Episode 5.09 : All in the Family

  • Medium
    • Episode Premiere : April 06, 2009
    • Distributor : CBS, NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2011
    • Production Company: Picturemaker, Grammnet, Paramount Network
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Allison wakes up after a horrifying dream. She sees her youngest daughter pointing a gun at her and Joe in the middle of the night. She is aided by an older woman who encourages her, but Allison doesn't know who she is.

Ariel approaches Allison and Joe in the morning to ask permission to join her friends for a weekend ski trip leaving that Friday afternoon. However, her friend's older brother who is a senior at school and his friends will also be on the ski trip, which unnerves Allison and Joe. They tell her they need to think it over.

At work, Allison gets into an elevator with woman, accompanied by a man. Allison recognizes her from her dream. She stares at her. When the woman notices Allison staring, she assumes it's because of the scar on her face. When they walk out of the elevator, they are all greeted by Devalos. Devalos introduces Allison to Dylan and Brooke, a brother and sister who are there to discuss their mother, who has gone missing. Devalos went to school with the mom.

Scanlon, Devalos and Allison all sit in on the meeting with Dylan and Brooke as they describe when they last saw their mother. Just as the meeting wraps up, Allison is caught off guard by the way Dylan holds and rubs his sister's hand.

Just as Dylan grabs Brooke's hand, Allison has a vision. She sees an argument between the two of them, before the scar on Brooke's face, an argument that may have happened a few years back. Dylan begs Brooke for help with their mother. He needs money for debts that "can't be paid late." When she doesn't agree to help, he pulls a gun on her. Allison fills Devalos and Scanlon in on the vision she had.

Joe's sister Sarah stops by the house needing a place to stay. She and her husband Ryan are taking a break. The night, Allison has another vision. She sees a young woman, Harmony, who lives with Dylan return home to find him in the garage tying up a body in a tarp. He says it's his mother and that he needs her to help him get rid of her car. She's to take it to the airport and wait for him to pick her up. Allison wakes immediately from her dream.

The next morning, Allison and Joe wake to the smell of breakfast. They proceed to the kitchen to find Sarah making breakfast for the girls. Ariel has a breakdown in her bedroom. She's upset that her parents won't let her go on the ski trip with her friends and is upset that her aunt has taken over her bedroom. When Allison retreats into her bedroom, she is visited by Joe and Sarah's father in a vision. He tells Allison she must encourage Sarah to go back to her husband.

Allison pays Dylan a visit at his home suggesting that she had a breakthrough on his mother's case. She immediately mentions the young woman from her vision, Harmony. Dylan tells Allison that he and Harmony broke up four years ago and he hasn't seen her since. Allison tells Dylan that she thinks Harmony has something to do with his mother's disappearance.

Scanlon shows Allison a restraining order that Brooke filed against Dylan four years ago. They call Brooke in for questioning. She suggests that Dylan has changed his ways and since then they have gotten closer. Brooke assures them that since Dylan's rough patch, he has really been trying to mend fences with their mother.

Allison and Joe discuss his sister's situation. Although Joe passed on the information shared from their father, she is sticking to her guns and not going back to Ryan just yet. Allison has another dream that night, only this time, she sees something unexpected. She sees Dylan digging a grave and burying a badly beaten Brooke. His finance Harmony is driving the car to the airport as she was told to do. Allison wakes abruptly.

Allison approaches Devalos the next morning to tell him about her dream, but before she can, Delavos tells her that Brooke and Dylan are on their way to ID their mother's body that was found that morning. Allison is confused, as Brooke was dead in her dream the night before.

Allison receives a phone call at home from Scanlon. The DNA found underneath the dead mother's fingernails belongs to Harmony Fletcher, Dylan's ex-fiancée. In Allison's next vision he sees Dylan sharing the news with Brooke about Harmony's DNA being found. Allison then sees Brooke and Dylan kiss and she immediately awakes from her dream.

The next day, Allison tells Devalos and Scanlon about her vision. Scanlon then shows Allison a note that "Harmony" left on Dylan's porch confessing to the murder. It has Harmony's DNA all over it. When Allison returns to her car, she is paid another visit by Joe's father, who shares the news that Sarah is actually pregnant but doesn't know it. He hopes that once they find out, Ryan and Sarah will work it out.

That night, Allison's dream continues. She goes back to the night Dylan buried Brooke. Harmony, driving a car, is in a severe car crash. When Dylan visits her in the hospital, her face is badly deformed. As a result, Dylan goes along with the hospital staff who assumed Harmony was Brooke, since she was driving Brooke's car. Dylan makes sure the plastic surgeon reconstructs Harmony's face to look like Brooke.

When Allison fills Scanlon and Devalos in on the latest details they call Brooke in for questioning. They give "Brooke" a chance to come clean with the details of the accident, the plastic surgery, etc. Scanlon takes the water glass she drank from as DNA evidence to prove her she Harmony, not Brooke. They give her a chance to implicate Dylan. She agrees.

At home, Joe confronts his sister about her situation. Before he can say anything, Sarah confesses to cheating on Ryan first, but that she wants him back. On Friday, Allison and Joe prepare Ariel's bedroom now that Sarah has gone home. When they call for Ariel, Bridget tells them that she hadn't come home from school. Allison, furious, goes to the kitchen to call Ashley to find out if Ariel went on the ski trip. TO BE CONTINUED...






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