Episode 1.14 : The Todd Couple

  • Outsourced
    • Episode Premiere : February 10, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2011
    • Production Company: Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/outsourced/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Todd notices that Pinky has a Valentine's Day gift on her desk and asks if the new product shipment has come in. He learns that the gift is actually from Pinky's boyfriend, and that Valentine's Day is widely celebrated in India. Rajiv mocks the holiday, claiming it's a sellout of their culture, but has a change of heart when an elaborate flower arrangement from his fiancée Vimi is delivered.

Manmeet approaches Todd with a dating issue. He has both Debbie and Ashlynn scheduled for video chat dates on Valentine's Day. One lives in San Francisco, the other, New York. Todd suggests that he try to juggle them, but also warns that the last time he tried to manage two dates in the same night, he failed miserably. Manmeet decides to go for it, and schedules Debbie at six and Ashlynn at nine. He plans to video chat with his date on one computer and watch a movie on the other, and asks to borrow Todd's laptop for the occasion.

When Gupta lashes out at a customer, Todd decides to have a talk with the workers about anger management. After screening an anger management video that turns out to be extremely offensive to Indian culture, Todd decides to improvise with worker-client role-playing. Todd plays the role of a stubborn caller and succeeds in frustrating Madhuri and Manmeet, testing their patience by pushing their buttons. However, Todd is unable to make Gupta crack, and the staff is impressed.

Despite Gupta's success during the role-playing exercise, he has another outburst on the phone with a customer. This time it's the last straw, and Todd suspends Gupta for one week without pay. Todd later finds Gupta socializing in the cafeteria, clearly unable to accept the fact that he's been suspended.

During lunch, Tonya tells Todd that he's off the hook for making plans for Valentine's Day because she has to work late. She insists this isn't a test; she honestly doesn't care about Valentine's Day.

It's late at the call center, and Manmeet's date with Debbie is underway. About to the start the movie, he notices an incoming chat request from Ashlynn. He realizes that he forgot to take time zones into account; it's nine o'clock in New York while it's six o'clock in San Francisco. He decides to run with it, and situates himself between two desktop computers while all three of them face the movie. Everything's running smoothly with the three-way date until Manmeet lets Debbie's name slip and the women have a confrontation. While Debbie isn't so forgiving, Manmeet later manages to patch things up with Ashlynn. Apparently she likes to fight for her man.

Walking home from work, Todd finds a hopeless Gupta sitting in the streets. Since Gupta is behind on his rent, and his parents have moved back to Delhi, he has nowhere to stay. Cornered, Todd invites an ecstatic Gupta to stay at his apartment. Later that night, chaos ensues when Tonya surprises Todd in bed only to find Gupta instead.

The next day, Gupta promises to look for a cheaper apartment. Todd and Rajiv go over Gupta's calls in an attempt to figure out what sparked his outburst, and discover a frustrating call with his mother immediately preceding his angry call with the customer. Gupta's mother demanded that he leave the house when the family hosted overnight guests, implying that he's an embarrassment to his family.

Todd confronts Gupta later that day, and learns that he actually still lives at home with his parents. Todd asks Gupta why he lets his parents walk all over him, and Gupta explains that in their culture, respect for one's parents is of the utmost importance. When Todd suggests that he leave home, Gupta explains that in India, it's standard to live at home until you get married.

Gupta comes to Todd with great news: he found his own apartment! But, as it turns out, the apartment is in Todd's boarding house. In fact, Gupta's room is directly above Todd's. Later, Gupta throws a wild party at his new place. When he runs out of cups, he grabs a broom and bangs on the floor, interrupting an intimate moment between Todd and Tonya. Gupta keeps yelling for Todd's assistance until he accidentally breaks a hole in the floor, which only makes him more excited - now they have a talking hole!






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