The Office

Episode 8.12 : Pool Party

  • The Office
    • Episode Premiere : January 19, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 8
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2013
    • Production Company: Reveille, Deedle-Dee, NBC Universal
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Under the chuckling gaze of Stanley, Jim is trying out some new pranks on Dwight. He dresses a dog like Dwight, changes Dwight's desktop out and other tacks. But the bit Stanley seems to find funniest is anything involving meatballs. Jim fills Dwight's drawers with meatballs, places them on his seat and even surrounds his stapler with meat. Stanley laughs uproariously every time. Jim's so please to have an audience. But unbeknownst to him, Stanley and Dwight are meeting up every day after work to divvy up the delicious bounty. We'll never have to buy meatballs again, Stanley gloats.

Andy explains that he's introduced his new girlfriend Jessica to his parents and they loved her. His mom was so taken her that she gave Andy a family ring, just in case. It's a beautiful ring, even if the main stone's been removed; Andy's mom thought the stone was more appropriate for use by Andy's brother.

Robert California sits in the bullpen office looking over the real estate listing for his house. His wife is divorcing him, necessitating the sale of the home he once envisioned as his Playboy Mansion. It's clear Robert's depressed at his dreams dashed. Kevin suggests that Robert throw a pool party as a last hurrah. To everyone's surprise, Robert says yes. "The party's tonight, wear a swimsuit, and don't expect food," he tells his staff. Privately, Meredith reveals to Erin that after the Christmas party Andy followed Erin and Robert to her house just to make sure there was no funny business. Erin's thrilled at the revelation; could Andy still have feelings for her?

At the party, Andy fidgets with the heirloom ring in his pants pocket. Erin comes by, suggesting the two of them go away for the weekend. Andy's caught off-guard and explains that he's already got plans to go skiing with Jessica. Crushed, Erin forms a new plan: make Andy jealous. She makes a flirty beeline for Dwight. He responds by kicking her into the pool. Meanwhile, Jessica challenges Andy to swim the length of the pool while holding his breath. He's ready to prove it when he notices that Stanley's moved his pants - and now he can't locate the ring. Panic sets in.

Robert leads Oscar, Ryan, Toby, Jim and Gabe on a tour of the house. They help themselves to bottles of wine as Robert waxes about the sybaritic parties he had hoped to throw. Jim tries to excuse himself and leave, but Robert insists that he continue on the tour of broken dreams.

Dwight jumps in the pool. Erin tells him that she's trying to make Andy jealous; Dwight happily plays along. But Andy's consumed with the search for the missing ring and barely notices. Kelly finds the ring and asks aloud if anyone's missing it. Andy's afraid to speak, fearful of Jessica's reaction to learning that he's carrying around an engagement ring. Erin and Dwight decide to step it up, challenging Andy and Jessica to a chicken fight. They refuse, but Kevin and Cathy hop in.

The guys swill from individual bottles of vintage wine as Robert continues his tour. He shows off his custom-made two-headed bear rug and his screening room, explaining that the first movies he bought included "Caligula," "Last Tango in Paris" and "Emmanuelle II." It was clearing intended as a screening room for erotic films, Ryan observes. Robert sadly explains that the two most recent movies he saw there were "Marley and Me" and "On Golden Pond."

Without giving himself away, Andy tries to convince Kelly to give him the ring. He tells Kelly it's bad luck to wear the ring of a broken marriage. She and Phyllis decide they must destroy the ring to protect others.

To Darryl's disapproval, Kevin flirts with Val in the pool. Meanwhile, Andy and Jessica have answered the challenge for a chickenfight with Dwight and Erin. Andy and Jessica prove quite formidable, despite Erin's determination to fight to the death. They go at it again, with Erin knocked backwards and Dwight swallowing water. They pull Dwight out of the pool and revive him; he wants to get back in and win at all costs.

Kelly and Phyllis make a paper boat, place the ring aboard it, place it in the pool and set it ablaze. "It's the only safe way to make sure it doesn't fall into the hands of some poor unsuspecting woman," Phyllis says.

Dwight, emboldened by the chance he's been given by Erin to make Andy jealous, wonders if there might be a real chance for him with Erin. He pulls Andy aside and asks if he's certain that he has no residual interest in Erin; he doesn't want a repeat of the debacle they had over Angela. Andy's sure; he's with Jessica and he likes "getting his monog (amy) on."

Erin swims up to Andy at the pool deck and quietly hands him the ring she recovered from the bottom of the pool. She knew it was his from the Bernard family crest. She tells Andy she hopes his big night wasn't a bust. Andy replies that he's not really sure what he's doing. To camera, Erin reveals she's happy: she'll take confusion as a positive sign that there could be hope for her and Andy.

Robert finishes his tour of the house, ending up at the pool, where the festivities are in full swim. His drunken staff is drinking wine freely and enjoying the house in the way Robert had always hoped it might be enjoyed. There's just one more gesture to memorialize the occasion. Robert strips his track suit pants off and jumps in the pool, naked. Gabe and Ryan follow suit. With everyone in the pool, Jim finally makes his getaway, swerving his way out onto the street.

The guests gone, Robert, Dwight and Ryan party on into the wee hours in the screening room. As Robert falls asleep on a recliner, the two staffers consider leaving, but then reconsider, and continue twisting the night away.






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