Episode 2.05 : The Booth Job

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : October 12, 2010
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Julia and Joel are making out in bed when they hear Sydney scream. They immediately stop what they're doing and rush to her bedroom. She's had a bad dream. Julia and Joel agree to let her sleep in their bed just for one night. The following morning, Jasmine and Crosby talk about getting Jabbar into school and getting Jasmine settled. Meanwhile, Gordon prepares the T&S team for the 2011 Shoe Show. Gordon announces he'll be taking Sarah to the Shoe Show as his assistant, which is the first time Adam's heard anything about it. Adam tries not to show his shock over Gordon's decision.

The next morning, Kristina talks with Adam about an Asperger's support group she'd like him to attend with her at the recommendation of Suze and Phil Lessing. Adam refuses to go, leaving Kristina to go on her own. Amber and Kelsey hang out at Zeek and Camille's, discussing their SAT tutor Howard. Kelsey suggests they smoke pot while studying with Howard the following day. Amber disagrees. Crosby meets with Julia to discuss Sydney's school. Julia has secured an interview for Crosby and Jasmine at Sydney's school. There's only one position available for a new student. Julia suggests Crosby leave the specific details about his relationship with Jasmine out of the interview. They want to come across as stable as possible.

Everyone gathers at Zeek and Camille's for a family dinner except Kristina, who's attending the support group. At the dinner, Camille asks everyone for suggestions on activities that she and Zeek can do together. Their therapist suggested they find an activity to use as a bonding exercise. Haddie suggests ballroom dancing, which piques Camille's interest and surprisingly catches Zeek's attention. In front of the whole family, he tells Camille that he'd love to dance with her.

At the support group, Kristina shares her story and then sits back to listen to the other parents. Empathizing with their stories, Kristina gets emotional. Over at Zeek and Camille's, Amber helps Sarah study for the Shoe Show with Gordon. She needs to know the buyers to help drive sales and be a great assistant for Gordon. After studying, Amber asks Sarah for $40 to pay Howard, her SAT tutor.

Zeek and Camille attend their first ballroom dancing class, where the tables seem to have turned. Zeek tells Camille to take a deep breath, relax and enjoy it. Over at Julia and Joel's, Sydney's still sleeping in her parents' bed. Frustrated by lack of sleep and needing some space, Joel confronts Julia about getting Sydney back into her own bed. Also that night, Kristina talks to Adam about the support group. He thinks it's stupid, but she's going to keep going.

Zeek tries on new sneakers at T&S while Adam shares his frustration over Kristina's interest in the Asperger's support group. Zeek explains that he goes to therapy because it means something to Camille, not because he gets something out of it. At the Shoe Show, Sarah impresses Gordon with her knowledge of the buyers. With her help, Gordon has an incredibly successful day on the showroom floor. Afterwards, Gordon pops open a bottle of champagne. While toasting, Mike from the warehouse shows up to ask Sarah if they're still on for a date later that week. Uncomfortable, Sarah tells Mike she'll call him later.

Kelsey and Howard smoke pot while they're supposed to be studying for the SATs. Fed up, Amber leaves. Jasmine and Crosby show up at Sydney's school for their interview. Before they go in, Crosby suggests they put on wedding rings and present themselves as a married couple. Jasmine is initially resistant to the idea until they see another couple leaving the office. With only one spot available in the class, Jasmine grabs the ring and decides to play along with Crosby's plan. Crosby and Jasmine soar through their interview with Sydney's school.

Despite Zeek's excitement over ballroom dancing, Camille tells him she doesn't want to do it anymore. The idea was to spend time together, not try to be the best dancers in the class. Kelsey visits Amber to find out why she left the day before. Amber tries to explain that $40 is a huge deal to her mother. They don't have a lot of money like Kelsey's family. Kelsey offers to pay Amber back the $40, but Amber doesn't take it.

Adam stays home with Max and Haddie while Kristina attends her support group. When Max asks Adam where she is, Adam doesn't give many details. After realizing what it means to Kristina, especially since she couldn't not being able to tell Max where she was, Adam goes joins Kristina at the support group. After the Shoe Show, Gordon helps Sarah to her car. She thanks him for the opportunity to prove to herself what she can do. As they say goodnight, Gordon kisses her.

Jasmine and Crosby share a toast after their interview. Crosby takes the opportunity to tell Jasmine how he feels. Jasmine thinks he might propose, but all Crosby is able to muster up is telling her she's awesome. Over at Joel and Julia's, Julia tries to explain to Sydney why it's important for her to sleep in her own bed. The next day, Zeek asks Camille if her painting is a reflection of how she feels. He reminds her that he loves her and he's not going to lose her. Adam and Kristina play cards with Max and enjoy family time.






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