Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Episode 11.06 Spooked
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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Episode 11.06 Spooked

Episode Premiere
Oct 28, 2009
Drama, Crime
Production Company
NBC, Studios USA Television, Universal Network TV
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Episode Premiere
Oct 28, 2009
Drama, Crime
1999 - Now
Production Co
NBC, Studios USA Television, Universal Network TV
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Peter Leto
Jonathan Greene
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • Vincent Spano

Two car thieves, Murry and Pete, get more than they bargained for when they break into an abandoned truck and find a dead couple. Benson, Stabler and Warner investigate the scene and find that both victims' throats were cut and the female's breasts were hacked off. The female victim's bra and panties were hung on a clothesline in the van, which leads Benson to believe the perpetrator raped the victim.

Neither the male or female victim has any prints. Cragen and Munch discuss that the criminal must be a professional; the next step is to find who owned the truck. To Munch's surprise, a phone tech is installing new phones, but it's something Cragen has been requesting since the Clinton era.

Warner reveals that the victims were killed with a scalpel, just what the murderer needed to take out the female victim's breast implants. On the male victim, Munch reveals that the "death bride" tattoo on his arm is the patron saint of Mexican drug dealers. Cragen orders Munch to send the ink and prints to the FBI in hopes of seeing if the two were in the country illegally. Warner, on the other hand, believes the two victims to be American because of their dental work. The only other clues the detectives have are mysterious brown fibers.

Stabler and Benson I.D. Carlos Martinez as the person who rented the truck. Carlos was only 18. The lot manager shows the detectives the Mercedes that Carlos left behind. Stabler finds the last location Carlos had entered in his GPS system. Benson and Stabler visit a run-down house and Benson finds evidence that the apartment was being used as a drug factory. One more surprise is that Ramona Rodriguez, the deceased female, tried to burn her license.

The detectives interview Terri, Ramona's roommate, who says that Ramona was hardly ever at the apartment. Terri claims she barely knew Ramona and only let her stay in the apartment because Terri needed cash. Benson and Stabler find Ramona's passport and learn that she was busy traveling all around the world as a drug mule. Benson thinks maybe heroin was being smuggled in the breast implants. On Ramona's bed Stabler notices a teddy bear and thinks they may have found a match for the brown fibers found at the crime scene.

Terri interrupts the detectives' investigation and says that there is someone trying to get into her apartment. When Benson and Stabler run to the front, the door opens and to Benson's surprise, it is Agent Dean Porter.

Porter tells Benson and Stabler that the teddy bear in the room carried half a kilo of black tar heroin. Stabler lets Porter know that Martinez and Ramona are dead. Porter lets Stabler and Benson know that Martinez was about to make the 10 most wanted list for being a hit man for a Mexican cartel. Martinez was in the states protecting Ramona and her heroin-filled breast implants. Porter thinks a rival gang killed them both, but Stabler doesn't believe Porter has the evidence to back this up. Porter says that the way the victims were murdered fits the profile of how rival gangs kill their victims. Cragen works out a deal with Porter; SVU will work the homicides and Porter will follow the dope.

Benson chit chats with Porter until Stabler breaks it up. Benson wants Stabler to give Porter a break, but Stabler won't do it. The detectives get a warrant and search Ramona's apartment, where they find a key to a safe deposit box.

Benson and Stabler go to the bank to investigate the safe deposit box. They find a plane ticket and the bank teller says that the other owner of the box is Juan Pablo. Timmons says that he can get a real name with the prints on the box. Stabler and Benson discover that there is a flight coming in from Mexican International Airways and their suspect may be on it.

Cragen orders Benson and Stabler to go to JFK airport. At the airport Stabler finds a load of children's toys that is taken by a Hispanic male. Cragen calls Benson and says that Juan Pablo's real name is Manuel Rojas. Porter takes his position at the airport and follows the red van with the drugs. Stabler notices something strange; Manuel Rojas is still at the airport. Benson goes in the airport to stop Rojas, but Rojas takes her by the arm and leads her away by gunpoint.

Rojas shoots a cop outside the airport and Stabler chases Rojas, who is holding Benson hostage. Stabler stops Rojas, but Rojas holds a gun to Benson's head. Rojas plans to take Benson with him as hostage but Stabler won't negotiate. Rojas demands a car with his shipment. Rojas calls Benson a liar when she says that he killed Ramona and Martinez. Suddenly a shot is fired and Rojas falls dead to the ground. Stabler rushes to Benson's aid and to everyone's surprise, Porter pulled the trigger.

Porter checks on Benson, but Benson doesn't quite understand why Porter is there, he was supposed to be following the drugs. Porter claims that he was made. Back at the precinct, Porter let's everyone know that his division had an informant who had said that Ramona and Martinez were trying to steal from their own gang, and this is why they were murdered by Rojas. Cragen says that this is over for the SVU and for Stabler and Benson to start typing up their report.

While Benson and Stabler are writing their report, Warner lets them know she found a third DNA profile at the murder scene. When Stabler tells Warner that Rojas is dead, Warner says that the DNA at the crime scene belongs to a woman. Basically, Rojas was never in that truck. Benson believes that Terri Banes, Ramona's roommate, is their criminal. When Benson goes to call Porter, Stabler tells her to leave him out of it for now.

When Benson and Stabler arrive at Terri's apartment, Stabler notices that the satellite TV tech going to her apartment is also the same phone tech that set up the new phones at the SVU precinct. The detectives have been set up! While Morales cleans out the bugs at the office, Benson takes Michael Garcia, a former cop and the fake tech guy, into the interrogation room. Even when Porter tells Garcia he is up for three decades in prison, Garcia doesn't talk. Porter believes that rogue cops hired Garcia to make sure the detectives didn't get on their shipman. Cragen wants to know how Terri Banes connects to this. Porter says that he will take care of it, but Stabler says that SVU will handle it. Porter tells Stabler that the cartel bugs the precinct phones, and that Stabler and Benson are in over their heads.

Stabler is not listening to Cragen or Porter's orders. Benson goes along with Stabler and they find Terri acting very suspiciously. Benson follows Terri into a grocery store and watches as she drops a brown paper bag into a cart and pulls a switcheroo with an elderly man. Benson tries to stop Terri, but Terri makes a run for it. Benson is able to catch the man that Terri switched carts with at the grocery store and Benson finds Ramona's removed breast implant in the brown bag. While Benson and Stabler take the man into custody, Porter is watching from afar.

Benson interrogates the man from the grocery store who claims the bag did not belong to him. After two hours, the man won't tell the detectives anything. Morales finds a SIM card from a smart phone inside the breast implant. The chip holds an encoded message with the contact info of different names and addresses. Before the detectives can find out any more information, Porter busts through with a warrant signed by a federal judge for any and all evidence regarding the murder case. After Porter leaves, Morals realizes that the FBI and Porter were the ones that bugged the SVU, and also have Benson and Stabler on visual surveillance.

Benson and Stabler put the pieces together and realize that Garcia, the phone tech, was working for Porter all along. Porter knew from the start that Terri killed Martinez and Ramona. Seems as though Terri is a spook and works for the CIA. Munch thinks Terri was spying on the SVU for Cuba; the names on the SIM card are American agents that Terri was planning on selling out. Turns out that Terri and Ramona were old high school friends as well. Porter was keeping tabs on Benson and Stabler to make sure that they weren't getting too close to Terri's secret.

Benson decides to leverage her past with Porter to use him the way he used her. Porter arrives with flowers to Benson's apartment as she gets him settled in. Stabler and Morales bug Porter's phone nearby. While Benson distracts Porter with a kiss, Morales and Stabler download information from him phone. Once it's downloaded, Stabler has Cragen call Benson and pretends that they have Terri's location. After Porter leaves, Benson and Stabler watch Porter go to find Terri.

Benson and Stabler bust in Terri's motel room and arrest her for murder. In the interrogation room, Benson and Stabler tell Terri that they know everything and call her a traitor. Terri claims the names on the SIM card were for the Cuban Resistance so they can feed intelligence back to the U.S. Terri had no idea that Ramona was involved in a drug cartel and after Ramona agreed to put the implants in, she started to blackmail Terri for more money. In order to protect American agents, Terri had no choice but to cut the implants out of Ramona and kill whomever she was with. On top of everything else, Porter knew all of this information going into the investigation.

Benson tries to arrest Porter, but Cragen got an order to let them go. Terri and Porter leave the precinct free. Porter blames it on national security, but Benson doesn't believe what Porter says. Benson can't believe that Porter didn't tell her the truth after all they have been through.