Las Vegas

Episode 5.03 : The Glass Is Always Cleaner

  • Las Vegas
    • Episode Premiere : October 05, 2007
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime, Thriller
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2003 - 2008
    • Production Company: Gary Scott Thompson Prod., DreamWorks, NBC
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

There's a sudden influx of hot women to the casino, while new hot male window washers leave no streaks. Worried that her morning sickness has ended, Delinda has an ultrasound to confirm that her baby's healthy. Danny packs up, preparing to move out of the office he shares with Mike and into Ed's old one. As soon as Danny's gone, Mike calls maintenance to have his desk removed.

Surprise! Polly has transformed Ed's office into a yoga studio. Cooper tells Danny that while he appreciates his optimism and confidence, he's jumping the gun by trying to move in. Cooper's got a stack of resumes on his desk. Alarmed, Danny asks if he intends to hire outside the Montecito. Cooper reassures him that the next President of Operations will be the best possible person for the job - inside or out.

One of Sam's whales, Harry Kagel, has died, according to his warring daughters, Patsy and Rita. Although Sam really doesn't remember him, Harry has bequeathed her his prize possession. Since Sam has no idea what this might be, she'll have to find out at the inquest. She goes to look Harry up in her black book, but it's disappeared, and she panics, blowing off the young, new, sexy concierge, Piper, who Cooper has poached from the Palms.

Danny returns to security, surprised to find that Mike has already redecorated the office. Cooper will let Danny submit a resume, but he doesn't have one. Mike reluctantly calls maintenance to move Danny's desk back in. Sam rips apart Levin's office, looking for her black book. Levin soothes the angry beast, persuading Sam to talk. Delinda reassures Danny that he's the man. He makes a comment about her weight, sending Delinda into a tail spin - there has to be some way to not gain!

Piper introduces herself to Mike, who's upset that she's brought hookers into the casino, against Ed's policy. She reminds Mike that Ed is gone, hookers bring young whales with money, and she's just carrying out Cooper's directive. Danny gives Cooper his resume on 3-hole punch. Although Danny may think he's Ed's heir apparent, Cooper thinks his real chance of getting the job is that there's only one other guy who knows the Montecito as well as Danny - Mike, who just gave Cooper his resume.

Cooper interviews Mike, and he's a kickass candidate. The only thing Mike's not interested in is bowling. Levin tells Sam that she may be very angry with no release. She claims she has plenty of release, but Levin's talking about intimacy. Are her friends really her friends? Sam runs to the spa, where Delinda is on the stairmaster, yelling to the window washers that she's not fat. Sam accuses Delinda of dumping their friendship since she got pregnant, then refuses to check out her ultrasound photo - she'd rather die.

Danny congratulates Mike for going after Ed's job, wishing Mike had told him first. Mike thinks Danny should be cheering him on, but Danny thinks best friends never go after the same thing. Mike's worked hard, maybe it's his turn to grab the brass ring - is Danny scared of a little competition? Sam befriends Piper, congratulating her on getting hookers into the Montecito. With the shared interest of whoring around and drinking too much, Sam reluctantly accepts Piper's invitation to go to a rave that night.

Mike discovers Cooper and Polly bowling in the Presidential Suite. Cooper's installed a single alley and is moving into the hotel full-time. He sends Polly away, then tells Mike that you always have to be prepared to be a boss or a friend, not both. Sam finds Polly, who thinks Cooper is dumping her. Polly thinks Sam is smart to have no friends - it hurts too much, and invites herself to the rave.

Patsy and Rita fight - Harry's left everything to Rita, his favorite. All that's left is their mother's jewelry and Harry's coin collection, which is in lawyer Calvin's case. Sam inherits an 1895 Morgan dollar, worth at least $120,000, but the case turns out to be empty - they've been robbed! Accusing each other, Rita and Patsy cat fight. Later, Danny and Sam search the sisters' adjoining suites. Sam counsels that while Mike might seem like the best candidate for President, he doesn't have Danny's mojo.

Danny turns down the AC to interrogate the bare-chested window washers. They claim they didn't steal the coins. Mike interrupts with news that the window washers couldn't possibly be guilty, offering them free beer and shirts to make up for Danny's slight. Getting riled, Danny tells Mike not to apologize for him.Delinda makes fast friends with Piper, taking her to meet Mike and Danny. They walk into the middle of a brawl between Danny and Mike. Delinda phones Levin in to mediate.

With Levin's help, Danny and Mike get everything in the open, even though they refuse the doctor's suggestion to hug it out. Later Mike tells Danny that if he doesn't get the job, he's leaving Las Vegas. Just then Cooper calls, asking Danny to come up. Stunned, Danny insures that Mike will be there when he gets back. Cooper tells Danny that choosing a President is like a 7-10 split, near impossible. Danny insists Mike's the man for the job, but Cooper has chosen Danny. Meanwhile, Mike packs up his belongings and splits. Danny returns to security to witness lawyer Calvin dropping Sam's purloined coin.

Cooper finds Mike in a bar to offer him Head of Security as enticement to come back. He thinks Mike should know that Danny wanted him to get the job. Cooper persuades Mike that his future is bright, and Mike agrees to come back, just as his phone rings. Sam needs Mike right away - she's been arrested for public urination at the rave along with puking Polly and nympho Piper. Making friends sucks. Danny returns home to tell Delinda the news, but she's sleeping. Finding the ultrasound photo, Danny is filled with wonder.






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