Episode 4.14 : Car Trouble

  • Medium
    • Episode Premiere : April 28, 2008
    • Distributor : CBS, NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2011
    • Production Company: Picturemaker, Grammnet, Paramount Network
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Allison is jolted awake from a dream where she and the girls are in the car, ready to leave for school. She turns the car on and it explodes. At breakfast, the girls bicker over cereal. Joe finds Allison sitting in their car in her pajamas.

Allison tells Joe of her dream from the night before. She can't bring herself to turn on the car. She wants to prove her dream wrong, but she can't seem to do it. Joe offers to step in and do it himself. Then, Joe has second thoughts. While Allison rounds up the girls and stands on the corner of the street with the girls giving Joe the chance to turn on the car, she freaks out and runs towards the house to stop him. But he can't turn it on at all, the car is dead and he calls the tow truck to pick it up.

Joe and Allison carpool, giving Allison an opportunity to see Joe's new office and meet his partner, Megan Doyle. Megan walks in and meets Allison. At the office, Joe calls a mechanic to check on the car. Megan steps into Joe's office to discuss their patent agreement. It appears that perhaps there may already be someone in another country with his idea.

Joe tells Allison that her car had to go, and that the mechanic told him about an SUV for sale. So, he bought it.

In bed, Joe fills Allison in on the patent search from the office. He hopes they will have good news in a day or two. Worried about Joe's work situation, Allison asks if it was the right move to buy the car. Later that night Allison gets up and sits in the new car.

While in the car, she has a vision of a woman who was shot and killed in the passenger seat. She goes back in the house to tell Joe. He says he did an online check and nothing came up. Allison is determined to not drive the car again. Joe promises to take it back to the previous owner.

Joe lets the car's previous owner know that he doesn't want it anymore. The owner doesn't agree to take it back, telling Joe that his wife was murdered in it during a carjacking about three miles from their house. Once at work, Joe fills Allison in on the situation. Megan steps into the office and politely shuts his door so as not to listen in. Apparently they are stuck with the car at least for a few weeks until the title comes in and they can sell it.

Joe steps into Megan's office hoping for good news on the patent search, but there aren't any updates. Allison asks Scanlon to bring in the evidence from the woman's murder. Listening to the 911 call and reviewing other evidence, she has a vision of the potential shooter. Joe, still at work around 10 p.m., gets off the phone with Allison after realizing his wallet is missing. Megan steps in with good news. She comes on a bit strong, sitting on his desk with her legs crossed and kissing his neck just as Allison wakes up from her dream. Joe calls Allison and asks her to look around the house for his wallet.

Allison walks into his office, brings him his wallet and asks where Megan is. Later, she asks Scanlon to bring in the husband to take another look at possible suspects in his wife's murder. After asking #3 in the lineup to step closer, the husband can't be sure, but Allison sees him even clearer in her visions.

Joe tells Allison that he appreciated her coming to the office the night before. Allison fills him in that she had a dream about him and Megan in the office. Confused, Joe asks her to elaborate. Scanlon and Allison meet at the coffee shop to discuss the suspect from her dream. Apparently he was on a modeling job in Los Angeles, and wasn't in Pheonix at the time.

After reviewing the mug shots again, Allison walks outside to sit in the car, hoping for another vision. Before doing anything, the navigation speaks to her indicating a destination 7.9 miles away, so she turns on the car and follows the directions. While driving, the car suggests that "home" is the destination. Allison pulls up to the house where the previous owners live. The car asks her to turn into the garage just as it opens.

Allison pulls into the garage, gets out of the car, and the garage door locks her in. When it opens again, it's nighttime and the husband and wife are returning home from the movie they apparently saw the evening of the alleged carjacking. Allison listens to their conversation as they pull in. The wife didn't like the movie, and talks about the golf balls her husband installed to help her park. But he shows her that the one on the side of her car is linked to a gun. He pulls it, the gun fires and he kills her.

Behind the gun, a poster with the male model she visualizes as the suspect is pinned on the wall. Allison awakes quickly from her vision. She calls Scanlon to pick her up. He tries to make sense of everything she saw in her vision. Joe calls Allison to check in. He'll be at work late waiting to hear about the patent.

Allison reads the girls a bedtime story, and Scanlon goes to the house to pick up the SUV from the husband. In the bath, Allison picks up a call from Joe. He has a potential buyer for the SUV. Scanlon calls to tell her that they found the husband dead in his house. He died of carbon monoxide poisoning. He left the SUV running in the garage and closed all the vents in the house.






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