Episode 1.12 : Team Braverman

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : May 18, 2010
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Adam and Max drive a forklift around the warehouse of his company, T&S. It's packed to the gills with sneakers. Max is curious, hammering his dad with questions - how are things organized? How does the business work? Adam shows Max T&S' newest sneaker, which features a removable memory card allowing a runner's mileage to be read by computer. Max thinks these are the perfect sneakers for the fundraising walk for Autism Speaks, culminating on Sunday. If Team Braverman walks all week using the sneakers, they're bound to chalk up tons of miles. Then they'll come in first and win the trophy! Adam thinks this is a great idea.

Adam gathers Team Braverman at his house to introduce them to Max's brilliant idea. T&S has decided to give away sneakers to all the teams, so they can rack up their mileage over the course of the next week, not just on Sunday. More than determined to win, Max rallies the family to get out and walk - it's a great thing they can all do together. Adam and Kristina observe Crosby and Julia exchanging a few words. They look a little shocked that Max doesn't seem to realize he's autistic himself.

At school, a very unhappy Amber is jogging on the track when she runs into Haddie and her soccer buddies, who gather round and start hurling names. Amber pleads with Haddie to talk privately, but when things escalate, she explodes. She blurts out what she feels is the real reason she slept with Steve: she had a connection with him that Haddie didn't. She's sorry, it sucks, but that's the way it is. One of the girls throws her sports drink at Amber. Amber attacks, and within seconds, Amber and Haddie are fighting.

Adam, Kristina and Sarah are called to the principal's office. Normally both girls would be suspended, but in this case, they need to make sure this never happens again. In the hallway, the parents ask the girls what happened. Haddie demands that Amber take responsibility, but Amber doesn't want to talk, and soon a verbal fight breaks out. When Adam demands an answer, Haddie claims that Amber told her to break up with Steve and then had sex with him. Amber tries to explain that it's more complicated than that, and both girls run off crying in separate directions.

In bed, Crosby claims he saw something on TLC that he wants to try on Jasmine, which winds up throwing out her back. Since Jasmine has a big audition on Friday, Crosby promises to be her servant. Julia begs Camille for her chicken soup recipe. Joel has signed Julia up for the Angel Committee at school, which brings meals to parents undergoing hardship. Julia uses the conversation as a segue to talk about Zeek. Has Camille talked to him yet? Camille assures Julia that it's not up to her to fix the situation, and that just asking puts pressure on her, which doesn't work either. And no, Zeek won't be moving back in soon.

Adam and Zeek meet to test out the mileage-logging sneakers. Zeek's been spying, and saw someone dropping off an easel at Camille's house the other night. It's driving him crazy. Adam identifies the guy as Matthew, Camille's art teacher. Zeek asks him to find out more. Kristina consults with Max's doctor. She and Adam haven't told Max he has Asperger's, which is on the autism spectrum, and Kristina feels like she's lying to Max. Dr. Pelican assures her that the most important thing is not to burden Max with information he can't process. He'll let them know when it's time to explain things further.

At school, Drew finds Amber staring up at her locker, which has the word "whore" scrawled across it in lipstick. He offers to paint over it, but Amber doesn't want to make a big deal, and makes him promise not to tell Sarah. That night, Sarah shows Adam and Kristina a cell phone picture of Amber's locker. Sarah wants Adam and Kristina to talk to Haddie, but Kristina insists that Haddie doesn't have anything to do with it. And why are they standing around trying to help Amber when Haddie's the one who was betrayed? When things quickly escalate into heated and hurtful territory, Adam quashes the argument, promising to speak to Haddie about the locker.

Adam tells Crosby about the Amber/Haddie incident over lunch. Crosby doesn't have much to offer, other than he'd love a ringside seat at that catfight. While Kristina's outraged on behalf of Haddie, Adam's grateful she didn't have sex with Steve. He wanted her first time to be great. He's hoping the whole thing blows over so everyone can focus on Team Braverman's autism walk. Meanwhile, Julia has abandoned the idea of homemade chicken soup, and is tossing store bought soup into a pot for her first Angel Committee house call.

Jonah's mom, Lucy, claims she's an emotional wreck from her surgery. After thanking Julia for the soup, Lucy insists she feel her new breasts - yes, her surgery was a boob job. While clocking some miles for autism, Adam and Max run into Noel's parents, Phil and Suze. Phil matches Max's determination to win, explaining that he has his whole recumbent bike club on his team, and he only sleeps three hours a night. This information lights a fire under Max's butt, so he quickly pulls his father back to walking for autism.

Servant Crosby waits on Jasmine, but he's a little skeptical about her Chinese doctor's back cure, which involves seahorse tea. At home, Sarah asks Amber to tell her what happened with Haddie and Steve. Amber resists, claiming Sarah already knows what happened, but Sarah wants to hear Amber's side of the story. Amber explains that she doesn't know why she slept with Steve; there must be something wrong with her. One thing's for sure is that she really likes him, and the whole situation sucks. She's sorry she messed up. Sarah comforts Amber, promising there's nothing wrong with her.

At home, Joel wants to know what Julia said to Lucy. Apparently, Lucy told everyone at school that Julia gave her attitude. He also wants to know : is it true that Julia gave her fake soup? Lucy found a receipt floating in the pot. Julia admits she's a little peeved that she took three hours off work to help a woman who had a boob job, but promises she'll return with some real homemade soup, per Lucy's request. Crosby finds an article in the newspaper - it looks like Jasmine is auditioning for the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, which is located in New York. Is there something she's not telling him? Jasmine claims everything's fine, and she doesn't expect to get the part. She just wants to see if she still has what it takes.

Lucy thanks Julia for the homemade soup delivery, explaining that she has to be careful about processed foods since her surgery. Julia can't hold her tongue any longer. A boob job is fine, but how does it justify asking the school for help? Lucy accuses Julia of being prejudiced against small-breasted women. Julia turns to go, claiming she has a real crisis to deal with - her parents are splitting up. Lucy is instantly empathetic. It turns out her husband just left her for a younger woman, thus the boobs. Life is hard for her - what must it be like for Julia's mom?

Haddie is sitting with her friends in the school cafeteria when Amber approaches with her lunch tray. The girls immediately start razzing Amber, so she drops her tray on a table and leaves. Haddie asks her friends to leave Amber alone. They might think they're joking, but they're making Amber feel bad. This is about Haddie's family - she has to deal with this stuff at home, so she needs to keep the peace. Haddie jumps up to follow Amber.

Steve finds Amber sitting alone outside, feeling sad. When she complains she can't do anything with being made fun of, he apologizes, feeling responsible. He takes Amber's hand, confessing that he's been thinking of her every second, then gives her a tender kiss. Just at this moment, Haddie catches sight of the couple, astounded that the relationship appears to be progressing. Unseen, Haddie runs off.

Adam calls Sarah while driving to meet Zeek for another run. Is what Adam told Zeek about Matthew and Camille the whole story? All Sarah will say is that Camille and Matthew slept together once, stunning Adam. Midway through their jog, Zeek's legs cramp, and he throws himself on the ground. Camille is slipping away from him and he doesn't know what to do. Adam confesses that Camille slept with Matthew once, which seems to placate Zeek; now he doesn't have to think like a crazy man. Zeek congratulates Adam for being his hero - a great fixer-upper of people. It may border on meddling, but he's always been great at it.

While watching Jasmine audition for Alvin Ailey, Crosby muses that she's going to get the gig. Meanwhile, Kristina pounds on Haddie's door, begging her to turn down the music. No response. Kristina and Adam argue about opening the door themselves. Max tells them Haddie's crying and simply opens the door and walks in, freaking Haddie out. Adam and Kristina kick Max out, promising a sticker, and Kristina turns the music off. Adam refuses to let Haddie wallow in misery, ordering her to put her sneakers on and clock some miles for autism.

Haddie insists she's not going to the autism walk if Amber's going. Amber's a liar, and she's been kissing Steve at school. Kristina's outraged, but Adam plays it cool - Haddie needs to rise above the situation and participate in the walk for Max's sake. Furious, Kristina pulls Adam outside to deliver an ultimatum - Haddie isn't going. Since the walk is Adam's gig, he decides that he's making a unilateral family decision. Haddie can't go through life letting pain dictate her behavior.

It's the day of the autism walk, and Sarah screams for the kids - they're already late. Amber insists she's not going, and Drew explains he can't go either, since he's her wing man. The yelling draws Camille, who makes the ultimate decision. Sometimes being the perfect parent isn't worth all the blood on the floor, and she doesn't feel like dealing with Zeek. They're not going. At the event, Adam, Kristina and their kids are the only Bravermans who show up - and win! Max is beside himself with joy as he runs to the stage to collect the trophy.

Adam stops by to give Sarah some certificates to commemorate Team Braverman's win. And why didn't she show up? Adam worked unbelievably hard to get his family there today. Sarah worked unbelievably hard too - it's just that Adam succeeded and she failed, as usual. She's tired of being the problem. When Adam tells her to do something about it, Sarah muses. Maybe she should just move back to Fresno... Meanwhile in the kitchen, Julia presents her mother with her perfected homemade chicken soup. Julia admits, she's been selfish. She's scared by her parents break-up, and she wants to be there for her mom.

Adam and Max deliberate. Where are they going to display the trophy in Max's room? When Max asks why they gave the money to autism as opposed to any other charity, Adam explains: autism had the best trophy. And they wouldn't have the trophy if Max hadn't thought of the great sneaker idea. Father and son make a good team!






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