Episode 1.16 : Take This Pun Jab and Shove It

  • Outsourced
    • Episode Premiere : February 24, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2011
    • Production Company: Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/outsourced/

Cast and Crew

The Story

It's morning, and the workers are arriving at the office. Gupta notices that the hallway floor is almost done being waxed, and appears excited, for reasons unknown to the viewer. We then learn about an office tradition: sliding across a freshly waxed floor in socks. Everyone's having a great time until Rajiv arrives and reprimands the group. That is, until they pressure him into sliding across the floor himself.

After returning to the office, Todd notices the workers clamoring over Shirin's desk, claiming her things. They explain to she's been missing for two days, which means she's never coming back. Apparently, in India it's very rare to miss more than a day of work, and it's not unusual for workers to simply leave without an explanation. Todd looks at the positive side; he's excited at the prospect of hiring a new employee. However, he fails to anticipate the workers obnoxious clamoring for him to hire their friends and relatives.

The interview process is turning out to be a complete disaster. All the candidates Todd's employees suggest are terrible for the job. Manmeet brings in a beautiful girl he's trying to impress, but it turns out her looks are the only thing she has going for her. Madhuri brings in her grandmother, who falls asleep during the interview. And Gupta tries to get Todd to hire his alter ego Alok, who is really just Gupta in a hat and a pair of glasses. He argues that since he only does half a days work anyway, Todd will be doubling his output. Right when Todd is about to lose all hope, the perfect candidate surprises him. His name is Kamik, and he was born in India but grew up in the States. In addition to four years of sales experience, he has a perfect American accent. Todd is thrilled, and hires him on the spot.

Gupta is short on cash and asking around for a 20,000-rupee loan, but to no avail. When Manmeet leaves his wallet out in the open, Gupta is unable to resist the temptation and steals the wallet. Later, when Manmeet notices his wallet is missing, Gupta's guilt is clearly getting the best of him. He tries to slyly return the wallet to Manmeet's jacket pocket, but Asha catches him out of the corner of her eye.

At lunch, Todd brags about Kamik to Tonya and Charlie. Tonya warns him not to get too cocky; the best employees are often poached by the high-paying gigs. Back at the office, Kamik is already doing an amazing job. When Rajiv gets angry with Todd for not consulting him on the new hire, Todd points out his stellar performance, suggesting that at this rate, he might one day become manager. Feeling threatened, Rajiv tries to outsmart Kamik by putting in a fake call asking for free product on behalf of an orphanage. But Rajiv gets caught in a bind when Todd interrupts, leaving Rajiv looking like a fool.

The next day, Kamik is gone, to Rajiv's delight and Todd's devastation. When Todd picks up Tonya for lunch at her call center, Koala Airlines, he sees that Tonya betrayed him and stole his worker. She defends herself, claiming it's not personal, just business. He tries to punish her by threatening to withhold sex, but immediately realizes that's a promise he can't keep for long.

That night, Charlie and Todd decide to break into Tonya's office. Todd's looking for incriminating information that will help him get revenge, while Charlie's just excited for an opportunity to use his spy gadgets. He finds a file on Kamik, and learns that Tonya's paying him twice what he was earning at Mid America Novelties. Todd can't afford to win him back, so instead he gives Kamik's resume to the "big guns." Todd's stance is that if he can't have Kamik, neither can Tonya. Tonya's upset that she lost Kamik, but is a gracious loser.

Asha tells Manmeet that she saw Gupta give back the stolen wallet. Manmeet then goes through his wallet, but doesn't notice anything missing. Gupta is spotted outside, and Manmeet is about to confront him, just as Gupta gets into the driver's seat of a rickshaw. It appears that Gupta has taken up a second job as a rickshaw driver. He drives away with a passenger in tow, crashing into a few vendors on his way out.

Later that night, Asha, Madhuri, and Manmeet hop into Gupta's rickshaw. Without realizing who his patrons are, Gupta introduces himself as Manmeet. We learn that he's been using Manmeet's license to be a rickshaw driver because he doesn't have a license of his own. Gupta explains that he needs the extra cash or else he won't make rent.

Back at the office, Todd has decided to help out Gupta by hiring his fake persona, Alok. Gupta and Alok work two different phone lines with the appropriate personas, hat and glasses included.






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