Las Vegas Episode 4.09 Wines And Misdemeanors
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Las Vegas Episode 4.09 Wines And Misdemeanors

Episode Premiere
Jan 5, 2007
Drama, Crime, Thriller
Production Company
Gary Scott Thompson Prod., DreamWorks, NBC
Official Site
Episode Premiere
Jan 5, 2007
Drama, Crime, Thriller
2003 - 2008
Production Co
Gary Scott Thompson Prod., DreamWorks, NBC
Official Site
Paul Michael Glaser
Jill Cargerman
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • Marty Amiott
  • Scott Reading
  • Adam Hughes
  • David Harris

Mike and Danny watch Mary escort elderly Mrs. Finnegan to a sudoku tournament. Delinda interrupts to show Danny her recent purchase of a "Frisky Ferret" toy. Mike brings Danny to the newly constructed wine cellar where Monica Macuso's secret stash of wine coolers and cheap whiskey has been uncovered.

Danny and the new sommelier Phillip Corbin get off to a bad start when Danny throws a bottle of wine and makes a disparaging comment about Philip screaming like a girl when it shatters into a million pieces. The broken bottle of wine is worth $30,000. However, all is not lost because an entire case of the wine is discovered.

Sam asks Mike to take care of a situation at the Bella Petto pool where a whale is complaining about an elderly woman named Margie Gruder sunbathing topless.

Danny hurriedly throws off all his clothes when he gets home, excited to try out the Frisky Ferret with Delinda. But he has to wait because Delinda tells him that she made a reservation and they have to go. Yes... she already tried the toy on her own.

At a wine auction, Delinda tells Danny that she likes Philip because he recommended a wine to her that was "better than sex." She kisses Danny and takes off, leaving him very confounded. Moments later, billionaire Larry Chen wins the case of Montrachet with a bid of $1 million.

As press photographers snap away, Ed enjoys the very first taste of the Montrachet. Ed takes a blissful sip, but when Mr. Chen has a taste, he announces that it's the wrong wine. Philip steps in to allay concerns, and Ed stakes his reputation that it's the right wine. Mike, however, sees something that makes him suspect the wine is a fraud.

Mike shows Danny that the wine labels were printed on a laser printer, a technology that didn't exist when the wine was supposedly bottled.

There's more trouble at the pool. Mike discovers an entire group of topless elderly women doing shots and scaring off customers. Mike arranges to have a private waiter bring drinks to their cabana so they don't have to parade around sans tops.

Mitch blows up an image of the label taken off the broken Montrachet bottle and it's apparent that it's the real deal, though the bottles sold to Chen were fakes. Danny interrupts Ed during a wine tasting to tell him that he suspects someone stole the real case from the cellar.

When Mike fails to remove the topless grandmas from the pool, Sam steps in and scares them away with a carefully thrown candy bar.

In the wine cellar, Phillip overhears Danny accusing him of stealing the wine. Phillip explains that he knew the wine was a fraud but didn't want to make Ed look bad during the auction. Back in the security room, Danny and Mike discover that the cellar construction workers snuck the wine out one bottle at a time in their thermoses.

Mrs. Gruder and Mrs. Finnegan tell Mike and Sam that they know it was a candy bar in the pool and are threatening legal action for age discrimination because they suspect someone planted it to get them to leave. Sam and Mike suggest that everything is OK and they can go back to the topless pool without any more hassle

Delinda has an idea to get the women out of the pool without any legal ramifications... male strippers!

Ed, Danny, and an innocent Phillip track down the construction workers to a backyard BBQ where they catch them sampling one of the authentic bottles ' they sold the rest. Phillip gets in on the action, tackling a guy and serving one up for Danny to finish off with a knockout blow.

The workers take Ed to a liquor store owed by a man who deals vintage wine out of the backroom. Ed roughs up the guy and recovers the wine. They get the wine back to the casino and switch cases before Chen knows he received a phony product. On his way out, Chen offers Ed a bottle. But when Phillip goes racing after Mr. Chen, he smacks into Ed, sending the bottle crashing to the floor.

At lunch, Delinda takes Danny home where he admits his concerns about the Frisky Ferret. She throws the toy away and tells him a steamy fantasy she had when she was alone. When she goes into the bathroom, Danny plucks the Ferret from the trash and joins his girl in the other room.