Episode 5.17 : The Talented Ms. Boddicker

  • Medium
    • Episode Premiere : May 25, 2009
    • Distributor : CBS, NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2011
    • Production Company: Picturemaker, Grammnet, Paramount Network
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Ruth Boddicker, a bank teller, approaches her boss. She asks him if he has alerted the police about her "premonition" of a bank robbery. She tells him that she has visions like Allison Dubois. But he fails to believe her.

After Ms. Boddickers boss makes fun of her for telling this story, two masked men walk into the bank with guns. Everyone in the bank hits the ground as instructed by the men. Allison wakes up from her dream.

Allison hugs Joe while he says goodbye to the family for the week. He has started his new job in San Diego and will be gone from the house three days a week -- leaves Tuesday morning, returning Thursday evening. Just before he leaves, Ariel talks Joe into giving her the keys to his car to help with errands while he is gone.

Scanlon meets his girlfriend Lynn at the doctor's. She is there to have an ultrasound and find out the sex of their baby. Lee becomes very distant and decides to wait in the lobby while she gets the ultrasound. Allison is stuck in traffic when she hears a news report on the radio about an armed robbery at the bank. When Allison arrives, she approaches Ruth and asks her details about her dream, but Ruth doesn't want to talk about it.

Late at night, the bank robbers are discussing the details of the money. One of them threatens the other over missing money and kills him. Allison wakes up from her dream. Just then, she receives a call from Ruth Boddicker who tells her she had another dream, the same dream Allison just had about the murder of one of the robbers. Except, Ruth informs Allison that she found the body and is currently standing next to it in a park.

Ariel gets Marie and Bridgette ready for school. Since Allison had to go to work early, Ariel plans to drive them. When Allison arrives at the park where Ruth found the dead body of the robber, Ruth divulges the details of her dream. Allison introduces her to Devalos. Devalos asks Ruth to give a description, along with Allison, of the other robber, the one that murdered him.

Ariel gets the girls strapped into the car. Just before they pull out of the driveway, Ariel worries she didn't lock the sliding glass door in their kitchen before leaving. She leaves Bridgette and Marie in the car while she goes back into the house to check. Bridgette realizes Ariel has left the car on. She hops in the driver's seat and tries to prove to Marie that she too can drive. However, the car starts rolling backwards, Bridgette is unable to stop it. Another car hits the back bumper and stops it immediately.

At the police station, Allison looks through the belongings of the dead robber. She comes across a batch of Mexican money when she has a vision. She sees the robber approach Ruth at the bank long before the robbery. He needs his money exchanged for American dollars and he flirts with her in the process. He tells her about a dance studio after seeing her picture in a tango outfit on her teller station and suggests she check it out. When Ruth walks in interrupting Allison's vision, Allison asks her about the tango.

Bridgette breaks the news to Allison about the car. Allison then breaks the news to Joe, in San Diego, and tells him to not worry about it. They get into an argument. Later that night, Allison has another dream about Ruth. She watches the man from the bank, the robber, who hit on her at the dance studio he mentioned. Before getting the courage to go in, he walks out. Ruth decides to follow him into a nearby bar. Before he sees her, she sits down at the next table. She overhears him and the other robber discuss the pending bank robbery. Allison wakes up.

The next morning, Allison tells Devalos that she thinks Ruth Boddicker is lying to them about having dreams. Devalos brings Ruth and Allison into a conference room to discuss the sketches they individually gave to detectives the day before. When they don't match, Allison goes on the attack. She asks Ruth if she ever even had a dream. Offended, Ruth then leaves.

Scanlon waits for his pregnant girlfriend Lynn to get up. He reassures her that he is really excited about the baby, but is terrified of the process. He has some things from his past that he needs to put to rest. Later that night, at the Dubois house, Joe returns from San Diego and curls up with Allison in bed.

Allison has another dream. Ruth is coming home from work when she receives a phone call from the other robber. He threatens her. When Ruth turns on the light in her home, the robber has hung the dead body of the other man in her living room. Ruth screams.

Bridgette and Marie head into the kitchen and are surprised to see their dad sitting at the breakfast table. Bridgette knows she is in trouble for getting behind the wheel of Joe's car. While Joe is busy dealing with Bridgette, Allison goes to meet Ruth at the bank and tell her about the dream. Ruth sticks by her initial story, despite Allison pushing her.

Scanlon pays his father a visit at the hospital he lives in. Scanlon lets him know that he is having a baby and despite carrying his father DNA, he will not hit or abuse this baby like he was treated. At the police station, Allison discusses possibilities with Devalos regarding her suspicions of Ruth's involvement in the bank robbery because of the threats from the other robber.

Ruth meets the other robber to give him the money she promised him. Ruth was able to turn the tables around and protect herself and get away after being threatened. When she finally gets away, Ruth goes immediately to Allison's and tells her everything.

The next morning, Devalos pays the robber a visit with cops ready to arrest him. To the surprise of the robber, his car is in his driveway and Devalos presents his search warrant. When he opens the trunk, he finds a bag with the money. They arrest him. Devalos fills him in that Ruth has led them to every piece of evidence they need to put him away. Ruth can finally return to work with everything put behind her.






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