Episode 1.21 : Rajiv Ties the Baraat

  • Outsourced
    • Episode Premiere : May 05, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2011
    • Production Company: Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/outsourced/

Cast and Crew

  • Director Victor Nelli, Jr.
  • Screenwriter Michael Loftus
  • Main Cast

The Story

Manmeet's American girlfriend Ashlynn is coming to town for Rajiv's wedding, and Manmeet worries that his hairy chest will be no match for the clean-chested American men he sees in magazines. Through a technique called threading, Manmeet gets most of his chest hair removed, but leaves hair in the shape of a heart.

Rajiv hands out invitations to his wedding to the employees. Todd notes how thoughtful it is for Rajiv to invite everyone, to which Rajiv retorts that since it's Indian tradition to give cash as a gift, he's essentially having the workers pay to come to his wedding. When Gupta's offended that he didn't receive an invitation, Todd tries to cover for Rajiv, explaining that he's too valuable to not have at the office. But when Gupta starts daydreaming about his temporary managerial position, Todd has a change of heart and decides to bring Gupta as his "plus one" to keep the call center out of trouble.

When Rajiv needs an extra man for his wedding party, he comes to Todd for help. Todd gets fitted in a traditional Indian outfit for the wedding procession. Charlie notes that since he's practically best man now, they get to throw a bachelor party!

The guys are on a train to the wedding location, and Manmeet is nervous about finally meeting Ashylnn in person. He's purchased "pumpkin pie" and "Christmas" scented candles in an attempt to make her feel at home, in addition to preparing note cards with conversation topics. Meanwhile, Gupta is excited about a group dance he's choreographed for them to perform.

Asha's at the wedding anxiously awaiting her fiancé's arrival. When she finds Todd without Tonya on his arm, Asha learns that the two broke up. She notes that it's no surprise that the girl he had sex with on the break room table on their first date didn't turn into a long-term girlfriend. He playfully jokes that that's why he likes their relationship: all the judgment without any of that physical stuff getting in the way.

Keeping with wedding tradition, Gupta puts on a skit that harmlessly mocks Rajiv, but he takes the humor a little too far. After, Ajeet performs a poem about letting love soar like a bird, which is clearly directed to Madhuri. While the audience seems confused, Madhuri is completely smitten. Meanwhile, Todd and Charlie are having a hard time planning the bachelor party; strippers are hard to come by, and Todd couldn't find a place that sells dirty novelties. Todd calls the call center to have Pinky bring sample products from the forbidden "top shelf."

Gupta, Todd, Asha, Madhuri and Manmeet perform Gupta's choreographed dance, but are interrupted by Ashlynn's arrival. Before any words are spoken, Manmeet rips open his shirt to reveal his heart-shaped chest hair. The two immediately go to their room.

At the end of the night, Rajiv returns to his room to find a surprise bachelor party. Unsurprisingly, Rajiv is resistant to the idea, and the gang is forced to handcuff him to a chair. Since Todd couldn't find any strippers, he had his friend in the States bring his cell phone into a strip club so they can watch streaming video on Todd's iPad. Unfortunately, the experience really isn't the same.

Ashlynn and Manmeet are back at the room, nervously sitting on their separate beds. After Manmeet's awkward attempt at conversation, Ashlynn gets right to the point, telling him to put on loud music. Manmeet does, and he finally makes his move.

Ajeet approaches Madhuri on the beach. He hands her a copy of his bird poem, and then produces a white dove that he symbolically "lets soar," just like in his poem. Madhuri is clearly moved by his romantic gesture.

Anticipating that Todd's virtual stripper would be a bust, Charlie paid a woman he met in front of the hotel to take off her clothes for a reasonable price. The impromptu stripper arrives, but as it turns out, she's a transvestite. Meanwhile, Vimi's father has presented Rajiv and Vimi with an amazing gift: their own apartment. Anxious to share the news, the two go to Rajiv's room, and are left speechless when they walk in on the bachelor party madness.






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