The Night Shift

Episode 1.03 : Hog Wild

  • The Night Shift
    • Episode Premiere : June 10, 2014
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Medical
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2014 - 2017
    • Production Company: Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Jealousy, denial, hogs gone wild, secrets and secret trysts - there's never a dull moment at San Antonio Memorial's trauma center, as the most recent incident report can attest. Here's what happened this week, including all the medical and non-medical drama:

Night Shift Medical Report:

TC and Paul medevac to a remote, horrific scene: a drunken hog hunt, with multiple injuries including a woman impaled with an arrow and a hunter whose hand has been bitten off by a boar. There are drunken hunters everywhere shooting automatic weapons, revving their quads and triggering some very unpleasant flashbacks for TC. The victims are transported back to San Antonio Memorial and a search party is sent out to retrieve the hog with the hand in its belly.

In the trauma center, Jordan works to re-inflate the impaled woman's collapsed lung, but the pain is so intense that the victim yanks the arrow out of her chest, starting a massive blood loss. Jordan must open up her chest and operate immediately to stem the bleeding. The surgery is successful but in recovery, the patient goes into anaphylactic shock; her blood was mis-typed.

Topher spots a young girl wandering down the hall. She tells him she's taken the bus to the hospital and is suffering from headaches and nausea. Topher examines her just as her dad shows up; there's something not quite right. As a precaution, Topher orders an MRI on the girl. As the imaging begins, the girl starts screaming. Finally she confesses her real problem: it's her dad who needs medical help, not her. The father falls unconscious as he's storming out of the hospital after refusing to be examined. Topher calls on Drew to perform a tracheotomy, but Drew punts it over to Krista. The distraught little girl pounds on Topher. "You've got to save him!" she screams. In the ER, Topher cuts off the man's jeans and reveals a large chemical burn on his skin. Topher quickly goes to work.

Trauma Drama

Mixed martial arts aficionado Drew proves his prowess in the cage at the local military base, working Krista up into a romantic frenzy in the process. Unfortunately she still doesn't know Drew's gay, so Krista's cruisin' for a heart bruisin'. Tough guy Drew didn't just knock out his opponent, he also shattered his face. Fortunately there was a doctor in the ring, although Drew suffered a serious wrist injury himself. Keeping it hidden from Jordan doesn't last long; Dr. Alexander restricts him from duty, knowing an injured doctor is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Citing numerous liability and code concerns, Ragosa closes The Tailgate, the lounge where the night shift staff blows off steam. Based on the staff pushback, he might have been better off announcing he was cancelling Christmas. Later, Ragosa opens up to Landry about the latest difficulty with his wife. She tells him he needs to stop "being a dick" and try to show people respect. She cites closing The Tailgate as an example of a situation where he could have respected those affected and tried to find an alternate solution. Ragosa takes the advice to heart, working to get a new Tailgate built, one with less liability. He announces the good news to the staff. But Ragosa being Ragosa, he feels the need to extract something for his efforts; the staff will have less time to spend in the new Tailgate. He explains to Landry that he couldn't be seen as a pushover.

The hunting victim who lost his hand to the wily hog has kept a secret from his wife: he was out hunting with his wife's sister - the woman who was shot with an arrow and is now in immediate need of a blood transfusion. However, her blood type is so rare, only a family member can donate it. After a delicate conversation with the wife that reveals a longstanding animosity between the two sisters, the woman refuses to give blood to save her sister. TC tries his persuasive best before forcibly sedating the woman so he can draw blood from her and save her sister's life - whether she likes it or not. In a move right out of his Afghanistan playbook, TC transfuses directly from one sister to the other.

As a favor to her boyfriend, Scot, Jordan tries to set up Landry with Scot's friend, a surgeon. Landry is reluctant. Pressed on whether she's currently seeing anyone, Landry tells Jordan "not at the moment" and agrees to a double date. What could go wrong?

Krista pulls Drew aside for a little tender loving care. Working on his fractured wrist, she works her way up to a kiss. Drew stops her. She jokingly wonders if he's gay - oops. Drew explains that despite Don't Ask Don't Tell, he needs to remain private about his sexuality so his standing in his Ranger unit isn't compromised. Krista agrees to keep his secret.

Pain Relief

Kenny stings intern Paul with a classic practical joke: he sends him to a storeroom to retrieve theirResusci-Anne, a mannequin used for CPR training. Paul spots the mannequin but has some trouble lifting it up. Cue Krista, wearing a Resusci-Anne mask and gown; Paul jumps about three feet skyward, cursing Krista as the staff rolls with laughter. So much for first year doctors sticking together.

The hog that ate the hunting victim's hand is brought into the hospital on a gurney, apparently dead. Except that it's not. When Ragosa spots the animal and give it a slap, it bolts off the stretcher and runs around the ER. Later we meet the animal again - he's been given a home in Ragosa's office.

Paul decides it's time to get back at Krista for the trick with Resusci-Anne. He tells Kenny to send Krista to the storage room, then puts on the training mannequin's clothes and waits. But it's not Krista who comes in but Doctors Callahan and de la Cruz, looking for a little on the job nookie. Paul's too terrified to do anything but watch and listen. It's all in a rookie's shift.






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