Medium Episode 5.13-14 How to Make a Killing in Big Business, Part 1 & 2
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Medium Episode 5.13-14 How to Make a Killing in Big Business, Part 1 & 2

Episode Premiere
May 4, 2009
Production Company
Picturemaker, Grammnet, Paramount Network
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Episode Premiere
May 4, 2009
2005 - 2011
Production Co
Picturemaker, Grammnet, Paramount Network
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Arlene Sanford, Robert Doherty
Michael Narducci, Craig Sweeny
Main Cast
Additional Cast

Allison dreams of waking in a luxurious bedroom inside a mansion, but only she seems to think it's not home. Joe is dressed in tennis whites on his way to the country club, hurrying her to get the girls ready for riding lessons. The girls come inside after swimming in their pool. Allison is overjoyed at the lush digs and wants to explore. When she goes toward a door, her family warns her not to open it. That's the deal, we never go in there, they tell her. She opens it anyway. Inside is a room spattered with blood and a dead, mutilated woman on the floor. Allison wakes in her own bedroom.

Joe helps Ariel study for her PSAT as Allison gets a call from Caitlin Lynch from the Lydecker Corporation. Lynch has been tracking Allison's career, and wants to meet with her about a business opportunity. When Allison can't meet due to work, Caitlin offers to come to her neck of the woods for lunch at a fancy restaurant. Joe hears the name of the place and is impressed. Allison, who's managing a full schedule with work and kids, politely declines her offer.

Allison meets Detective Scanlon outside Autumn Colville's apartment. Autumn, a paralegal who works downtown, was reported by her mother as being missing since yesterday. When they enter her apartment, Allison flinches at the sight of the same bloody scene she saw in her dream. She thinks it's real until Scanlon says he doesn't see a thing but a clean apartment. When she describes what she saw, including that someone took out Autumn's eyes, Scanlon says he'll get the crime lab guys to take another look at the place.

At high school, Ariel and her friend Ashley talk about the PSAT, just 13 days away. Their friend Hannah tells them that Stacey Ann, a girl at their school, died yesterday in a car accident. Hannah says that Stacey flipped the car that she'd gotten as a 16th birthday present and landed upside down in a ravine. Hannah morbidly adds that the crash didn't kill Stacey. Her car filled up with water and she drowned.

As Allison is leaving work, Caitlin, who is standing outside her limousine, approaches her. Allison thinks she just wants a private reading and says she's not interested. However, Caitlin explains that she's a corporate intuitionist with a gift for predicting business successes and failures -- something she's not shy to say has brought her a lot of money. Caitlin says she and Douglas Lydecker, owner of the company, want to hire her to work for them. When Allison hedges, she says the job pays in the high six figures. Caitlin encourages Allison to think about the offer and discuss it with her husband.

At home, Joe encourages Allison to meet with Caitlin about the position. He accuses her of selling herself short and that an interview isn't going to hurt her. If she doesn't like it, fine, but she should at least see why they want to pay her hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That night, Allison dreams of a man taking black canvas bags out of his trunk and throwing them off a bridge into a river. When he gets to the last bag, he unzips it and reveals Autumn's body parts, including her eyeless face wrapped in plastic. At that, Allison wakes and grabs the phone to call Devalos about what she saw.

The next day at the D.A.'s office, Allison asks Devalos for the afternoon off. Devalos tells her that he had the police dredge the river after she called and they found Autumn Colville's remains. And, those of two other missing girls discarded the same way. All of the women were dismembered and missing their eyes. Apparently, a serial killer is on the loose. Devalos gives Allison the go-ahead on the time off, then chides her to stop looking so guilty, as everyone needs personal time off every now and then.

At the sleek office building of the Lydecker Corporation, Allison meets Caitlin, who is thrilled that she agreed to meet them. She tells her not to look so nervous, and says her boss is right, quoting him verbatim about the personal time. Meanwhile, in the school bathroom, Ariel has a vision of Stacey Ann drenched with water, staring at her. When another girl enters, the vision disappears. Frightened, Ariel runs out of the bathroom.

In a conference room, Allison sits in with Caitlin as a bunch of suits show her a promotional video about Lydecker's new video phone. The confident Caitlin rules the room, saying they've targeting the wrong market. An executive asks if she's sure about that. Caitlin says, "Of course I'm sure, I dreamt it." Caitlin takes Allison into her huge office, replete with lounging chair for dreaming. She offers her a job, but Allison would like some time to think it over. That night, Allison discusses the opportunity with Joe. She's worried about leaving Devalos, so Joe encourages her to talk to him about it.

The next day at school, Ariel and Ashley are studying in the library when Ariel sees Stacey Ann again. Ashley notices that she's shaken and guesses she's upset about Stacey Ann, whom she's been thinking a lot about as well. Ariel admits not being able to focus, so Ashley confides in her that she takes pills for her anxiety disorder, which has helped her get back on track. She offers one to Ariel, who is at first reluctant, but when she sees Stacey Ann again, she agrees to try one.

Allison talks to Devalos about the position that Lydecker has offered her. Devalos is very understanding and encourages her to take it, as she has her family's future to think about. He says she's been an invaluable part of their team and that he's really going to miss her. He gives her his blessing to move on, even at such short notice. When Allison gets home, she sees that Lydecker has already showered her family with gifts of high-end electronics. Joe is over the moon at Allison's new job and demands that she be happy for herself as well.

That night, Allison dreams of a man cleaning up the blood from Autumn's apartment as her corpse lies nearby. He wipes blood from a mirror, revealing his face. Allison wakes. The next day, Scanlon asks Allison if it's true that she's leaving. When she confirms that it is, he says he's going to miss working with her.

The next day at school, Ashley asks Ariel how the pill worked for her. Ariel forgot she took it, but guessed that it helped because she got a lot of studying done last night. And, she confirms that she didn't think of Stacey Ann. On her way to class, she has a vision of water leaking under a classroom door and enters. On the chalkboard, "No more pills, don't shut me out" is written in neat rows.

Allison meets Caitlin at her office and signs some paperwork. Caitlin shows her the journal that she'll be keeping of her visions and dreams for the Lydecker corporation. Devalos calls and says there are a few things she needs to drop off before her final paycheck. She returns to the D.A.'s office to see it completely empty. She hears a noise from the conference room and opens the door. Inside, the entire team shouts "Surprise!" A big banner behind them reads, "Good luck Allison," in front of them, a huge cake.

Scanlon says he's going to canvass the neighborhoods of the missing girls with the lead detective on Autumn's case, whom he points out from across the room. She's stunned when she sees that Auerbach is the man she saw cleaning the bloody mirror in her dream. She pulls Scanlon aside to tell him, but he says there's no way he killed those women. He adds that they even had a good laugh about the resemblance to the police sketch this morning. Allison persists, but Scanlon won't go there.

At school, Ariel asks Ashley for another pill. That night, Allison frets over Scanlon's resistance to believe her about Auerbach. Joe reminds her that Scanlon and Devalos are good at their jobs and will find the killer. Later, Allison dreams about another murder. A man is showering, washing off her blood. Allison calls Scanlon, who's already at the crime scene. The victim's name is Monica, and she was discovered by her boyfriend who scared off the killer before he could clean up. When she insists he find Auerbach, Scanlon says he's been with him all night and couldn't have committed the murder.

Allison dreams about her first day at Lydecker. Caitlin greets her in the lobby and shows her to her office. When Allison opens the door, she's horrified to see it covered in blood. Autumn's bloody, eyeless corpse lies on her desk. Allison wakes and is vague about the dream when Joe asks, only saying it was a bad dream about her first day at work.

In the morning, a limo arrives to take Allison to work while she frantically tries to find something to wear. Bridgette, surprised to see the limo out in front of the house, asks if they can ride in it to school to make the other kids jealous. On the ride to work, she calls Devalos and asks if Scanlon told him about her theory about Auerbach. He's just explaining that he hasn't when Scanlon walks in. On speaker phone, Devalos tells her to forget about the case and focus on her new job. They then tease her about borrowing money.

Allison's first day begins just like it did in her dream, with Caitlin showing her to her office. She's relieved when it's bloodless and corpse-free. They meet Mr. Lydecker, who explains that his company is known for innovation and secrecy. Temptations are great for his employees to supplement their incomes by leaking insider information. He gives Allison some employee dossiers and asks her to see if any of them give her pause. During the meeting, she has a vision of Lydecker in his house, crying.

At school, Ashley studies with Ariel, who just aced the practice PSAT math test. She credits the pills for her success. When Ariel asks, Ashley reluctantly gives her two more pills. Meanwhile, Caitlin takes Allison to shop for some fancy new threads on the company dime. When Caitlin can't read her expression, she asks Allison what's wrong. Allison confides in her about her vision of Lydecker crying. Caitlin is shocked; she's worked for the man a decade and never had such a vision. She advises Allison to keep that insight out of her journal.

Allison returns from work in a brand new Mercedes convertible, much to the thrill of her daughters. That night, she tells Joe she had a great day and that it's refreshing not to have to ponder death. Later, she dreams of Auerbach reading a text message inside his car. He retrieves a black rolling case from his trunk and then enters Autumn's apartment. He pauses for a second at the carnage, then texts to someone, "Sleep tight." He takes industrial grade cleaning supplies, a collapsible saw and various tools from his case. Allison wakes.

The next day, Allison meets Scanlon to tell him about her dream. Like before, he's resistant to accept that a fellow detective and 20-year veteran of the force could have anything to do with these cases. She understands his reticence but asks if he can at least see if Auerbach has a black rolling case. When Scanlon becomes frustrated, she tells him to forget it. Unhappily, he agrees to look into it. Meanwhile, Joe gets a phone call from Ashley's dad.

Allison tells Lydecker that she had a strong negative response to a young male employee's dossier. The names and information were blacked out, so she has no idea who he is, just that she felt a darkness and negativity toward the company and Lydecker himself. After the meeting, Caitlin tells Allison that the man she pointed out is Justin, Lydecker's son. When Allison freaks, Caitlin assures her it's no secret that Justin is a less-than-ideal employee who prefers parties, drugs and clubs to working. A secretary hands Allison her phone messages, saying Joe has called several times.

At home, both having left work early, Joe and Allison confront Ariel about taking Ashley's anti-anxiety pills. She breaks into tears, saying she took them because the PSATs were stressing her out, and that Stacey Ann wouldn't leave her alone. The pills brought everything back to normal. When Allison realizes that Stacey Ann is dead, she completely understands. Later, she explains to Joe that when she was 14, she stole beer to make the ghosts go away.

Allison dreams that Scanlon drives up behind Auerbach, who just drove into his driveway. When Auerbach is surprised that Scanlon is visiting him at two in the morning, he says he got a break in the case, relaying his theory that one guy is doing the killing while another cleans up. And, that the cleaner might be a cop doing it for the money. Auerbach, clearly shaken by his revelation, feigns nonchalance and scoffs. Scanlon sees the rolling case in Auerbach's garage and asks to see it. At first, he tries to play off that Scanlon is crazy and then feigns reaching for it. Instead, he grabs a gun and turns. Shots are fired and Allison wakes.

Allison calls Scanlon and is relieved when he answers the phone. She says she dreamed that Auerbach shot him. Scanlon says her dream was wrong. He shot Auerbach and killed him. At the D.A.'s office, Devalos fields calls from the mayor and governor while Allison and Lynn comfort a still-shaken Scanlon. Devalos exits his office, saying everyone is behind him on this, and calls him a hero. They found human blood, bone and hair on the saw, and are waiting for the DNA results. Scanlon says he killed the only guy that could lead them to the killer.

Ariel wakes to see Allison by her bed. Allison sympathizes with Ariel's predicament and offers to take her to the doctor to see about getting her a prescription for the pills. She still scolds her for being so reckless and tells her to never do it again.

At Lydecker's request, Allison meets with his son Justin, who admits being a screw up. However, he says he's done with that life. During their chat, she sees a vision of him in a bathroom, naked, with a gun in his mouth. She arrives home late, past the girls' bedtimes and tells Joe what she saw. She wonders what Justin, who had every advantage, was missing that has him in so much pain. Perhaps time with his father? She's unnerved at the parallel in her own schedule that now has her away from her girls more. Joe assures her it's not the same thing.

Ariel dreams about being in a strange classroom with an unfamiliar teacher who hands out their PSAT tests. Ariel sees a blood trail on the floor where the teacher just walked by. When she looks up, the teacher has a cut throat with blood covering her front. That morning, Ariel desperately wants to talk to her mother about the dream, but Joe says she's already left for work. He offers to call her, but Ariel says she can deal with it.

At school, Ashley tells Ariel that their math teacher had some bug and threw up all over his classroom, which they are treating like a biohazard area. They've been moved to another classroom, which Ariel recognizes from her dream. She's stunned when the teacher she saw in her dream enters the room. As Ariel stares in disbelief, the woman introduces herself as Mrs. Snowden.

Lydecker watches the news about Auerbach, looking concerned at reports that authorities are investigating a possible link between Auerbach and the serial killings. Allison meets with Lydecker and discloses her vision to him. She fears Justin may hurt himself. Lydecker assures her he's watching Justin. Referring to her journal, he asks if she shared her dreams about Auerbach with her D.A. friends. When she confirms she did, he cautions her on sharing her dreams with anyone outside the company. Bluntly put, they own her now and are paying her a lot of money for what is in her head. She protests, and he threatens to sue her into poverty if she breaches her contract or his confidence again.

At home, Joe explains exclusivity contracts to Allison. Joe agrees she did a good thing by calling Scanlon, but Lydecker's right about her breaching her contract. And, while Lydecker won't win any citizen of the year awards, they are paying for her thoughts and impressions, so in fact the company can claim them as intellectual property. "Welcome to corporate America," he says.

That night, Allison dreams about Justin in the bathroom contemplating suicide, just like she saw in her vision. This time, he drops the gun on the floor and opens the bathroom door, revealing that he's inside Autumn's blood-covered apartment. On the floor, Autumn lies dead and eyeless. He texts in her address to someone and sends it. Allison wakes, realizing that Justin is the serial killer.