The Office

Episode 8.09 : Mrs. California

  • The Office
    • Episode Premiere : December 01, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 8
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2013
    • Production Company: Reveille, Deedle-Dee, NBC Universal
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Dwight's on a new kick: standing while working. Perched at his standing desk, he explains how healthy and heroic it is. But the toll of working on one's feet quickly sets in. Later in the day, Jim notices that Dwight appears to be sitting on a hidden cane. He approaches Dwight, pulls a wad of cash out of his pocket and throws it on the ground, daring him to pick it up. Dwight declares the prank stupid, but he knows that Jim's got him dead to rights. Jim gives Dwight a shove and he topples over.

While Jim and Andy are meeting, a frantic Robert California yells through the office window that his wife is coming in a few seconds and that under no circumstances should Andy hire her. Moments later, he walks into the outer office with her. He introduces her and explains that she's considering coming back to work - ideally at the Scranton branch. Remembering what his boss told him, Andy is gracious but explains to Susan California that he's fully staffed at the moment. Robert gives Andy a glare and tells him that she should be given a good look to determine if there's a good fit. Andy's confused by the mixed messages, but agrees to show her around.

Dwight approaches Darryl with some good news: he's opening Dwight Schrute's Gym for Muscles right inside the building. "Your path from obesity starts here," he tells Darryl. Dwight's looking to create another revenue stream - and reduce the strain on his building that overweight people bring. In an interview, Darryl explains that he wants to start working out to protect his health; he wants to live long enough to see a variety of presidents: gay, supermodels, et al.

Andy leads Susan California around. He does his best to make the office seem unattractive; he asks Jim to tell her about the negatives of a sales job. As Jim explains about rejection, Dwight interrupts and explains how easy sales really is. Susan's thinking she might be a good fit for a sales job. Andy grows nervous.

Dwight shows Darryl his "gym." It's an empty office filled with farm equipment, an axe and chopping block, a tin snipping station, phone books for tearing and a yoke with a bucket of gravel attached at either end. Despite Dwight's demonstrations, Darryl is unimpressed. He tells Dwight he's not parting with any membership money until he creates a real gym.

Robert and Susan California meet with Andy in Andy's office. She thinks she'd do well in accounting or customer service or HR. Andy tells her that those areas are all fully staffed. Robert is incredulous; there must be some department that could use some extra help, he pleads to Andy. He reminds Andy that he's the CEO and he's telling him what to do. Andy reads Robert's comments as a change of course and welcomes Susan aboard. As he welcomes her to the firm, Andy notices that Robert's face has suddenly gone very sour.

A few minutes later, Andy and Susan are meeting in his office, discussing her next steps to joining the accounting department. Andy answers a call from a very peeved Robert who insists that Andy undo the hiring of his wife. As Susan meets with Toby, Andy explains to the office that they're required to treat Susan poorly in the hopes she'll quit.

Dwight tries to drum up interest in his gym with his co-workers, but they all turn him down. But Dwight knows the secret to building a business: get the black people to join it, and then the white people will follow. He meets Darryl down in the gym and continues trying to fire him up to get fit.

Susan gets the cold shoulder from various staffers: Erin puts her at a shared desk and issues her a tiny stapler; Kevin is gruff with her; and the rest of the team avoids sharing small talk with her. She gets the picture - and confronts Robert about it. Robert immediately summons Andy to the conference room to meet with his wife and then leaves. Susan asks Andy why she's so unwelcome. Andy is evasive, but Susan soon figures it out: Robert's told him she should not be working there. She presses Andy to admit it, but he wiggles around the truth.

Robert returns to find a perturbed Susan and a relieved Andy still in the conference room. Susan accuses her husband of sabotaging her efforts to work in the office. Robert is incredulous. He tells Andy that he doesn't need to play any games and that he shouldn't try to protect any private conversations they've had. "Be honest," Robert says. So Andy tells the story of Robert's harried warning about not hiring Susan. Susan's in shock; a furious Robert declares Andy a "lying son of a bitch." He insists that Andy recant his story. Andy insists he wasn't lying.

Roberts looks for Jim to corroborate the story. But Jim's heard the ruckus brewing and hightailed it, only to be penned in the parking lot. Jim climbs a service ladder and tries to hide on the roof; Creed is there flying a remote controlled helicopter. Jim heads back into the building. Robert catches him sneaking down from the roof and drags him down to the conference room with Andy and Susan. Jim really doesn't want to get in the middle of the dispute, but he does offer how wonderful it is for him personally to have his spouse working at the office with him. Jim doesn't refute Andy's story. It's clear what Robert has done.The day's come to an end. Susan runs into Andy in the parking lot. He apologizes for how things turned out. She says she's sorry too and tells him she thinks that they really clicked. She says that after things settle down maybe they could get together. Andy smiles awkwardly and nods. "It's a date," Susan tells him.

Dwight is coaching Darryl in the gym as he bench presses a barbell. He screams at Darryl, trying to find out what drives him. Darryl tells him that yelling and intimidation won't work. But Dwight then forces Darryl to tell him the truth. "I want to look good for Val," Darryl blurts out, referring to the new warehouse manager. Dwight's confused and thinks that Darryl's trying to impress the actor Val Kilmer. "I am gonna make you the buffest dude Val Kilmer has ever seen," Dwight promises him.

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