Episode 2.04 : Date Night

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : October 05, 2010
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Adam and Kristina go over the family's calendar for the week. Crosby walks in with his laundry. The machines are broken at Zeek and Camille's so he's come over to use Adam and Kristina's. Crosby has his headphones on while doing laundry, drowning out Adam's and Kristina's chatter. When Adam heads into the laundry room, Crosby tells him to listen to the song he just mixed for the Henry Clay People. Crosby invites Adam to the album release party the following day. Adam declines.

Joel asks Julia to lock his hands in a magic contraption. Joel is scheduled to present a hobby at Sydney's school, and he's decided to give magic a try. So, with Julia's help, he's practicing how to do it. Over at school, Haddie practices her class president speech with Amber. Amber, not thrilled by it, suggests that Haddie spice it up a little. Later that afternoon, Sarah walks in on Drew studying with a girl from school. Sarah is convinced that this girl asked to be Drew's lab partner in science class because she has a crush on him.

Kristina goes on a walk with Suze Lessing for exercise. Suze shares with Kristina that of marriages with a child who has autism end in divorce. Kristina, terrified by this statistic, suggests to Adam later that night that they schedule a date night. Adam, initially concerned about his schedule, finally agrees to go out on Thursday night with Kristina after seeing how important it is to her. They decide to ask Haddie to watch Max. Over at Sydney's school, Julia stops by and notices another father from Sydney's class doing magic tricks for his hobby presentation. She immediately calls Joel and tells him to find another hobby. After school, Kristina asks Haddie to watch Max on Thursday. She agrees and also apologizes for not being more appreciative of her mom's help with her campaign for class president.

Crosby is at an album release party for the Henry Clay People at his studio. Letting loose, he downs a few shots and enjoys himself. In the middle of the party, Renee calls him to pick up Jabbar that afternoon. Renee can tell something is wrong, but Crosby agrees to go get him. Crosby immediately calls Adam's house, hoping to get a little help with Jabbar. Gaby, Max's behavioral specialist, picks up the phone. Crosby asks Gaby not to mention this to Kristina, but wonders if she could pick him up and take him to get Jabbar since he's had a few drinks and shouldn't drive.

Gaby and Crosby head over to the kids' center to pick up Jabbar. While they wait outside, Crosby sees Jasmine's brother, Sekou, walk up. Crosby gets out of the car to confront him. Renee thought Crosby sounded drunk on the phone so she called her son to pick up Jabbar instead. Sekou and Crosby get into a fight outside the center. Gaby finally steps in and tells Crosby they need to leave. Over at T&S, Sarah and Mike chat in the warehouse. After thanking him for a wonderful night at the concert, she kisses him. The next morning, Joel is throwing around some ideas for hobbies with Julia. Julia suggests Joel talk to Zeek about it.

Crosby walks into Renee's and runs into Sekou. Crosby tries to explain his behavior from the day before, suggesting that had he known Renee needed his help that day, he would never have been drinking. Sekou tells Crosby that if he really wanted to be dad, he would realize he is never off the clock. Over at Zeek and Camille's, Haddie is looking for Amber to work on her speech, but Sarah offers her help instead. Holly and Drew come in from school to work on their science project again. Sarah is delighted to see Drew hanging out with this girl. That night, Adam gets home really late from work and wants to push the date night with Kristina to the following week. When Kristina gets upset, Adam takes back the suggestion and agrees to make it happen that Thursday.

Before school, Sarah talks to Drew about his lab partner Holly. She tells Drew to think about making the first move because it's obvious Holly likes him. Over at T&S, Adam is on the phone with Kristina deciding on where to go for date night when Crosby walks in. Before Crosby can even open his mouth, Adam tells him that Gaby told Kristina what happened with Jasmine's brother. Adam suggests that Crosby apologize to Renee for what happened. Adam then tells Crosby to stop half-assing his dad responsibilities and do something about it. Over at Zeek and Camille's, Joel gets some hobby advice from Zeek, but before long Joel is admitting to Zeek that his whole life is Sydney and he doesn't have time for a hobby. Zeek reminds him that they're kindergartners - anything he does will be cool.

Crosby pays Renee and Jabbar a visit to apologize for his behavior. Crosby helps Renee make dinner. When Crosby suggests that the situation with Jasmine and Jabbar is complicated, Renee makes it clear that her concern is Jabbar. He needs stability, which means he needs both his mom and dad. Over at Zeek and Camille's, Drew takes his mom's advice and kisses Holly while they work on their science fair project. But Holly rejects him, and Drew asks her to leave.

Gaby and Kristina work with Max at home. Kristina bought Max some new clothes to try on, but Max is resistant because he likes the clothes he already has. While Kristina and Max head upstairs, Crosby comes over to pick up his laundry and apologize to Gaby. While there, Crosby asks for Gaby's advice on parenting. He talks about the situation with Renee, Jabbar and Jasmine while Gaby listens. Gaby tells him that she is confident he will be a terrific full-time dad.

Joel arrives at Sydney's school to present his hobby. Before he knows it, the whole class is painting the pieces of wood that he brought in and enjoying themselves. The teacher is so impressed with her students' interest, she asks if Joel is available the help in the classroom that following week. Just as he agrees, Joel overhears one of Sydney's classmates tell her how awesome her dad is. Sydney agrees. Joel couldn't be happier. That night, Kristina is dressed for date night. She's trying to get Max to eat his dinner when Haddie comes in to tell her she has to go to the school basketball game because all the candidates for school council are being announced. Haddie leaves, and Adam and Kristina are without a babysitter. When Adam gets home and realizes what happened, they call his parents to watch Max so he can take Kristina out.

Adam and Kristina finally make it to the restaurant for dinner. When the waiter goes to seat them, Sarah and Mike are already sitting at the table next to them. They share an awkward pause, but then agree to sit at a table together. The next morning, Sarah confronts Drew. Drew tells her that he tried to kiss Holly but got rejected. He says what he needs is his dad, not Sarah, but that she screwed that up for him too. Drew hops on his bike and rides off for school, leaving Sarah behind at the house, crying.

That night, Sarah talks to Drew and apologizes for what happened. She shares a story about a boy from high school who stood her up at a dance. Then she lets Drew know that she misses his dad sometimes too. Over at Crosby's, Jasmine surprises him and Jabbar. She's got big news. She has left the company and returned home to her boys for good. Over at Zeek and Camille's, the family celebrates Haddie's win - she's the new junior class president.






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