Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Episode 13.19 : Street Revenge

  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
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      March 14, 2018
    • Episode Premiere : April 25, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 13
    • Show Period : 1999 - Now
    • Production Company: NBC, Studios USA Television, Universal Network TV
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Cast and Crew

The Story

Fantastica, aka Leslie, tells Benson about the ordeal that happened on the roof. She's in shock to learn about her rape. "It can't happen to me; we were supposed to catch him." "Leslie is my partner; we were on patrol for the rapist," a nervous Stuart tells Amaro. They took their neighborhood watch duties to a new level as Stuart, Leslie and others decided to patrol their own streets dressed as superheroes since the NYPD wasn't moving fast enough to catch the rapist. Stuart says he saw a white stocky man attack Leslie before he was stabbed himself. "I've done more in two nights than you guys have done in two months," Stuarts yells at Amaro as he reveals himself to be the hero that saved Claire Grant form being raped by copycat Andy Chen.

Benson interviews a rape victim who's being loaded into an ambulance. A crowd looks on as Amaro walks up to Benson and asks if they are looking at victim number five. Benson nods yes; this rape victim fits the M.O. of the other four. The attacker pushed the woman down from behind, cut a handful of her hair, then asked, "You think you're special, bitch?" A tabloid reporter walks up to Benson and Amaro to learn the latest info on the attack by the "West SoHo rapist," but Benson pushes him aside. With no new leads, the reporter looks into the camera to say the NYPD remains clueless on finding the serial rapist who continues to terrorize the SoHo neighborhood.

In the squad room, Capt. Cragen is baffled how they have no leads or witnesses to the attacks. They are checking video camera footage around the neighborhood to see if they can catch a glimpse of the suspect, but so far they've come up with nothing. "I want a noose around that area," Cragen tells his squad before telling Benson he needs her help at a community council meeting for damage control. Later at the meeting, the police tell the angry community to take extra caution at night. "So the rapist wins?" an angry Henry Brazecki screams out. "These are our streets!"

It's late at night when Claire Grant walks home and is suddenly jumped by a man from the shadows. He throws her to the ground and lifts up her skirt, but then another man runs up and attacks the attacker. This new assailant is dressed like a superhero and punches the attacker until he runs away in fear. Later at the hospital, Claire talks to Rollins and Amaro and praises the costumed superhero who saved her. Back at the squad room, Cragen angrily asks his detectives if anyone else is working this case besides the masked avenger. Benson tells the room that the hero punched the suspect so hard that they found the attacker's blood and are now able to run his DNA. Then Rollins finds video from the subway of a person who matches their suspect's description; they'll be able to track the metro card he used as payment.

Rollins and Amaro track the metro card to an Asian woman who denies using it during the time in question, but she does have a son who possibly matches the suspect's description. Later, Benson and Finn interrupt Andy Chen and his street basketball game. They call him over and see he has a black eye. When he finds out they're detectives, he jets off running, until Benson catches up and knocks him out with a solid punch. In the interrogation room, Amaro and Finn talk to Andy who tries to act cool; "I'm the king of SoHo." Amaro and Finn catch onto his bravado, and when they press Andy on details, they realize he's just a copycat who wanted the spotlight.

"Community hysteria is just getting started," Rollins tell the squad as she shows them video of an angry SoHo neighborhood watch as people complain about the NYPD's lack of success in catching the rapist. The squad brainstorms and works on a theory that perhaps the rapist is a local SoHo resident since they haven't caught him trying to leave the area. Meanwhile, Amaro spies on his wife as she meets an attractive man for lunch. His eyes grow large in anger as he thinks his wife's having an affair.

Amaro arrives at a local basketball court to find Andy Chen beaten and strung up against a fence. "Street justice," Finn tells him. "Witnesses say he got jumped by five superheroes." He looks on the ground and finds spray-painted, Justice League - 1, NYPD - 0. At night, SVU and police set up a sting operation to try to find the rapists. Rollins walks the street dressed as enticing bait when she suddenly hears someone calling for help. Finn and Rollins rush up to a roof where they find one stabbed masked superhero crying out for help and his female superhero partner, Fantastica, beaten, bloodied and raped.

An angry Henry Brazecki walks up to Stuart and berates him for bringing Leslie out at night to play dress up and act as a superhero. Henry may be the head of the SoHo neighborhood watch, but he doesn't patrol the streets as a costumed superhero like the others. They believe Stuart and Leslie's attack was the act of the real SoHo rapist; Leslie's hair was cut but she was also knocked out, which he never did to his previous victims. Perhaps he's sending a message to the vigilantes to not mess with him. The squad also theorizes that there's a chance the rapist has infiltrated the neighborhood watch so he could learn exactly where to find Stuart and Leslie to teach them a lesson.

"You think my group is a front for the vigilantes AND the rapist?" Henry Brazecki asks Rollins and Amaro. He fights back saying he is trying to save his neighborhood, not tear it down. Amaro then notices a sharp pair of scissors sitting on a table that look similar to the one's used by the rapist when he cuts his victims hair. Later that night, Henry walks to his car when he is brutally attacked by masked vigilantes. The cops arrive and find plastic bags of the rape victims' hair in Henry's car. Is Henry the rapist or is he being framed? They interview Henry at the hospital and tell him they found his DNA semen in Leslie's rape kit. He adamantly denies being the rapist before reluctantly admitting to having an affair with Leslie.

Amaro grills his wife on what she's been doing for lunch since she got back from serving overseas in Afghanistan. She nonchalantly tells Amaro she's been meeting friends, leaving him to believe she's lying. Later, Amaro walks up to the mystery man he saw eating lunch with his wife and punches him in the jaw. "Stay away from my wife," Amaro warns the man as he throws him to the ground and walks away. Later, Amaro's wife storms into the squad room; how dare he punch a friend of hers! She has been acting distant because she has been seeing a psychologist to deal with the after effects of the war; she's not having an affair, and his unseeded jealousy might have cost him their marriage. "I'm your wife; you can't treat me like one of your suspects."

After checking on Henry's alibi, the squad believes that he was being framed; the only question is by whom? The squad now theorizes that perhaps Stuart is the rapist and planned out the attack on Leslie to throw suspicion off him. Benson feels he's an outsider who's desperate to seem like a hero in Leslie's eyes. Once Finn finds out the medical examiner thinks Stuart's stab wounds were self-inflicted, they decide to put all their energy on him.

"I told you Henry's the guy, why haven't you arrested him yet?" Stuart stutters to Rollins and Amaro as they walk onto the roof of where he was attacked. Stuart explains to them what happened on the roof but is soon caught in a lie as Amaro tells him they know the stab wound he received was self-inflicted. They know he wanted Leslie to think he saved her and that he's known Leslie for about two months; the same timeframe that the SoHo rapist has existed. He created a threat to grow closer to Leslie, but instead she grew closer to Henry. "You did all the work, and the other guy got the girl," Amaro pokes at Stuart. Finally, Stuart breaks down and admits to being the SoHo rapist. He cries to Amaro, "I never meant to hurt anyone; all I wanted was her to look at me and know I was a hero."






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