Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Episode 12.15 : Flight

  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
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      January 17, 2018
    • Episode Premiere : February 02, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 12
    • Show Period : 1999 - Now
    • Production Company: NBC, Studios USA Television, Universal Network TV
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Cast and Crew

The Story

A 12-year-old girl named Dominique alerts French police that she was raped by a man while flying her to New York City on his private jet; he's promised her a modeling career. The accuser, Jordan Hayes, is a powerful billionaire so the SVU already knows they're facing a tough case, especially since Dominique won't return from France to testify. Dominique says there was another teenager on the flight, so Benson and Stabler start with trying to track that girl down.

Stabler and Benson go to customs and learn the identity of the other girl Jordan was flying with; her name is Nicole. Customs also reports that Jordan's sometime girlfriend Dahlia often flies with him, only this time she was a no-show. Detectives want to interview Dahlia about Jordan's recent trips on his private jet. Dahlia tells detectives that she and Jordan are broken up, but admits seeing Dominique and Nicole at a recent party and took care of them when they had too much to drink.

Stabler and Benson find out the name of the private doctor who treated Dominique for her bleeding after the rape, but before they can interview the man, Jordan and his lawyers walk into the SVU. Jordan wants to accuse Dominique of raping him and demands to speak to Cragen in his office. Jordan tells the story of Dahlia offering him a massage at his party, and then he fell asleep. He accuses Dominique of replacing Dahlia and taking advantage of him during his sleep. Jordan claims Dominique threatened to cry rape if he didn't let her have sex with him.

Munch and Fin go and arrest Jordan's private doctor, Ari Nathan, and charge him with not being compliant with the law when treating Dominique for her injuries. Ari claims he had no idea Dominique had sex and refuses to say he treated her. Ari later admits that he treated Dominique. Stabler and Benson go and talk to Dahlia, who is being treated for a suicide attempt. She refuses to talk.

French officials call the SVU and say they have Nicole, the other girl on the plane, in custody. She tells the detectives the story of how she and Dominique were at Jordan's party and how Dominique schemed to have sex with Jordan because he was a billionaire. Stabler and Benson still believe Jordan's money must have gotten to Nicole and that's why she's covering for him. The detectives are right. Jordan spots the detectives and welcomes them inside his mansion and walks them through the crime scene.

During their visit at Jordan's house, Stabler and Benson discover that he records all of his massage sessions. They turn to Hardwick to get a warrant for those tapes. She and Fin go to a judge for the warrant and are met with a roadblock. Fin and Hardwick aren't shocked by the judge's dismissal of their request, due to how powerful Jordan is in New York.

Dominique's blog hits the press and all of a sudden more underage girls start coming forward with claims that they were approached by Dahlia to earn money as a masseuse. Each victim has a story of being sexually assaulted by Jordan. As each girl left Jordan's house, they were given hush money.

With enough evidence based on victim testimony, the detectives get their search warrant and arrest Jordan at his home. Jordan is sure that his connections to the DA will set him free in no time. He demands a private cell and watches as Fin brings in Giles, Jordan's house manager. Giles stands by his story that he organizes Jordan's massage schedule, but that's all. Meanwhile, Benson interrogates Dahlia.

Dahlia tells Benson that she and Jordan have something special, but Benson informs Dahlia that she's only a pimp for Jordan, getting him access to underage girls. Cragen and Stabler look through footage of Jordan getting nude massages from the underage girls. Meanwhile, back in the pen, Jordan's cellmate taunts him until Jordan snaps and attacks him. Stabler breaks up the fight as the cellmate is carted off to the hospital.

Benson takes Dahlia into booking. She's confused, thinking that Jordan's lawyer was going to be taking care of her as well. Meanwhile, back at Jordan's cell, he asks to see Stabler. He tells Stabler he needs to use the restroom and runs into Dahlia on his way. The feds come in just as Jordan tells Dahlia he's taking care of everything. The feds want to take Jordan in and start their own child pornography case.

Stabler and Benson know that Jordan will be held in a white-collar prison and buy his way out of serving real prison time. But Dahlia, on the other hand, will have to pay for her crimes. She accuses Jordan of screwing her over for his own freedom. She cries that she can't go to jail for her crimes, but Jordan comes by and caresses her face. Stabler and Benson see firsthand what kind of sick hold he has on his former girlfriend.






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