Las Vegas

Episode 5.05 : Run, Cooper, Run

  • Las Vegas
    • Episode Premiere : October 19, 2007
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime, Thriller
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2003 - 2008
    • Production Company: Gary Scott Thompson Prod., DreamWorks, NBC
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Cooper calls Danny and Mike to an early meeting at 8 A.M. Danny gives Mike an egg, asking him to keep it safe as long as he can. It's part of a parenting exercise he and Delinda are trying, and if Mike succeeds, he'll win something big. Delinda has named her egg after her Dad, and wears him in a jeweled bag around her neck. She gives eggs to Sam and Piper, but Sam drops hers immediately, oh well.

In the elevator, Mike shows Danny the second prototype of his"Snagger," a gun which shoots a tracking device into any target. Danny's not impressed since the first version almost blew up in his hand. Mike's still testing the Snagger, along with his Cannon Utility Belt. Sam is organizing a big ticket bar mitzvah for Cy and Beth Lipshitz's nerdy son Hershel. Cy tells Sam to set up a private table for him and keep his wife and son entertained and away from him. Beth waves to hunky Steve, who's with the band.

Mike and Danny find Cooper in his bedroom, staring at a woman who's been clubbed to death in his bed. Cooper knows her name is Kathryn because he went through her purse, but he doesn't remember her and doesn't remember last night. He was awakened by a phone call asking him to deliver $20 million to an offshore account in exchange for the murder weapon. He's showered and changed, which Mike points out is destroying evidence. Danny informs that they'll have to call metro, but promises to handle it.

Sam offers Piper $5000 to babysit Hershel. Mike thinks it's possible that Cooper murdered Kathryn. After all, he has a lot of secrets, four lost years, and he's already destroyed evidence. Leaving Mike to watch Cooper, Danny gets Dillon. When they return to the suite, Cooper has disappeared.

Cooper has a blocker on his cell so he can't be tracked, and he has taken his gun out of its case, which says Khe Sanh on it. Danny recognizes Khe Sahn as a legendary siege in the Vietnam War. Mitch informs them that Cooper's on his private jet heading to Mazatlan in Mexico, and all the cameras on Cooper's floor were disabled last night - there's no tape. If they don't bring Cooper in by the end of the day, Dillon threatens to charge Mike with aiding and abetting. Cooper makes a call. He wants the murder weapon in three hours.

Piper notices Hershel looking shyly at some girls. Why doesn't he ask them to join in? Hershel asks if Piper's a prostitute, and she is about to huff off, but he offers to pay her double to teach him how to get a girl. Piper relents, but only if Hershel does everything she says.

Mitch finds video of Cooper and Kathryn in Opus from last night. Danny has a Marine friend give him some background on Cooper, who's a recipient of the Bronze Star and may have been part of the Phoenix Program, black ops. Mike is overjoyed to think their boss may be an invisible killing machine, and indeed Cooper seems to be. His plane has landed, and he's not in it! Meanwhile, Cooper gets out of a cab, plugging a flashkey into a PDA, downloading encrypted data. He's still in Vegas.

Danny and Mike return to Cooper's suite, where Mike notices that Cooper's computer is now on, and is streaming encrypted data. They can't stop it, they can't trace it. On the street, Cooper pulls his rig out of an ATM. Suddenly the computer shuts itself off. Dillon turns the computer over to the FBI. Mike tells Danny that it looks like Cooper did a wire transfer for $20 million. He's either paying the blackmailer or making it look like he is.

Piper holds Hershel's hand through a full makeover with a haircut, new cool clothes, even an earring. Piper encourages him to talk to the girls, but Hershel chickens out and runs off. Piper rushes after him, leaving her egg behind. Sitting in the park, Cooper finally answers Mike's call, allowing himself to be located. Mike tells Cooper that he needs to turn himself in.

Danny finds Cooper chain smoking cigars in the park. Cooper puts his flashkey in an envelope, explaining that it's linked to an account with $20 million. Danny's surprised Cooper intends to pay, but Cooper explains he wants it to look he's paying when they guy makes the exchange. He hands Danny the original Snagger, which Danny doesn't want to use, since it almost blew up on him the last time. It's risky, but they've got to try it. With a Semper Fi, Danny's on board.

Hershel tells Piper that he may look great, but he's still a wuss on the inside, nothing's changed. Piper asks if Cy has had the man-talk with Hershel. But they never talk, Cy's always busy. Piper takes Hershel to the table where Cy gambles, not wanting to interrupt his winning streak. Piper insists that she shouldn't be the one teaching Hershel life lessons, and Cy gets the message, telling a baffled Sam to watch his chips. Sam's worried that father and son are missing right before the party, but finds them bonding.

A motorcyclist enters the park to make the drop, and Danny shoots him with the Snagger. The tracker works, even though the Snagger burns Danny's hand, and they follow the trail back to the Montecito, where the bar mitzvah is getting underway. Hershel dances with Piper, and she gives him the confidence to ask the girls to dance. Cy and Beth have the time of their lives, watching their son dance to Mim's live show with the rabbi's daughter.

Delinda is devastated when her egg cracks. Sam tells her to fix it with nail polish, Danny will never know. Delinda realizes that motherhood is not about protection, but dealing with slings and arrows. Mike and Danny locate the tracker in musician Steve's collar. He thinks Cooper stole his father's land, and set the whole thing up to take revenge. Cooper claims he never stole anything from anyone, and Dillon makes the arrest. And yes, Cooper assures Dillon, he does have a permit to carry his gun.

Danny's egg breaks. Mike has kept his egg secure in a container on his utility belt, and wins the prize of being named the baby's godfather, and dinner cooked by Delinda. Cooper shows up with an intact egg, and is also invited to dinner. Mike asks Cooper why he ran. Cooper claims he wouldn't have learned the truth in jail. Maybe over dinner he'll tell them how he bypassed the cameras and accessed the computers, or how he kept his egg intact. Cooper could tell them, but then he'd have to kill them.






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