Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Episode 16.07 Chicago Crossover
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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Episode 16.07 Chicago Crossover

Episode Premiere
Nov 12, 2014
Drama, Crime
Production Company
NBC, Studios USA Television, Universal Network TV
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Episode Premiere
Nov 12, 2014
Drama, Crime
1999 - Now
Production Co
NBC, Studios USA Television, Universal Network TV
Official Site
Steve Shill
Ed Zuckerman
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • Lou Taylor Pucci
  • Isabel Shill
  • Mark H. Dold
  • Danny Mastrogiorgio
  • Frank Deal
  • Donnetta Lavinia Grays

The action begins right where Chicago Fire "Nobody Touches Anything" left off, with Detectives Lindsay and Halstead en route to New York City after finding pornographic images in the house of a fire victim, Andrew Lewellen...

In NYC, Benson finds a link between the images found in the fire and a known video ring that's been sex trafficking children for over a decade. The pedophilia club is still active and has updated to live streaming child abuse. The plan is to find Teddy to get more information, but he was last seen as a child.

At the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the team watches a video from the Chess & Checkers club of a boy handcuffed to a bed with an off-camera man telling club members they can call in special requests for what to do to Henry. The video is located on the deep web and is basically untraceable.

Fin finds a mug shot that matches age-progressed photos of Teddy of a kid named Ted arrested five years back for solicitation. The last place he was seen was at a youth center. When Fin and Amaro speak with the center's director, she leads them to Jocelyn Hale, a girl Teddy was friends with. Rollins and Halstead track her down at her high school; she's a success story and has left the life of prostitution behind. She hasn't seen Teddy in years but last she heard he was still working the piers as a prostitute.

At the piers, Rollins and Amaro encounter a man dressed in club clothes and makeup. He doesn't have an ID, but he could be Teddy... with a lot of mileage. They bring him back to the station and Lindsay recognizes him as her brother. He's angry with her and doesn't want to talk - he just wants to go back to the pier. He can't, though - they've got him for possession. Lindsay is wracked with guilt over not hunting for her brother when he first disappeared, but Benson reminds her she was only 15 years old - what was she supposed to do?

Benson talks with Teddy and explains that the same people who did terrible things to him when he was 13 are doing the same things to other kids right now and she needs his help finding them. He refuses to talk, and when she mentions Jocelyn, he totally shuts down. So Rollins and Amaro revisit Jocelyn to try to get more info. When they tell her that he was a victim of a sex trafficking ring 10 years ago, she freaks out and runs off. They didn't just know each other from the streets - she was also a victim of the Chess & Checkers club. After going through footage of Jocelyn, the detectives realize one of the guys who raped her was none other than a 17-year-old Teddy.

Teddy admits to SVU that he was the one in the video. But he also says it was his idea - he knew they would send in someone older and rougher if he didn't have sex with Jocelyn. She was his friend and he was trying to protect her. After that, they turned him out on his own because he aged out, which is how he ended up on the street. He doesn't remember much about where he was held and who held him, but he does recall one middle-aged white guy who everyone was scared of. He said the way they got to him in the first place was when he went to the youth center for the first time. George, the security guard, told him there was a way out...

The youth center director confirms that George has been working with the center for years and befriends the kids. He was especially close with a boy who he claimed ran away a week ago - Henry. Benson, Halstead and Lindsay chase him down, but during the chase, Lindsay collides with a biker and ends up in the hospital with a concussion. When she wakes up, Voight is there to send her back to Chicago. He'll take it from here.

Sergeant Voight meets with Benson to get caught up. They have only a few hours before the Chess & Checkers live show starts with Henry as its unwilling star. Amaro and Rollins are in the box interrogating George when Voight barges in to do things his way. He isn't exactly a "play nice" kind of guy and gets physical with George until Benson pulls him out and puts him in his place. George finally admits he was paid to send "young actors" to a guy in a grey SUV. He doesn’t know who he is.

Later, Voight and Teddy come face to face and Voight apologizes for not taking better care of him. But there's no time to reminisce - they need to find the room Henry is being held in. Teddy is a dead end, and Jocelyn doesn't want to relive her abuse, so Voight suggests going undercover to guilt Jocelyn into talking. Benson and Voight pose as Henry's parents and beg Jocelyn to help the investigation. She reluctantly agrees.

When Jocelyn and Teddy are reunited at the station, the memories start flooding back. Jocelyn recognizes the room Henry is being held in, and remembers driving over a long bridge to get there - likely in Staten Island. She recognizes the name of the live stream host as Bob and Teddy recalls his last name as Clinton. The team searches for Bob Clintons in Staten Island with grey SUVs as the live stream countdown ticks down...

Rollins has a lead! She sends Benson and Voight to follow up on it while she and Halstead watch the live stream as Henry is prepped for the show. Suddenly, Voight bursts in. The show is over.

Fin, Amaro, Benson and Voight bring in the four men running the live stream. But just when they think it's over, Rollins finds a new live stream scheduled to start tomorrow. The club is still in business - from another location. Voight and Benson interrogate Clinton, trying to find his boss, the snakehead. Clinton knows things, but refuses to help without full immunity. SVU is going to think about it, but until then, Clinton's heading to the Tombs.

The next morning, while waiting for the DA to discuss making a deal with Clinton, Benson gets a call. Clinton was killed while in protective custody in the Tombs by an inmate named Lester Davis. Lester's girlfriend made a call to him early in the morning and an hour later, Clinton was shivved. The night before, she got a call and then was wired money. Someone paid for her boyfriend to make sure Clinton couldn't talk. The call came from a throwaway cell, but they do know it was purchased in Chicago. Just then, Voight gets a call from Lindsay. Andrew Lewellen and the cop guarding him were both shot to death twenty minutes earlier.

The Intelligence team rushes to Chicago Med to find Lewellen and his guard - a longtime Chicago officer and an instructor at the academy - both murdered. This hits hard and when New York Special Victims Unit detectives Amaro and Rollins arrive in Chicago with Voight, everyone volunteers to do their part to catch the killer and find the snakehead of the pedophilia ring.

Amaro and Ruzek follow an odd financial connection between Lewellen and a nursing home resident with no knowledge of his involvement. Turns out Lewellen funneled money through the resident's daughter, Matilda Hughes, who in turn used her position at the Department of Child and Family Services to refer children to a crooked foster parent. This foster parent then shuffled the children from Chicago to New York. Problem is, each one of these contacts ends up dead, Hughes in her own apartment in an apparent murder, and the foster parent from a self-inflicted gunshot... that occurs in front of Lindsay and Rollins.

The case looks dead until Roman and Burgess finally snag an ID on the shooter from a local boxer. Intelligence and SVU set their sights on Todd Ledbetter, but he gets the jump on them outside his apartment and ignites a chase. Amaro and Halstead sprint through the neighborhood and over rooftops, just a few steps behind Ledbetter. Unfortunately, the chase ends when Ledbetter slips off a roof to his death. Inside Ledbetter's apartment, Lindsay manages to rescue a missing girl named Amy, one of two known missing children. Lindsay takes Amy home instead of dropping her back into the foster system, determined to protect her from any future abuses.

Again at a loss with the case, Voight receives more bad news - in 24 hours, Commander Fischer will redirect the case to Major Crimes, citing a conflict of interest between Lindsay and a victim in the pedophilia ring, her brother Teddy. This forces Voight to call in a favor to Benson from SVU. She hops on the next plane to Chicago and joins the rest of the team at Intelligence.

Meanwhile, with Lindsay's urging, Bunny helps track down Teddy and the three of them meet in a diner. Lindsay pressures Teddy to help them with the investigation and he reluctantly accompanies her to District 21, only to pause in front of the evidence board... he recognizes the head of DCFS as the leader of the ring, the snakehead. Stunned, Intelligence arrests Bill Van Camp and drops him in the cage where Voight starts his patented form of interrogation - until Benson stops him. She demands two minutes with the perp and pleads with Van Camp to at least give up the location of the other known missing child. With Benson's convincing, he leads Intelligence to one last stash house where they rescue the child - dazed, rattled, but alive.

With the case finally settled and Van Camp in jail for the crimes, SVU heads back to New York. Teddy agrees to stay with Bunny for the time being and, in an emotional moment, Lindsay locates a single, trustworthy foster home for both of the rescued children. After an intense case that reaches across two cities and dozens of lives, at last there's a silver lining.