Episode 1.11 : Solace

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : May 11, 2010
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Amber wakes up in a gazebo at the country club on top of Steve. She freaks out, promising to kill him if he tells anyone what happened last night. Steve doesn't think they did anything wrong, but Amber knows she's betrayed Haddie. It's a huge mistake, and she doesn't want to talk about it, denying any and all feelings she may have for Steve. Meanwhile, Zeek's having a tough time living at Adam and Kristina's. Max's crickets kept him up all night with their chirping, and Kristina's hazelnut coffee isn't making the morning any better. When he mentions he's going for donuts and real coffee, Max explodes, whining for donuts.

While making breakfast, Sarah tells Drew that his grandparents had a fight, and Zeek is staying with Adam and Kristina for a few days. When Camille pops in, Sarah offers pancakes, but Camille's on her way to painting class. She's decided to turn the attic into a painting studio, which means it's time for all the kids' childhood junk to go. Sarah is to alert her siblings and tell them to empty the attic. Anything left behind will be given away or burned.

Julia has resolved that she's going to solve her parents' financial problems, which in turn will heal their rift. Her solution is to call ex-boyfriend Timm, a real estate fund manager. The only trouble is Joel can't stand Timm because he tried to steal Julia away. But Joel might be able to help, since he used to be a contractor. Meanwhile, Jasmine takes Crosby to the laudromat and walks him through washing his clothes, which his mother has been doing for the last 14 years. Now that she's split with Zeek, the house is too stressful, even for Crosby to drop off laundry.

Sarah stops by Adam's office. Before she knows it she's crying and confessing that Zeek cheated on Camille. Camille made Sarah promise not to tell, so now Sarah has to hold Adam to the same standard. Stunned, Adam promises to stay mum, curses out his father, and turns right around and tells Kristina, who also curses Zeek. They both agree it makes them sick, but they can't say anything right now or life around the house would be too awkward.

Amber's trying to get stuck food out of the school cafeteria's vending machine when Steve approaches, hoping to talk. She begs him to leave her alone, then flees when she spies Haddie staring at them from across the room. Meanwhile, the Braverman siblings meet up for lunch. Julia announces her intention to fix everything by calling Timm. Both Adam are Sarah are roiling with anger over their shared secret knowledge. Julia smells a rat, but can't figure out what's wrong. For his part, Crosby is fixated on his piano, which is stored in their parents' attic. How he's going to get it onto his houseboat without sinking it?

A depressed Haddie finds Zeek waiting for her when she returns from school. He offers a virgin screwdriver and congratulations for resisting intercourse. Kristina apologizes for grandpa. She's worried that Haddie's spending too much time alone, and suggests a good old-fashioned slumber party as a cure for the blues. Meanwhile, Crosby can't bring himself to clean his stuff out of the attic. He tells Camille she needs to rethink her art studio idea. Why not paint in the great outdoors of the backyard, like Matisse?

Camille stays the course. Change is healthy, and it's time for the kids to decide what's important to them. After she leaves, Crosby grills Sarah. How serious is the fight? When Sarah claims she doesn't know, Crosby decides to reject the situation entirely; things will work out between Zeek and Camille. They always do.

Joel is confused. How could Julia have lunch with Timm and not talk about Zeek's problem? Apparently Timm had to cut lunch short to take a conference call. Despite his disdain for Timm's arrogance, Joel suggests inviting him over to dinner, promising to behave. After all, this is about helping Zeek. Meanwhile, Crosby announces his determination to move the piano onto the boat as Jasmine makes dinner for him and Jabbar. Skeptical that the piano will fit, Jasmine introduces another option: a bigger boat. Regardless, Crosby is in heaven sitting down to dinner with his new family, and loving what his life is becoming.

Zeek screams when the game he's watching is suddenly replaced by Sponge Bob. Max runs in to watch his show, and Adam explains. Ever since they set the DVR to accommodate Max's special TV schedule, there have been no fights about TV. It's what Max needs. When Zeek presses, Adam's anger flames. If Zeek doesn't like it, well... Zeek grumpily trudges upstairs to listen to the game on his radio with the crickets. Adam swears he's gonna kill his father, and Kristina promises to help.

Haddie corners Amber at school to invite her to the slumber party. Amber pretends she needs to study for a test, but Haddie pleads. She feels better when Amber makes fun of Steve. Guilty, Amber relents. Crosby finds himself checking out a two-bedroom apartment, which would eliminate his piano dilemma. When the real estate agent asks about his family, Crosby explains it's a work in progress, then whips out his phone, which is full of cute pictures.

Max has been promised a pet, so the whole family proceeds to the pet store. Zeek's in love with a golden retriever puppy he dubs Skippy, but Max wants a turtle, which he's going to name Miles. Zeek complains that Max might as well buy a green rock for a pet, but Adam and Kristina are pleased that Max has made a low-maintenance choice.

Sarah runs downstairs hoping to persuade Camille to join her in ordering pizza, but Camille's dressed up for a night out. Stunned, Sarah invites herself to the art opening that Camille will be attending with her painting class. Camille reluctantly sends Sarah to get dressed. Zeek pops in to get some clothes. The sight of Camille takes his breath away, but she doesn't want to talk to him and pulls Sarah out the door. Meanwhile, Joel and Julia welcome Timm, who's 40 minutes late for dinner, and full of subtle insults.

At the gallery opening, Camille introduces Sarah to her charismatic painting teacher Matthew. Sarah can immediately feel the heat between these two, who go off to flirt and look at art, leaving Sarah to her own devices. Back at Julia and Joel's, Timm announces his intention to bundle Zeek's property with some blue chips, which the Keppler Company will buy out, netting 40 cents on the dollar. The Keppler guys owe Timm a favor. When Timm takes a phone call, Julia thanks Joel for putting up with Timm, calling him "her hero."

Amber sits off to the side during Haddie's sleepover, pretending to study and feeling miserable. The other girls decide it's time to break all the CDs Steve gave Haddie. When Kayla challenges Haddie to break one, Haddie consults Amber - should she? Downstairs, Zeek's snoring on the couch until Max screams. Miles the turtle has gone missing. Max starts escalating, closing in on a full-blown tantrum. Zeek grumbles that they should have gotten a dog, while Adam grabs some flashlights.

At the gallery, Sarah complains about her mother's wanton behavior to a total stranger. When Camille announces that she and Matthew are moving on to another opening, Sarah tries to invite herself along. Camille gives her a very definitive "no." Adam and Zeek search the yard with flashlights. Zeek continues to grumble about the dog, so Adam finally explodes - he knows Zeek cheated on Camille. Zeek claims it's none of Adam's damn business, and besides it takes two to tango. It's not a simple matter, and when Adam's been married 46 years, he can talk. Until then, he needs to back off.

After dinner, Joel cleans up, resolved to cut all ties with Timm for good. He's not trustworthy, and he's just like all the crooks that got the country into its current financial mess. They can find someone else to help Zeek. Joel offers to drive out to the property and evaluate it; maybe there's something he can do bring the value up. Julia puts her foot down. They're not throwing good money after bad, and besides, Joel has no say in this. Timm is the only solution, and her parents' marriage is hanging in the balance.

Amber pulls Haddie aside in the backyard. It was an accident, and she doesn't know what's wrong with her, and she wishes she could take it back, but she slept with Steve. Amber pleads, but Haddie runs into the house, devastated. Inside, Max is blowing out, convinced that Miles is lost for good. Adam does his best to reassure, patiently holding Max until the flailing subsides. Zeek watches from a distance, impressed by his son's devotion.

Sarah waits up for Camille, then asks about her evening. Camille ticks through the night. The other gallery was terrible, then they got Irish coffee, and after that they went back to Matthew's place... Camille covers her mouth in shock as the enormity of what she's just done hits her like a ton of bricks.

The day finally comes to clear out the attic, and the whole family assembles - all except for Haddie, who's alone in her room, and Zeek, persona non grata. The guys drag the piano down the stairs and into a pick-up truck, where Crosby entertains everyone with his rendition of "Solace - A Mexican Serenade." When he was preparing the song for his sixth grade recital, the whole family suffered for months. It doesn't matter now, because Jasmine loves it...

Pretty soon, Camille has transformed the attic into a bright and airy studio space. One thing's clear: it's not filling the void, or quelling the emotional turmoil. Later, Zeek presents Adam with Miles the turtle, which he found in his shoe. Adam wants Zeek to give it to Max, but he refuses, telling Adam that he's ten times the father he was. Max runs up and grabs his turtle with nary a thank you, and runs off. When Zeek wonders if Camille will forgive him, Adam claims that he wouldn't - but he hasn't been married for 46 years.






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