Episode 4.13 : A Cure for What Ails You

  • Medium
    • Episode Premiere : April 21, 2008
    • Distributor : CBS, NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2011
    • Production Company: Picturemaker, Grammnet, Paramount Network
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Allison is woken up after dreaming of a voyeur walking the streets at night who sees a woman undressing in an upstairs window. A man approaches the woman, breaks a glass bottle and holds it up to her, arguing about something. Allison goes back to sleep and dreams again. Scanlon's girlfriend, Lynn, gets a message from a friend of hers who is having marital trouble. She calls back, but no one answers. A cell phone is ringing on the floor next to a woman, dead on the floor. Allison is startled again. She calls Scanlon just as Lynn is trying to call her friend Kim, just as in Allison's dream.

Lynn is comforting the crying husband as he explains that he was sleeping in the guest bedroom when the doorbell rang and it was the ambulance. Scanlon and Lynn drop Allison off at home early in the morning. While Allison gets some much needed rest, Joe gets the kids ready for school and then wakes Allison around 1:00 p.m. Joe notices that their youngest has been squinting and is need of glasses. Pictures are delivered to Allison of the crime scene.

Allison takes a few pills for her headache and then gets in bed with Joe. Scanlon calls to talk about the case because the coroner suspects foulplay; they found a pain reliever, alcohol and cereal in the woman's sytem. So Scanlon asks Allison to come in for the husband's questioning the next day. Just then, she gets really dizzy, and heads back into the bathroom to check on the pain relievers she just took - they are the same kind found in the dead woman's system. Allison passes out on the bathroom floor.

Joe deals with the ER nurse, as they don't have insurance, while Allison gets checked out. The doctor comes out to tell Joe that Allison appears to be fine, and simply sleeping, but they can't wake her. Just then, Allison walks up to Joe and the doctor. They leave the ER to return home.

When Joe and Allison get home, Joe is visibly upset. The ER visit cost $500 and her "sleeping" spell scared him. While she was asleep at the hospital, she didn't dream anything. Realizing why, she calls Scanlon in the middle of the night to tell him to look under the woman's bed and he'd find a bottle of the pain relievers. In them, he'd find the poison used to kill her.

At the eye doctor's, Marie's doctor tells Joe she has perfect vision, but Joe disputes the claim. Once the doctor leaves, Joe asks Marie to recite the chart again. At the police station, Scanlon, Lynn and Allison question the husband and Lynn lets him know that his wife was murdered. Scanlon tells him that the poison in her system is what killed her, not the fall and skull fracture. Allison mentions that they need the pill bottle under his bed.

Scanlon sits with Lynn in a bar drinking martinis and calls to get Allison's opinion on the husband. Reports showed that the husband's fingerprints were on every pill in the bottle. At an office, a young woman takes two Adviprin for a headache when her boss approaches, telling her that if she leaves her desk to use the restroom, she should not bother coming back.

Still not feeling well, the woman leaves her job and goes to her car. On the top level of the parking structure, she gets very dizzy and can't see straight, but attempts to drive anyway. Passing out at the wheel, her car flies off the garage and crashes to the ground. Just then, Allison wakes up. In the morning, Joe and Allison get the kids ready for school while Allison looks up the woman from her dream.

Allison tells Scanlon about the woman from her dream. Allison tells him that she doesn't think there was a murder and that this all has to do with Adviprin. She thinks there may be more accidents that can be prevented. Joe is getting photocopies for an upcoming meeting. When the guy does them incorrectly, Joe gets irritated easily.

Allison is using the Yellow Pages to try and find the woman from her dreams, who works in an insurance claims department. Joe calls Allison to ask her to pick up the kids because he's stuck in traffic because of a car that flew off of a parking structure with a woman inside. Allison realizes it's the woman from her dream. On the news, the woman's death is being linked to Adviprin. The DA then holds a news conference exonerating the husband from the earlier murder.

Allison tells Scanlon that she had a dream about the husband, Mr. Furlong, telling a group of people that he thought about murdering his wife. Scanlon doesn't buy the story. Back at the eye doctor's, Joe convinces him that Marie read his mind in her last examination, and that she does in fact need glasses.

Allison tells Joe that she believes Mr. Furlong killed his wife. She just doesn't know the rest of the story. In her dream, she sees him again talking to a group of people, all of whom all have someone they want to kill. One of them is a chemist, who suggests poison in capsules. Allison wakes up, the next day telling Scanlon that each of the people who died were killed by someone close to them.

Scanlon lets her know that Furlong is coming back down to the police station to speak to him and asks Allison to sit in. Allison shows him pictures of the other victims, and the conversation gets heated. Mr. Furlong suggests he knows who Allison is and that if she has convinced herself he is the murderer, then she should read his mind. While sitting there, she has a vision of a pay phone.

Allison has no idea what the pay phone means. Later, she dreams about a group of people sitting in an airport, getting ready to catch a flight. Then she sees the pay phone from her earlier vision. The next day, Lynn, Scanlon and Allison arrive at the Furlong home to let him know that the suspects were all on a flight together and that although that doesn't prove anything at the moment, they will wait for someone to slip and say something.

Furlong is now under extra watch. Scanlon keeps a close eye on him from across the street. Furlong draws the blinds to block him out.






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