The Office

Episode 9.02 : Roy's Wedding

  • The Office
    • Episode Premiere : September 27, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 9
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2013
    • Production Company: Reveille, Deedle-Dee, NBC Universal
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Dwight's maintenance person for the building is on vacation for a month without a replacement, so Pam is charged with helping get various tasks done around the office. She devises a wheel of chores, with cleaning and other jobs split into slivers. It's a fun attempt to solve a mundane problem, but the team finds it boring and too much like work. After much complaining, Pam creates a new wheel, one with prizes and penalties - but no actual jobs. She's smartly adds one key sliver to the new wheel: the tiny wheel. Anyone spinning the tiny wheel will eventually land on a chore that needs doing. Problem solved.

Pam and Jim are taking the day off to attend Roy's wedding. As they leave their kids behind and get into the car, Pam grabs a banana. She's got a feeling that her ex-fiance's wedding may be a little short on the niceties. They arrive and split up to go mingle. Jim finds Roy and offers his congratulations and also compliments him on his beautiful house. Roy asks Jim how his life is going and Jim mentions that he's "got some irons in the fire." And indeed he does. Jim's agreed to hook up with old college friends to start up a company. It's personally quite exciting, except for one complication. Jim reveals to camera that he and Pam discussed the opportunity a while back and mutually decided that he should not participate.

In the office, Nellie makes the rounds, handing out a sheet detailing her first special project: Operation Give Back. She explains that it's a mandatory program for staff to garner support for the charity of their choice. Andy supports nautical signaling for homeless kids; Stanley likes the American Diabetes Association, but Dwight is adamantly opposed to the whole idea. He declares that there's no evidence that charity works. Nellie explains that he must participate. Defiantly he declares his charity to be The Global Relief Foundation, a group he reveals is a front for the Taliban. Everyone's aghast.

Clark, Pete and Erin are in the breakroom. Clark is talking loudly on the phone to a news producer friend - one who is supposedly looking for some new on-camera anchor talent. Clark, staring at Erin, asks her whether she'd be interested in shooting a test tape. Clark tells her all she has to do is put on some lipstick, come to his apartment, have a glass of wine to loosen up and then run through a few stories. Erin's flattered and agrees to do it.

At the wedding ceremony, Roy makes a heartfelt speech to Lara, his new bride. He then announces he's got a surprise for her. He unveils a piano and sits down to sing a lovely version of Billy Joel's "She's Got a Way." In the audience, Phyllis and Bob Vance are swept up in the moment and begin kissing passionately. On the car ride home, Pam and Jim discuss whether they know absolutely everything about each other. They rack their brains to find a secret to share. Pam reveals that the courtside seats to the 76ers game she bought for him were actually for an away game. Jim ostensibly can't think of anything to tell her in return.

Back at the office Jim and Pam continue to try to find mysteries to share with each other. Clearly Jim isn't ready to spill the beans about the business venture yet. Overhearing Pam and Jim talking, Angela allows that she and the Senator still have plenty of mystery between them. Oscar, sitting nearby reading the paper, chokes on his coffee. He too knows a surprise he's not ready to share.

Nellie has a ploy to get Dwight on board with the charity project. She convinces him to sign a pledge to live his life by the rules of the Taliban. She presents him with a written pledge (printed in a silly font) which he quickly signs. Shortly thereafter, she steals Dwight's pen and confesses the crime to him. She goes on to tell him that if he's determined to stick with his Taliban pledge, he must now chop off her hand for stealing. She hands him a large meat cleaver; Dwight sees through the plot and announces that cutting off her hand is precisely what he intends to do.

Andy checks in with Clark about the audition plans. He wants to make sure Erin's got all the necessary outfits to create a great "talent reel." Clark tells Andy she'll need several changes of clothes (including stiletto heels, a pencil skirt, some low cut tops, a camisole, etc.). Andy, ever supportive, hands Clark his credit card and tells him to go buy whatever's needed.

Kevin, Toby, Angela, Jim and Pam are in the breakroom playing a modified version of The Newlywed Game. They're trying to uncover any secrets they don't know about each other. While they're playing, Jim gets a call from one of his new business partners and sneaks out to take the call. The venture is getting off the ground. In interview, Pam wonders what Jim's up to. Maybe there is a mystery after all.

Andy assembles the staff in the conference room. His purpose is to make Erin feel comfortable with her body image; he asks the team to mention things they like about her appearance. Angela and Oscar wonder why the discussion is about her looks and not her credibility. Andy and Erin agree that in the news game looks are everything - and she's not going to squander the opportunity. Later she rehearses her news delivery for Andy and Darryl, whom Andy has named his consigliore.

Dwight prepares to mete out his Sharia justice to Nellie, wielding the cleaver wildly as he tries to psyche her into relenting on the demand that he participate in a charity project. Her hand is spread out across a chopping block; she's cool as can be. Darryl notices the shenanigans and hatches a plan to foil it. He returns with a laptop, which he opens and begins showing them "127 Hours" for what he calls "inspiration."

Pete convinces Andy and Erin that, for the audition tape to really work, a producer will need to see how she interacts with another anchor. Unfortunately, Pete says, Clark will be busy behind the camera. He volunteers himself, but Andy's got other ideas. The three of them show up at Clark's apartment; Clark, wearing just a bathrobe, is surprised to find all three of them. They get on with the audition. Erin and Andy work as an anchor team, parroting made-up news stories while Clark shoots it all on a compact video camera. Clark calls a wrap, but Andy wants Clark to shoot some more - of himself. Erin's starving, so Andy sends her off with Pete to get a burger.

Much later we catch back up with Nellie and Dwight, who are still stalemated in the breakroom, watching the movie. They're mesmerized by it, but neither is ready to give in, in their test of wills. It apparently could go on forever.

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