Episode 2.07 : Seven Names

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : October 26, 2010
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Jasmine and Crosby share the news of their engagement with Jabbar, who's more excited about a wedding cake than their pending union. Over at Zeek and Camille's, Sarah tells Amber that she's grounded for lying. Amber told Sarah that she was spending Halloween night at Kelsey's and instead went to a college fraternity party across the bay. Amber thinks she shouldn't be punished since she did the responsible thing and called Sarah for help when Kelsey got drunk. Sarah threatens to tell Kelsey's mom about everything that happened if Kelsey doesn't choose to share it herself.

Sydney and Julia send Joel off to work before they head off to school and work respectively. Joel has taken on a job for a friend of Zeek's that will keep him working throughout the week, putting some of the parenting responsibilities on Julia. Adam arrives at T&S to find Gordon waiting for him in his office. Gordon tells Adam that it looks like he needs to lay off seven people immediately or the company won't make it to spring. Gordon has a meeting with a potential investor, but if it doesn't go well, Adam will need to decide who goes and who stays.

The next morning, Kristina notices something's bothering Adam, since he's wide awake at 6:18 a.m. When she asks what's going on, he says it's nothing. Gordon arrives at Sarah's doorstep with a driver. Sarah didn't receive his text - Gordon wants her to fly down to L.A. with him for a few days while he takes care of some business. They need to leave immediately. Unfortunately, Sarah has to decline his offer. Gordon understands, hands her a beautiful bouquet of orchids and says he'll call her. Meanwhile, Zeek, Camille, Amber and Drew are all watching from inside the house.

Camille takes Haddie to volunteer at a local food bank for the homeless, where Haddie is introduced to Alex, the volunteer coordinator. Adam heads into the office with a heavy heart. He's reminded of all the hardworking people at T&S, knowing his decision to lay off seven of them won't be easy. Julia's in a meeting with clients and the firm's partners when she receives a text from Joel saying there's an emergency. She quickly steps out of the meeting to call him. The emergency wasn't with Sydney; it was a burst pipe at his job site that will delay his day. Joel needs Julia to pick Sydney up from school.

Sarah finds Kelsey in Amber's room and asks her to leave, reminding Amber that she's grounded and not allowed to have friends over. Amber tells Sarah that Kelsey can't tell her mom about what happened at the frat party just yet. Kelsey and her mom don't have the same relationship that Amber and Sarah do, so Amber's worried for Kelsey. Adam gets home from work. Kristina has made pork chops and salad for dinner. Just as she calls the kids to come down and join them, Adam tells her he has to fire seven people at work because the company is having financial difficulties.

Sarah talks to Zeek and Camille about Kelsey's situation with her mom. Camille counters Sarah's decision not to tell Kelsey's mom, giving her some food for thought. Joel and Julia try to work out the day's schedule over breakfast. When a better option doesn't appear, Julia agrees to rearrange her schedule despite her better instincts so Joel can drop Sydney off at her office after school.

Sarah returns home to find Kelsey's mom Jennifer at the front door. She's comes to return Amber's MP3 player. When Jennifer thanks Sarah for including Kelsey in their family Halloween party, Sarah realizes that in addition to not telling her mother about what happened, Kelsey completely lied. Jennifer's shocked when Sarah tells her the truth, and insists the truth of the matter doesn't sound like Kelsey at all.

Haddie is volunteering at the food bank when a bag of garbage breaks and gets all over her. Alex, the volunteer coordinator, is short with Haddie and doesn't show a lot of compassion. When Sarah returns home later that night, Amber's outside crying and waiting for her. Jennifer told Kelsey she can't hang out with Amber anymore, blaming Amber for Kelsey's behavior. Amber feels betrayed by her mom and devastated that she can't hang out with her one friend from school. The next day, Gordon calls Adam with news that the business deal didn't go through as planned. Adam needs to fire seven people and needs to do it immediately. After the call with Gordon, Sarah walks in to drop the news that Gordon has asked her out.

Julia walks in from work to find Zeek and Sydney eating fried chicken for dinner in the living room. Joel had to stay late at work and with Camille volunteering at the food bank, Zeek jumped in to watch Sydney. Zeek tells Julia that his buddy is really happy with Joel's work, and he may want to hire Joel to remodel the whole house. That night, Adam practices what he plans to say to the employees he has to lay off. Kristina listens, and Haddie jumps in with some advice. When Adam praises her advice, Haddie tells her parents about Alex treating her rudely at the food bank.

Joel gets home from a long day at the construction site to find that the school project he was supposed to work on with Sydney completed on the living room table. Julia's in bed working on her computer, upset. Joel asks if she's upset that he called Zeek to help with Sydney. Julia says no, but vents her frustrations about not having time to get her work done with Joel keeping this schedule. Crosby stops by Adam and Kristina's to share the news about his proposal. Crosby tells Adam that he's disappointed over Jabbar's lack of response, admitting Jabbar was a big part of why he proposed in the first place. Crosby confides that he might be having some doubts over the proposal.

Adam sits somberly in his bedroom waiting for Kristina to wake up. When she does, he kisses her goodbye and tells her to have a good day - which is the opposite of what his day will be. Julia wakes up to find Joel heading off to work early, throwing her schedule into overdrive. Julia tells Joel that they need to discuss their current situation. The conversation quickly gets heated. When Sydney asks why they're fighting, Joel leaves for work while Julia talks to Sydney.

Gordon walks into Adam's office to offer to help with the layoffs, but Adam decides to go it alone. At the food bank, Haddie confronts Alex about his comments and attitudes. Alex tells her that there are hundreds of people like her that volunteer for a few weeks and never come back. Alex's family used to eat at the food bank and it probably saved his life, so it holds a special place in his heart. At T&S, Adam calls one employee after another into his office to lay them off.

Sarah drops off Adam's coffee and asks if there's anything she can do to help him or make the day better. Julia and Sydney stop by to see the completed bathroom Joel's been working on. Julia's really impressed. The whole family gathers at Zeek and Camille's for a family dinner where Crosby and Jasmine announce they're getting married.






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