Episode 4.05 : Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble

  • Medium
    • Episode Premiere : February 25, 2008
    • Distributor : CBS, NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2011
    • Production Company: Picturemaker, Grammnet, Paramount Network
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Allison's dream takes the form of a silent movie. She's bankrupt, and doesn't have food to feed the kids. She tells them that everything will be okay, just as DA Van Dyke appears to demand the mortgage payment - it's pay now or leave. Help arrives in the form of Larry Watt, who throws a pile of money at Van Dyke. Allison does a victory dance with Watt, as Bridgette kicks Van Dyke in the keister. When Allison wakes up, Joe's not there.

Unable to sleep, Joe sits at the kitchen table worrying about his meeting at the bank regarding a home equity loan. Allison tells him about her dream, from which Joe was strangely absent. She receives an email from Devalos. He's starting up his own practice and may have some work. Allison visits Devalos. He doesn't have any clients yet, but refers her to a colleague who's defending a man accused of murdering his wife. It doesn't matter whether or not he did it - all that matters is the job pays money.

Joe drives Ariel to school. She's been trying to help out, foregoing her allowance, and paying for lunch with her babysitting money. She wants to take the bus to the mall to buy a make-up kit with her friends, but she needs $30 to get it all done. Joe's mortified that he doesn't have the money, and can only offer $4 for the bus. Ariel declines and gets out of the car. Later that night, Joe discovers that Ariel bought the case anyway. She claims she used her own money, but he smells a rat.

Allison enters a dark and empty office, only to be confronted by Larry Watt. He thought she wouldn't come if she knew it was him, even though he knows she's in a tight spot. He doesn't believe that his client, John Edgemont, murdered his wife Stacy, claiming that Allison will tell him what's what - or not - when she meets Edgemont. He just wants her to help him mount a great defense, starting with jury selection tomorrow morning. Watt hands Allison an envelope, advising her to think it over.

In bed, Joe wonders if Allison is being swayed by the money, hoping that she's okay with whatever she has to do to earn it. He has an intuition that something's not right with Ariel and her new make-up case. The next morning, Ariel asks Joe to let her off a block away from school, then runs to catch up with an older student, Marcy. Allison reports to Watt's office to meet Edgemont, and notices two teenage girls in reception.

Edgemont resents Watt's attempts to stage manage him for the jury, and knows very well who Allison is. When they shake hands, Watt demands to know what she thinks, and she has to explain that shaking hands isn't her process. Still, Edgemont doesn't seem like he's guilty. The girls Allison saw in reception are Edgemont's daughters: Myra, a college freshman, and younger Chloe, who's "mentally challenged." Watt wants them present for jury selection, but Edgemont claims that Chloe will likely become agitated, and sends them home.

In bed, Allison tells Joe that she prefers being paid to be on the side of right. In her dream, John is driving his car and crying. He pulls over, drags his dead wife Stacy into the driver's seat, and sends the car over a cliff. In the morning, Allison's upset. She's not quitting, but now she doesn't feel good about taking Edgemont's money. After dropping off Ariel at school, Joe spies Marcy, and decides to introduce himself for a little chat.

Watt yells at Allison for being late to court, which is cancelled anyway. Edgemont has had an epiphany overnight, and has decided to testify in his own defense. Watt has scheduled a practice session for the afternoon. Allison tries to tell him about her dream, but he doesn't want to hear it. The job is interesting, the money's good, and he can't put Edgemont on the stand if he knows that he's guilty. Allison bites her tongue.

Edgemont and Stacy argued on the night of her death. She wanted to institutionalize Chloe and have Myra move to campus, but he was adamant that his children belong at home. As Watt convinces Edgemont not to use the word "adamant," Myra spies Allison spacing out, drawing a picture of an angel on her pad. Edgemont continues his story. After the fight, Stacy went for a drive and never returned.

Allison has a vision. After the car pitches down the hill, Edgemont runs to another car, driven by Myra. They're covering for Chloe, and Edgemont promised the girls' mother he would never send her away. This isn't the first time that Chloe has hurt someone. Edgemont admits Stacy wasn't the best stepmother, but she didn't deserve to die like this. Allison snaps back to the office where Edgemont states his innocence.

At home, Allison tells Joe about her afternoon. The DA's pushing for the death penalty, and she needs to tell someone, even if Edgemont is choosing to protect Chloe. Joe tells Allison that Ariel got the money for her make-up case by charging Marcy $50 for a reading. Allison lays into him for going behind Ariel's back. Now if he tries to say anything it will fall on deaf ears, so she'll take care of it. Watt calls to inform them that Allison left her bag behind at the meeting. He finds it hard to believe she's a big-time psychic.

Allison meets Watt at a coffee shop. He knows she's dying to tell him something and reminds her of their agreement. She tells him that Edgemont's protecting Chloe. Watt explains that six years ago he was involved in a settlement - Chloe attacked her live-in nurse with a baseball bat. Allison wants to tell someone, but Watt intends to go ahead with the job. All of them are just trying to take care of their families. Watt advises Allison to do the job, pay her bills, and buy something nice for her kids.

Allison gives Ariel $50 to return Marcy's money, and put the genie back in the bottle. She doesn't want the other kids to judge Ariel for her abilities, because there's so much more to her than that. That night, Allison dreams that Myra is cleaning up blood in Stacy's room. She tells Chloe that she made Stacy leave for good, so she couldn't send them away. She has Chloe touch the fairy sculpture that she used to bludgeon Stacy, explaining that she told their father that Chloe did it, because he never gets mad at her.

Allison wakes up early to call Watt, but can't get him on the phone. The TV news reports that Edgemont has confessed to murdering his wife and surrendered. Allison rushes to the courthouse. Shocked, Watt was unable to change Edgemont's mind. After Watt leaves, Myra thanks Allison for helping her father. When she mentioned Allison's fairy drawing to him, he decided to confess, believing that the sculpture would eventually incriminate Chloe. Now Chloe will remain at home with Myra. Allison tells Myra that she'll be watching her.






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