Episode 4.15 : Being Joey Carmichael

  • Medium
    • Episode Premiere : May 05, 2008
    • Distributor : CBS, NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2011
    • Production Company: Picturemaker, Grammnet, Paramount Network
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

A young boy eats lunch on the playground at a Catholic school while getting bullied by some older students. A little while later, the boy walks out to the bully and smashes his face with the lunch box. Allison awakes from her dream. She is fixing breakfast for the girls when Scanlon calls to ask for her help with the murder of a drug dealer.

Curtis Lambert was killed in his home. He was a known drug dealer. Scanlon asks for Allison to review the files in hopes of coming across some new information. While reviewing a file, she flashes on the murder scene just as Curtis is shot to death.

Joe walks into his office where he finds Megan sitting in his seat. He tells her that he is uncomfortable with her pass the night before. He makes it very clear that it cannot happen again or he will walk away from their business. Back at home, Allison asks Joe how work is going but he doesn't say much, deciding not mention Megan's indiscretion.

A man at the bar, Joey Carmichael, tries to light up a ciragette but the bartender asks him to put it away. Cutis Lambert returns home to head to bed. He is going downstairs when he hears the house alarm. He is met by the man from the bar, whom the bartender had identified as Joey Carmichael from an rehabilitation center ID badge that was dropped on the bar counter. Joey proceeds to shoot Curtis in the knees, then the head.

Allison takes Scanlon to the rehab center to look for the man she saw in her dream. Once they find him, they discover the Joey Carmichael she thought was the killer doesn't have full use of his hands, and still has the bullet in his head from an incident years prior that almost killed him. In Allison's dream, she's back at the Catholic school. The boy who smashed the other student's face with a lunch box sits next to his twin brother, whom he fought the bully for.

Allison lets Scanlon know that Joey Carmichael has a twin, Theodore Carmichael, who has a record with the law for breaking and entering. Back at the office, Joe walks in on Megan taking a meeting with the head of a solar power company. Joe is still upset and questions Megan's intentions after the incident a few nights prior.

Joe tells Allison that he feels confident again about the direction he is going with Megan and the company after her successful meeting. Allison still senses a little hesitation in his voice. Teddy pays Joey a visit to let him know that he has to leave town for a while. Before he leaves, a man comes in and shoots Joey. Later, Teddy is taken to Curtis where he beats him, and then has his associate shoot him to death. Allison awakes from her dream.

Allison meets Scanlon for coffee to fill him in on her dreams. Scanlon tells her that he is confused about her dreams, that they seem to conflict. Scanlon and Allison pay Joey a visit to get some information on Teddy. Joey lets them know that although they don't see each other, Teddy calls him a few times a week. Joey plays them a message from Teddy from the day before.

Joe and Allison are in bed, dicussing the case and Joe's good fortune at work. Allison dreams of the brothers again. There the pieces come together. Joey has a split personality of sorts; goes to sleep as Joey, wakes up as Teddy. Allison tells Scanlon that Teddy has possessed Joey to do his ditry work. In bed, Allison wakes up and heads into the kitchen where Teddy sits at the table waiting to talk to her. He proposes that she stop telling people about him and his brother, and he'll stop doing what he does.

Teddy tells her that he will show her exactly where he is buried and that the bullets in his body will match his killer's gun perfectly. Allison and Scanlon bring pictures to Joey of Teddy's body. Allison leads them to the body and gets the man who killed Teddy behind bars.

Joe arrives at the office to find a package from Megan. She sent him a cashmere bathrobe and in a card mentions she misses him. At home, Allison is having dinner with the girls when Joe shows Allison the robe that Megan bought him. Joe then tells her about Megan's pass from a few nights back, but Allison tells him that she already knew about it, she dreamt it. She is yelling at him that the issue isn't that she didn't tell him about the dream, but that he didn't tell her about it when it actually happened.

The man who killed Teddy, now released from prison, is eating dinner when Joey approaches his table. Joey then raises a gun and shoots him dead at the table. Scanlon has him in custody. Teddy is back in Allison's kitchen to tell her that what happened in the restaurant was Joey's doing, not Teddy's. However, he has plans to take over for Joey while he is in prison.

Allison listens to the news report and is convinced Teddy has taken over for Joey after she sees an interview; he did as he said he would. Allsion then walks out in the garage to talk to Joe. Joe lets her know that she is everything to him, that he will walk into the office and leave the company with Megan.






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