Episode 1.05 : The Situation

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : March 30, 2010
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Adam, Kristina and Max are in the convenience store, looking for a particular brand of chips -- Max will tolerate no other. Suddenly, they're accosted by Max's old little league team, and its new coach, Hank Gorham. He's heard about Max's "situation," and offers to do whatever he can to help. When Hank spies Max, he invites him to rejoin the team. Adam and Kristin look doubtful, but Max agrees to try again.

Feeling a little overwhelmed at Parents Day at Amber's high school, Sarah ducks outside for some nicotine gum. She's accosted by cute and flirty teacher Mark Cyr, who's hankering for some nicotine gum, and just happens to be Amber's English teacher. As it happens, Amber has written a paper on "The Sound and the Fury" which blew him away. Sarah is thrilled to hear about Amber's progress, and surprised to find herself crushing on Mr. Cyr, even if he does seem a little young.

Julia comes home early to find that Sydney's play date with Harmony is still in progress. They're playing their own special game, "The Princess and the Maid." Sydney admits that she's always the maid, or some other form of servant, and runs off when Harmony summons her with a bell. Meanwhile, a nervous Crosby sits with Katie in the OB/GYN's office. Katie is in good health but her FSH levels are a little low, and she may have difficulty ovulating. Rather than getting pregnant in three years, the doctor advises that now would be a better time to start.

Most of the Bravermans are sitting in the bleachers for Max's return to the ball field. Haddie wants to have dinner at Steve's house, but Kristina protests. The family is going to grandma and grandpa's for dinner. Camille settles the matter by inviting Steve to join them. Everyone gets excited as Max moves into position to catch a fly ball. Another kid quickly steps in to make the catch, explaining the coach said that Max just needs to stand there, nothing more.

Julia asks Crosby if he took his paternity test yet or told Katie about Jabbar. Furthermore, if Adam knew about the whole thing, why didn't he tell Crosby to get the paternity test? Adam figured that Crosby would get around to it when he's ready. Julia points out that Crosby is a child and Crosby agrees. Adam proceeds to the den where Max and Drew are bonding while playing a video game. Adam suggests they go play baseball. Max doesn't want to until Drew picks up on Adam's angst, and persuades Max to give it a try. Outside, Max is deaf to Adam's coaching, but will listen when Drew explains how to catch a ball.

Adam is dismayed when Haddie and Steve show up for dinner holding hands. Winning points with Adam, Drew claims he thought Steve was a loser before he started dating Haddie. Over dinner, everyone congratulates Amber on her paper. Haddie and Steve are impressed, since Mr. Cyr has the reputation of being tough. Everyone bristles when Steve compliments Camille on her cooking, calling her by her first name. Joel comments that it took him two years to get up the nerve to do the same thing.

After dinner, everyone gossips about Haddie and Steve in the kitchen. The women think he's nice and cute, but Adam can't stand Haddie's doe-eyed look. Crosby explains that's what teenagers look like when they're in love. Everyone flashes back to their first high school love experiences. As it turns out, all the Braverman kids save Julia have had illicit encounters on the merry-go-round in Tilden Park. Julia takes offense -- are they trying to say she squandered her youth by being a rule follower who actually studied? Having grabbed Amber's paper off the fridge, Joel starts reading it aloud, prompting Sarah to make a terrible discovery. It's her paper from high school, and Amber cribbed it!

Sarah bursts into Amber's bedroom to confront her for plagiarism. She can only imagine how Mr. Cyr will react when she tells him that Amber didn't write the paper. Amber begs Sarah not to tell and just opt for punishment instead. Later, Sarah stops by Mr. Cyr's classroom to talk about the paper. When he comments that it's one of the most original and insightful papers he's ever read, Sarah is flattered, and can't bring herself to out Amber. Instead, she flirts, until she realizes she's late for work at her new bartending job at Whiskey Mike's. Hopefully, she'll see Mark around...

While putting on make-up, Julia has a heart-to-heart with Sydney. Maybe the next time she has a play date with Harmony, she can be the princess. Sydney doesn't want to, but Julia persists -- if Sydney tries on the tiara, she might love it. Adam asks Max if he wants to practice baseball, but he doesn't -- that is, until Drew calls. The guys meet at the baseball diamond and have a great time. Drew is a natural, and Adam has a great time with him, even if Max is mostly distracted.

Katie stops by the houseboat wondering why Crosby didn't come into work. Is he freaked out because the doctor thinks they should start making a baby? Although their original deal was to wait, Katie's willing to start now. Back at home, Sarah admits she couldn't tell Mr. Cyr that Amber didn't write the paper, because he believes in her and she does, too. As punishment, Amber is to write a real paper on "The Sound and the Fury" for Sarah. When Adam drops Drew off after making plans for another baseball practice the next day, Sarah is thrilled to see Drew has finally found something of a father figure.

Crosby stops by Jasmine's to explain that Julia recommended he get a paternity test for Jabbar; he's trying to be responsible. Jasmine is immediately offended. She's not trying to milk Crosby for anything; she just wanted her son to know his father. Crosby tries to rewind, but Jasmine cancels his date with Jabbar for the next day and slams the door.

Kristina has just emerged from the shower when she hears a lovesick giggle coming from Haddie's room. Further exploration reveals that Haddie is Skyping with Steve, who tells Kristina she's "lookin' good." Kristina tells Haddie to sign off, and then lays into her for breaking the no-phone-after-10:00 rule. Haddie protests. She wasn't on the phone. Maybe Adam and Kristina could learn a few tips from Steve's parents, like when to give her a little privacy. Kristina tries to continue the conversation, but Haddie slams into the bathroom. Adam and Kristina agree. They hate Steve's parents.

Julia calls Crosby. Did he tell Jasmine about the paternity test? And does he want her to set up an appointment with her DNA guy? Crosby thanks Julia for telling him how to live his life; now Jasmine thinks he's a jackass, and Katie's going off the pill tomorrow. Julia urges Crosby to find something, anything with Jabbar's DNA on it and do the test anyway. The longer he waits, the harder it will be. Crosby spies Jabbar's toothbrush by the sink. Now he has a tough decision to make.

Sarah takes Adam out to lunch, finally proud that she can pay for it, in thanks for his taking Drew under his wing. The only thanks Adam wants is help with Haddie. Why is Steve constantly groping her? Grasping at straws, Sarah suggests that the more they do it in public, the less they'll do it in private. And why isn't Crosby calling her back? Adam admits that Cosby is dealing with news of his son, shocking Sarah. How could Adam keep this from her? Adam explains that Crosby asked him not to tell, and Sarah should just get over it.

Julia and Raquel sit in the park while Harmony and Sydney play "The Princess and the Maid." Julia prods Sydney to be the princess, but Sydney's uncomfortable. Julia suggests that Sydney prepare for a ball, but Harmony claims that balls are boring. She grabs the tiara, claiming that the maid has been working undercover and is now staging a coup. Sydney breaks into tears. Now she's couped, and she didn't even want to be a princess! Raquel annoyingly offers her support. You can't make kids into people they're not.

Adam tries to rally Max for baseball practice with Drew, but Max insists that Adam promised him they would go to Yogurt Land instead. When Adam suggests they can go after practice, Max goes into full meltdown mode. Canoodling on the couch, Steve insults Adam by offering to take Max. Sadly, Drew's already waiting on the field when Adam calls to cancel, as Max screams in the back seat of the car.

Sarah takes Crosby out to lunch to talk about Jabbar, and is further stunned to learn that Julia knew about him before her. Luckily, she doesn't sulk too long and offers her congratulations, then asks about Katie. Whatever happened to the can of sperm? Crosby admits that they're talking about having a kid. Concerned, Sarah insists that he has to tell Katie about Jabbar. Crosby loses his appetite. What if he tells Katie and she doesn't want anything to do with him?

Adam and Max arrive home with yogurt for everyone as Haddie and Steve have their first fight. They've just watched "Love Actually," which Haddie thought was romantic, but Steve thought it was lame. Haddie can't believe that Steve is being such a jerk, and tells him to leave. When Kristina asks Haddie if she's okay, she'll only say that Steve isn't the person she thought he was before breaking into tears and running to her room. Adam comments that this may be the best moment of his life so far.

Julia tells Joel that Operation Harmony was a disaster. Sydney hated being princess. It's all Julia's fault -- she's a control freak, isn't she? She never does anything spontaneous like hooking up at the merry-go-round in Tilden Park. Joel tries to comfort Julia, trying to think of crazy things she's done, but the truth is, there's not much. Later, Katie prepares to throw her birth control bills into the bay, to mark the start of making a baby. Crosby finally tells her about Jabbar. Despite his apologies, Katie is upset that Crosby has been sneaking around. When Crosby claims the time wasn't right because Katie's been a little psycho, she's done, and turns to leave. She thought they both really wanted to have a baby. She can't keep pushing because it's not fair to either of them.

Drew is all bummed out after Adam cancels practice, so Sarah lays into Adam. Adam admits that he forgot he promised to take Max to Yogurt Land, and he can't break a promise, or else Max falls apart. Tearful, Sarah points out that Max isn't the only kid to have it rough. Drew has spent most of his life waiting around for his father, who never showed up. The last thing he needs is another half-assed father figure. Adam explains that Drew is responsible for getting Max to practice in the first place, which has been great. It's almost been like Max didn't have a "situation."

Joel whisks Julia out of work for a risky undertaking: breaking into the Strawberry Field Pool after hours. Mr. Cyr stops by Sarah's bar. Amber admitted everything and turned in her paper, which was okay, although not as impressive as captivating as Sarah's. When Sarah asks to see Mr. Cyr's ID, she's delighted to learn he's not as young as she thought he was. Crosby stops by Jasmine's, offering up Jabbar's toothbrush. He considered taking it to Julia's DNA guy, but he figured Jabbar's dental hygiene was more important. Jasmine smiles, admitting that Crosby has every right to know for sure that he's Jabbar's father. They should do the test, even if it's only to make Julia happy.

Kristina makes chocolate chip pancakes in an effort to cheer up Haddie, but she's already back in love with Steve. Apparently "Love Actually" shut him down because he's been afraid to care and was masking his vulnerability with cynicism. On the baseball field, Max pushes the other kids out of the way and makes his first catch, thanks to all the practices with Drew and Adam. Later that night, Adam drives up to find Drew, sitting sullenly in the yard. Adam convinces him to go for baseball practice with Max, and everyone has a great time.






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