Episode 4.06 : Aftertaste

  • Medium
    • Episode Premiere : March 03, 2008
    • Distributor : CBS, NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2011
    • Production Company: Picturemaker, Grammnet, Paramount Network
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

A young scruffy guy with a flaming eight-ball tattoo enjoys a sumptuous meal at a long table in a fine home. He thanks his host, marveling at the most delicious food he's ever tasted, and repeatedly asks what he's eating. Finally, the host admits, the secret ingredient is human flesh - the scruffy guy is eating his own right leg! Allison wakes up.

The next morning, Allison calls Scanlon. Although she thinks there's nothing literal about her dream, maybe he's picked up someone with the eight-ball tattoo. Scanlon hasn't seen anything, but promises to keep an eye out. Their call is interrupted by a call from the credit card company. They've been calling every day with the old news that their account is over 90 days past due.

Allison meets with Devalos. He had dinner last night with old friend Jed Garrity, now a state senator, who wants him to mount a campaign for the DA's office. It's late in the game, but Devalos is excited by the prospect. The only trouble is that Garrity's support is conditional. Chief among his concerns is Allison. She promises to crawl under a rock, but Devalos knows that won't satisfy the press. Garrity wants to meet her for dinner tonight.

At home, Joe finds Bridgette talking to Mr. Reshmee, a guy from the credit card company. He grabs the phone, telling Reshmee to stop harassing his family. Scanlon calls Allison to the morgue to show her a corpse with an eight-ball tattoo. The limbs and head were removed with a chain saw, and the torso was discovered by a dog in a shallow grave. Allison volunteers a description of the macabre dinner party host from her dreams. Later, she's stunned to find that Garrity is this man.

At home, Allison tells Joe that she passed muster with Garrity. She leaves a message for Scanlon, asking him to hold the sketch of Garrity that she worked on all afternoon. The next morning, Bridgette tells Joe that she had a dream about Reshmee. Thieves broke into the back door of his apartment and stole a ring. She insists he call Reshmee and warn him, and he agrees.

A campaign strategist tells Allison that they will refer to her as intuitive as opposed to psychic, to avoid trouble with the press. After Garrity explains that like most other people, if he accepts that she's psychic, his core beliefs will be challenged, she agrees. As Garrity bites into a meaty sandwich, Allison flashes to a scene of him being captured by Viet Cong in the Vietnam War. She can even see the scar where he was injured by a blow to the head.

At the police station, Allison looks up Garrity online to confirm that he was a POW. Scanlon informs her that they've identified the corpse as Gordon LaRoche, 59 years old, not 20 like in her dream. At home, Joe tells Allison about Reshmee, whom he didn't call. Allison warns him of the cost of lying to Bridgette, so Joe gets on the phone. That night in Allison's dreams of Vietnam, Garrity is thrown into a cage with LaRoche and three other POWs.

Scanlon tells Allison that LaRoche had a gambling problem, and regularly received large sums of money from Garrity. Also, Garrity was seen getting into a silver sedan on the night LaRoche was murdered. Later, Allison runs into Garrity in the parking garage. He's off to attend the funeral for an old Army buddy, whom he claims he hasn't seen in 15 years. When he puts his attaché in the trunk of his silver sedan, Allison sees bloody limbs wrapped in plastic, but it's really Garrity's golf clubs.

Miraculously, Joe gets ahold of Reshmee in Bangalore. He claims that Bridgette is worried, and offers to pay for a lock for Reshmee's back door. Reshmee doesn't get it, and hangs up. Allison wants to tell Devalos about Garrity, since they will announce his candidacy for DA in two days. Joe warns that Garrity's silver sedan is hardly a smoking gun. Still, Allison thinks he's trying to hide something, or why else would she be dreaming about him?

In Vietnam, POW Michael Rhodes is dying of dysentery. Since they're all starving, Garrity proposes to the other captives that they kill him and eat him. Evan Sabo doesn't want to do it, but they draw straws, and Garrity winds up with the short one. The next morning, Allison tells Devalos everything she dreamt about the POW camp, but he provides an alibi for Garrity: On the night of LaRoche's murder, Garrity was with him until midnight.

Reshmee calls Joe to report that thieves broke into his apartment last night and took everything, including money for an engagement ring. He thanks Bridgette, and downgrades the status of their account to payment pending, giving them 90 days without daily calls. Allison debates going public with the murder of Michael Rhodes, but Joe can't see what would be gained, other than devastating his family. If she can't help solve the LaRoche's murder, Allison can't figure out why she's having the dreams.

Garrity, Evan Sabo, and the surviving POWs meet at Garrity's to discuss the problem of LaRoche, who's threatening to take the cannibalism story to the press. Evan draws the short straw, but doesn't want to be the sole murderer, so Garrity suggests they do it together, and each man take responsibility for disposing of a piece of LaRoche's body. All Evan has to do is get a chain saw, pick up LaRoche, and drug his whiskey.

Scanlon finds Evan cleaning his silver sedan outside his garage. Scanlon asks about LaRoche, and Evan claims that he was home alone watching TV on the night of the murder. Noticing an odd bag, Scanlon asks Evan to open it, or wait until a warrant is delivered. Although the chain saw stinks of bleach, Scanlon laughs - with so many nooks and crannies, a chain saw is impossible to get completely clean. Later, Scanlon informs Allison that Evan confessed to the murder of LaRoche, claiming he did it by himself.

Minutes before the press conference where Devalos will announce his run for the DA's office, Allison confronts Scanlon. Claiming she knows what happened in Vietnam, Allison promises to find a way to prove Garrity's guilt. Garrity explains that LaRoche didn't respect Rhodes' sacrifice, and was trying to use it bring them all down. He's not sorry that he's dead. All Garrity's trying to do is put Devalos back in office, so he and Allison can continue to do good work. He leaves, and joins Devalos for the press conference.






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