Episode 1.06 : The Big "O"

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : April 06, 2010
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Breathless, Adam rolls off Kristina in the afterglow of morning sex. Unable to relax, Kristina hops out of bed, buzzing with everything she has to do before an appointment with Max's new behavioral aid. Meanwhile, Sarah grumbles while driving the kids to school -- why does it have to be so early? Embarrassed, Amber asks Sarah to pull over before reaching the school. When Mr. Cyr passes waving hello, it's clear to Drew that both his mother and sister have a crush on the teacher.

Crosby stops by Julia's office with a sealed envelope, the results of Jabbar's paternity test, which he didn't want to open alone. Julia urges him to open the envelope and deal, it'll be fine. Besides, she got him into Joel's play group, and there's usually a three-month wait. Crosby's overwhelmed, but he opens the envelope to learn what he already knew -- he's Jabbar's father. Now he's got to tell his parents. Will Julia come with? Julia refuses, telling Crosby to grow up and do it himself.

Adam and Kristina are doubtful when behavioral aide Gaby shows up at their door. She's so young and cute! Gaby starts by interviewing Adam and Kristina to figure out a good place to start. The couple tick down the list of Max's issues: there's taking too long to get ready in the morning, the odd, limited diet, and the severe temper tantrums. When Kristina tearfully admits that Max has no friends, Gaby suggests they start there.

Gaby sits on the floor with Max as he lectures her on one of his favorite things, lizards. Kristina hovers as Gaby lays down the law. Now that Max has done what he wanted for 20 minutes, it's time for him to pick a board game to play. When Max balks, Gaby pulls out a book on lizards. For every minute Max plays a game, he can earn a sticker, which he can cash in to get the book. Fearing that Max is about to have a tantrum, Kristina suggests a cookie, but Gaby reminds her they have to stick with the plan. When Gaby tells Max that nothing's going to change until he holds up his end of their deal, he acquiesces.

Amber checks in with Mr. Cyr after class, having decided to join his literary magazine, "The Spectrum," since she needs to have extracurricular activities. Excited, Mr. Cyr invites Amber to join the group after school tomorrow, when they'll be in the computer lab formatting the magazine. Crosby stops by his parents' house with his laundry. When he tells them that someone new has come into his life, they suspect something has happened with Katie. Wimping out, Crosby runs off to work without telling them about Jabbar.

Mr. Cyr stops by Sarah's bar at the peak of business. Sarah's afraid that something happened with Amber, but Mr. Cyr nervously reassures her that what he's come to talk about is way more lame and probably embarrassing for him. He's been feeling a connection to Sarah despite the fact that he teaches her daughter, and wanted to give her a note, because there's something romantic about pen and paper. All Sarah has to do is follow the directions. Mr. Cyr runs off as Sarah opens the note, which reads: "Will you go out with me?" Sarah is to choose one of three answers, yes, no or maybe.

Sarah stops by the houseboat to ask Crosby's advice about Mark Cyr, explaining that he's Amber's 26-year-old teacher. Crosby doesn't see any problems with dating Mark. Besides, Sarah must want to say yes or she would have sought advice from someone else. In exchange for his advice, Crosby asks Sarah to go with him to tell their parents about Jabbar, but she refuses.

Adam and Kristina stand in the park, watching Max play four square with Gaby from a distance. Adam is skeptical. He cancelled a meeting to find out they're paying $80 an hour for a babysitter? When Gaby spies cute eight-year-old Jessica, she suggests Max ask her to play, but he refuses. Kristina perks up when Gaby promises Max a lizard as a reward for playing, reminding him to smile and look Jessica in the eye. When Max goes for it, Adam thinks it's a fluke, but Kristina knows it's not, and tears up.

Crosby is amazed and envious to behold Joel entertaining the kids at play group, telling another mom that Joel is a rock star. When Harmony's mom Raquel behaves a little too familiarly around Joel, Crosby takes note. Later, he stops by Julia's office to thank her for getting Jabbar into the play group, which was truly inspiration. Joe is his new role model. Not only do the ladies worship him, but the moms too. When Julia immediately asks about Raquel, Crosby refuses to give details, leaving Julia to draw her own conclusions.

After Adam leaves, Kristina sits with Gaby, watching Max play happily with Jessica -- a miracle. When Gaby asks Kristina how she's doing, Kristina breaks down, admitting that she feels like a total loser. She's been trying for so long and Gaby makes it look easy. Gaby explains that it's hard; besides she's only with Max a few hours a day. She doesn't know how Kristina does it. Kristina admits she is constantly worried, and can't relax long enough to enjoy her time alone with Adam, including sex. Flustered, Kristina backpedals -- of course Adam satisfies her. Gaby advises Kristina to take it easy on herself.

By the time Adam arrives late for dinner, Haddie is clearing the table, and Kristina is giddy with relief over the day's events and a glass of wine. Kristina delivers the good news: everything is going great with Gaby and Max played with a girl in the park for hours. On the way out, Gaby gives Kristina a little wink, telling her to "relax" tonight. When Kristina gets frisky, Adam's immediately suspicious. Has she been talking to Gaby about their sex life? Kristina admits she had a meltdown, but felt better after talking to Gaby. Adam demands to know if Kristina's been faking it. Trying to end the awkward conversation, Kristina admits that she fakes it once in a while, but for the most part, she's totally satisfied.

Julia comes home early to talk to Joel about Raquel, demanding to know if she's ever hit on him. Joel admits that Raquel tried to kiss him a couple of months ago, but he put a stop to it right away. He didn't say anything because he didn't want things to get weird; especially considering that Raquel's daughter Harmony is Sydney's best friend. Julia decides she doesn't want Raquel in their lives any longer -- what if she worked every day with a guy who hit on her? Sydney's young, she can make a new best friend. Joel's heart sinks, but he promises to tell Raquel the next day.

Adam stops by to talk to Sarah, who's nervous -- why is Amber so late coming home from school? Adam has bigger fish to fry: has Sarah ever faked an orgasm? Sarah claims she hasn't had to, then realizes the question must be a result of a conversation with Kristina. Backpedaling, Sarah claims that every woman has, they just don't break the code and talk about it. Adam doesn't get it; why fake it at all? Sarah explains it's not really a lie, but a gift, a way of saying nice try, come again soon. Amber interrupts, explaining that she stayed after school to work on Mr. Cyr's literary magazine. After Amber and Adam leave, Sarah takes out Mr. Cyr's note. Rather than choosing any of his dating options, she writes, "It's complicated."

Crosby treats his parents to burgers in thanks for all they've done for him. He's not going to be such a burden anymore and is entering the next stage of life. When Camille and Zeek start getting nervous, Crosby finally tells them about Jabbar. Zeek splutters -- what kind of name is Jabbar? -- but Camille cries with joy. She hugs her son, as Zeek insists the kid's last name better be Braverman. Crosby claims he's working on it.

The bar is closed and Sarah is tallying receipts when Mark Cyr wanders in to apologize for his note. He thinks a multiple choice note may have been too confusing, so he's decided to be more direct. When Mark leans in for a kiss, Sarah finds herself kissing back. Taking out the note, Mark asks Sarah to go out with him. She writes something on the note, and he pockets it, thanking her for the correct answer. Smitten, Sarah watches him leave.

When Crosby takes Jabbar to meet his parents, their jaws drop. Obviously he didn't prepare them for everything. Camille is delighted, and immediately takes Jabbar inside for a snack, while Zeek awkwardly claps his son on the back. Later, the play group gathers in the backyard as Crosby entertains them with puppets. Harmony and Sydney snuggle up, having a great time. Raquel sidles up to Julia. She's thinking about enrolling Harmony in a pottery class. With a look at Joel, Julia suggests that maybe Sydney and Harmony can take the class together.

Later, Camille tells Jabbar to close his eyes and wait for a big surprise. Zeek rides Crosby's old banana seat bicycle out of the garage. Jabbar is in heaven and immediately climbs on. Recalling the time Crosby lost three teeth and a lot of brain cells, Zeek straps a football helmet on Jabbar, and Crosby helps him get going out to the street. Jabbar whoops it up as the adults drink it in. Zeek particularly enjoys the fact that the bike still sports a "Braverman" license plate.

Kristina and Adam collapse after sex, sweaty and satisfied -- this time it's the real thing. Still, Adam has doubts. Even if it wasn't the real deal, Kristina would probably say it was. Kristina reassures Adam that everything's fine. This is the first time she's been able to relax in two months, so it's time for him to shut up, or risk ruining it.






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