Las Vegas Episode 4.16 Junk In The Trunk
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Las Vegas Episode 4.16 Junk In The Trunk

Episode Premiere
Mar 2, 2007
Drama, Crime, Thriller
Production Company
Gary Scott Thompson Prod., DreamWorks, NBC
Official Site
Episode Premiere
Mar 2, 2007
Drama, Crime, Thriller
2003 - 2008
Production Co
Gary Scott Thompson Prod., DreamWorks, NBC
Official Site
Bethany Rooney
Robb Cullen, Mark Cullen
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • Mona Weiss
  • Tom Schmid
  • Casey Sander
  • Davis Mikaels

As the Montecito's new owner, Sam barks orders for changes she wants done before talking to her new whale, Mr. Peterson, who asks her to marry him. She refuses. Elsewhere, Mike asks Danny to join him for dinner with a female family friend who once beat him up after he insulted her as a kid.

Sam tells Ed that she should be more integral in the casino's operation, but Ed tells her that he's in charge of operations and she should continue suckering in whales. Meanwhile, Jillian tells Delinda that she wants Ed to retire, and Danny checks up on Mary to make sure she's okay after her dad's trial

Danny meets with a couple of ex-con gangstas who have come to him for a job based on Wallace's recommendation. Danny refuses because he can't hire ex-felons at a casino. They warn him that Wallace won't be happy.

Mary freaks out on an overcrowded elevator and has to flee before having a total panic attack. Meanwhile, Delinda comes home to find the place being robbed by the two thugs Danny met with.

Danny finds Mary downing a shot at the bar. She admits that the trial has brought back all the bad memories of her father. Up in Ed's office, Jillian begs him to retire but he refuses because his job is what he's really good at. An upset Delinda interrupts with news of the robbery.

Mike runs into Julia, his childhood friend, and is stunned by how gorgeous she is. They set plans to meet at 8:30 and he watches as she wiggles away while Mr. Peterson continues to woo a resistant Sam with violins and a pathway of roses leading to a wedding altar. "I will die if I can't have you," he says as he hands her a $2 million engagement ring.

Two IRS agents arrive at Sam's office and inform her that as the new owner she's acquired debts incurred by Casey in the amount of $241 million. If she can't come up with the money in seven days, the IRS will seize the Montecito and all the assets attached to it.

Ed is incensed at Danny for making a deal with a gangster and then stiffing him by not hiring the two goons. Ed sends him back to work and Danny insists that he'll go after Wallace. At the same time, Sam catches Vince Peterson leaving and begs him to stay. He agrees... if she has dinner with him.

Mike and Julia have dinner at Puck's and get reacquainted; there's a lot of flirty chemistry between them. She asks if he wants to come to her room. The answer? "Check!" At the Delines', Jillian blames Ed for all the bad things that have happened to them in the past.

Mike and Julia fire up round two when she teases him by calling him "peanut head." When he gets up to leave, she apologizes and says she thinks his head is beautiful and that she hit him when they were kids because she had a huge crush on him.

Danny confronts Wallace and his goons and refuses to pay $10,000 to make them go away. Instead, he lets them beat him up to put an end to their beef. When he finally stumbles home, he promises Delinda that this will never happen again.

While Mary practices at the firing range, Sam offers Ed a deal to buy half a stake in the Montecito. He refuses and she says she won't let the IRS take the casino. "They're not," he says, "I am." In the surveillance room, Mitch tells Mike that all the cameras in the elevator banks went dead for three minutes due to an electrical glitch.

Over dinner, Sam asks Vince Peterson to pay off the casino's debt, and he agrees. She downs a glass of champagne and collapses in sort order because the drink was spiked.

Danny tells Ed what happened with Wallace and then asks for space because Ed and Jillian can be "suffocating." Ed agrees to back off. With Danny gone from the room, Ed hits a switch on his computer to watch live security-cam footage of his daughter sleeping at home.

Sam is bound, gagged, and stashed inside a trunk in Peterson's room. Outside in the dark, Mary drives with a gun in the passenger seat of her car to the Desert Town Tavern to confront her father. Back at Danny's place, Danny notices the camera that Ed had installed in a vent and rips it out.

At the casino, Jillian overhears Ed telling an employee that he's going to buy the Montecito outright. Jillian says, "You've made your choice? Then I'm making mine," and turns around and leave. A stunned Ed is even more stunned when Danny shows up and punches him in the face. Danny storms off, but not before saying, 'I told you to stay out of our lives.'