choices. Sarah doesn't understand what Zeek's talking about, so Drew lets the cat out of the bag: Amber's planning to perform a few songs. When Amber opens her door to find Sarah, Zeek and Drew standing there, she knows Drew squealed. Amber tells Sarah that she's planning to perform at an open mic night, and no one in the family is invited. That's the end of the discussion as far as she's concerned. Haddie stops by the community center to see Alex. She still hasn't told him about her parent's decision. Alex asks Haddie to go out on a real date with him that Friday night and she agrees.

Adam arrives at T&S and mistakes his new boss Corey for a deliveryman. After the initial awkward introductions, new boss Corey takes Adam to lunch at a local food truck, and explains a bit about his background, including the aha! moment that eventually led to purchasing T&S. While Corey tries to show Adam the video game that made him rich, Adam tries to get Corey to explain his vision for T&S. Clearly, these two are on two completely different wavelengths, and it's becoming more and more obvious to Adam that there's a long road ahead. Over at school, Crosby rehearses the kids for their school play. On his own since Joel quit, Crosby is quickly realizing what a challenge a large group of six-year-olds can be for one person. From the back of the auditorium, Joel and Julia enjoy watching Crosby struggle.

When Haddie gets home from school, Kristina suggests they paint and redecorate her room together. When Haddie refuses to be bribed, Kristina insists this is not what she's doing. Over at Zeek and Camille's, Sarah wanders into Amber's room, pretending to collect laundry, so that she can check on Amber's songwriting. Sarah convinces Amber to play a song. Sarah helped musician Seth, Amber and Drew's dad, with his career, so she's thrilled to see Amber interested in music.

Corey and Adam walk through T&S' warehouse, giving Corey the opportunity to criticize every shoe in their inventory. Back at home, Adam tells Kristina about Corey. Corey should be working in a video game store, not running a company like T&S. While Adam tries to refocus himself for the next day, Kristina becomes engrossed, playing the game that made Corey his money. Frustrated, Adam turns over and goes to sleep, while Kristina continues to play the game. At school the following day, Haddie seeks out Amber for some advice on how to deal with her parents and the Alex situation. When Haddie opens up to Amber about Alex's past, Amber shows a little concern.

Crosby pays Julia a visit at work to talk through his options with the school play. He knows asking Joel to come back is admitting failure. As Julia puts it, it's time for Crosby to admit he's had his ass handed to him by a class of six-year-olds, and ask Joel to come back. At home, Haddie walks into her room to find Kristina painting sample colors on her bedroom wall. Kristina suggests that she and Haddie spend Friday night at home, ordering pizza and painting her room. Haddie tells her mom she already has plans to go to the movies with Amber. They can paint on Saturday. Not knowing Amber is Haddie's cover for her first official date with Alex, Kristina agrees, Saturday's great.

Amber plays a song for Sarah, practicing for open mic night. When Sarah makes a few suggestions, Amber immediately reacts, becoming uncomfortable. The next morning, Zeek and Camille ask Sarah what they should wear to Amber's open mic night. When Amber walks in on their conversation, she says she doesn't care if the whole family goes to the open mic night because she won't be there. Sarah doesn't understand what changed Amber's mind, why she's decided to quit. Crosby shows up at Joel and Julia's door to apologize and ask for Joel's help with the school play. Joel lets Crosby complete his pride-swallowing speech before agreeing to come back and help.

Adam is sitting in his office when he notices a strange smell coming from Corey's office. He walks in to find Corey and several of his friends smoking up, listening to music, and playing with robots. His patience run out, Adam demands that Corey come to his office. Adam schools Corey on the company; what's appropriate for the president and owner of a company like T&S to do vs. what he's currently doing. Corey reassures Adam that he's working on solving T&S' problems, and he wants Adam to help.

Amber drops Haddie off for her date with Alex, taking the opportunity to discuss alcohol issues and share a few concerns she has about alcoholism. At home, Camille finds Sarah sitting alone in the laundry room. Camille shares some parenting advice. Adam sits quietly with Max in his room, pondering the situation with Corey, completely unaware of what Haddie's really doing. Meanwhile Alex has a surprise for Haddie: he's set up the roof of his building with a movie projector and a picnic. Haddie is completely blown away by this thoughtfulness and care.

Sarah finds Amber on the porch with her guitar. Sarah has a heart-to-heart with Amber about parenting and the lessons she's still learning about being a parent. Sarah encourages Amber to rethink performing at the open mic. As Amber's mother, Sarah's aware of the talent and courage she has. Over at the school, Crosby announces that Joel's back to help with the play. Joel immediately gets the kids under control as Crosby watches in amazement. Once again, they're the dynamic directing duo.

At Zeek and Camille's, the whole family waits for Amber to come downstairs to go to the open mic night. Zeek finds Amber in her room, nervous and unsure. He encourages her: she's going to do this - she is going to perform. Amber summons her courage, and everyone heads to the club. Sarah gives Amber a pep talk before she hits the stage. During the performance, the Bravermans are in awe of Amber's talent, especially Sarah.






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