Episode 2.10 : Happy Thanksgiving

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : November 23, 2010
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

It's 5 a.m. on Thanksgiving morning and Camille is hard at work in the kitchen. Amber gets up early to help. Over at Crosby and Jasmine's, Renee makes stuffing and pies to take to Thanksgiving dinner. Crosby's concerned because making pies was actually Julia's assignment on Camille's list, but he decides to let it go. The more pies the better. Over at Julia and Joel's, Julia works hard in the kitchen on her Thanksgiving pies. When Sydney distracts her for a second, Julia knocks one of the pies off the counter, breaking the dish.

Gordon greets Adam at the office, and thanks him for stopping by on Thanksgiving. Gordon tells Adam that he sold T&S, closing the deal last night. Gordon then tells Adam that Sarah invited him to Thanksgiving dinner with the family. Adam asks Gordon not to come to his family's Thanksgiving out of courtesy. Gordon ponders Adam's request.

Kristina is in the kitchen working on her Thanksgiving additions when Adam returns home from his meeting with Gordon. He tells Kristina the news. Their conversation is cut short when Haddie and Max come into the kitchen. Haddie offers to help Kristina while Max works on a spreadsheet for the Braverman Family Turkey Bowl, which is the traditional family football game after Thanksgiving dinner. Back at Camille and Zeek's, Sarah tells her mom, Amber and Drew that she invited Gordon to join them for Thanksgiving. Drew isn't excited by this news and quickly retreats, joining his grandfather in the garage.

Zeek asks Drew's advice on a "hypothetical situation." Drew realizes that Zeek is in the garage, avoiding Camille. Back in the house, Crosby, Jasmine, Renee and Jabbar arrive. Renee offers to help Camille in the kitchen, but Camille assures her that she's all done with the prep work. Adam, Kristina, Haddie and Max arrive next. Sarah and Crosby are working on the table seating when Adam tells Sarah she shouldn't expect Gordon. Just as he says that, Gordon pulls up in his sports car, despite Adam's specific request to not come.

Crosby asks Zeek for the right to carve the family turkey at dinner. Crosby wants, and needs, to look like an adult and a man of the house, especially in front of Renee on his first family Thanksgiving together with Jasmine and Jabbar. Zeek makes it clear that he would give his son his kidney, but he won't give up turkey carving rights. When Crosby offers to pay to carve, Zeek realizes he's serious and decides to grant him carving rights after all. Crosby tells Zeek that Renee will expect a prayer before they eat; Zeek should prepare something.

In the living room, Kristina confronts Gordon about the sale of T&S. On the porch, Adam asks Max to share his video game with Jabbar and Sydney, but he refuses. Crosby tells Adam and Joel that he'll be carving the Thanksgiving turkey. Adam can't believe this is true. He explains that if the patriarch of the family isn't able to perform his Thanksgiving carving duties then the job falls to the eldest son, and that would be him, not Crosby. Zeek heads up to Drew's room to research prayers on the computer before dinner. Drew's hiding out in his room and playing video games of his own. Zeek tells Drew that he has the right to miss his dad, and he's sorry Seth gets a bad rap around the house. After talking to Drew, Zeek leaves a message for Seth asking him to call Drew; his son needs to hear from him.

When everyone gathers around the dinner table, Zeek asks them to rise while he says a prayer. Then he asks Crosby to take over the carving duties. After a little pep talk from Zeek, Crosby gets in the game and manages to slice the first piece. Zeek asks Gordon what happened to the shoe clicker idea that Sarah pitched. Adam tries to change the subject. Gordon's phone rings a few moments later and he excuses himself from the table to take the call. Moments after that, Drew's phone rings; its Seth. Haddie announces she'll be missing the family football game; she's going to volunteer at the food bank instead. Although Adam and Kristina aren't thrilled, they're pleased she's volunteering and helping people in need. Gordon attempts to excuse himself to visit another friend's Thanksgiving, but Zeek convinces him to stay for the family football game. They need another player since Haddie won't be playing this year.

After dinner, the whole family piles into cars and heads to the football field for a little pigskin fun. When they get to the field, Drew fills Sarah in on his conversation with Seth; he's uncomfortable talking about it. Kristina fills Jasmine in on the football rules since she's new to the game this year. The teams are chosen and the game begins. Adam and Gordon start to go after each other on the field. Adam taunts Gordon and Gordon fights back. Max keeps score and provides updates as the game goes on. When things get heated, Adam announces that Gordon sold T&S. After the game, Sarah asks Gordon why he sold the company. Why he didn't tell anyone about it, especially her or Adam? Gordon tells her that he needs time to away, to travel and figure out what his next step is going to be, but wants them to stay connected.

Julia apologizes to Camille for the pies. Julia also explains why she spoils Sydney. She tells Camille that when she's working all day and comes home to spend time with Sydney she wants it to be happy, not about discipline. Camille tells her that she's a great mother and to not beat herself up over the choices she makes. If it works for them, then it's okay. Out in the garage, Drew and Zeek sit and talk, and Zeek gives Drew his first beer. Back in the kitchen, Amber finds Camille staring at all the dirty dishes. She pours Camille a glass of wine and sends her on her way. Someone else will deal with the cleanup.

Amber tells Camille that even though he might not be able to show it, she knows Zeek cares and appreciates all she does. He might just be a little emotionally incapable of saying it himself. Over at the food bank, Alex and Haddie lock everything up as Kristina arrives to pick up Haddie. Not noticing her mother in the parking lot, Haddie shares a passionate kiss with Alex. Once Haddie notices Kristina, she quickly says goodbye to Alex and heads to the car. Kristina and Alex exchange a nod.

Sarah and Adam are discussing Gordon in the kitchen when Julia and Crosby join them. The four of them put on music, and start dancing, cleaning up the Braverman family Thanksgiving mess together. Zeek and Camille look on, thankful for what they did right - raise an amazing family. Everyone's thankful.






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