Las Vegas

Episode 4.06 : Delinda's Box Part 2

  • Las Vegas
    • Episode Premiere : December 01, 2006
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime, Thriller
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2003 - 2008
    • Production Company: Gary Scott Thompson Prod., DreamWorks, NBC
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Over his phone, Danny frantically tells Ed to reach under the seat, grab a can of spray freeze that's there, and spray the hell out of the timing device strapped to his ankle. With only five seconds till he's blown to kingdom come, Ed finds the can, sprays it down, finds some bolt cutters, and...

From the helicopter, Danny sees an explosion off in the distance. Mr. Chips tells Delinda, who is bound in the back of his SUV, that her father is dead. Only he's not.

Back at the ranch, Mary tells Sam and Mike that half the staff is out with the flu and people are starting to complain. Worse, a critic from Hotel Traveler Magazine is there to do a feature on the Montecito. Mary, who worries that people will think this is all her fault, races off to wait tables at Wolfgang's as Mike gets a call from Danny instructing him to bring Jillian to the casino at once

Using the GPS device that Ed attached to Mr. Chips, Danny and Ed track him to a local airfield. Danny calls in a favor with Homeland Security and has the airfield shut down due to a "terrorist threat." Mr. Chips and Robb the Henchman pick this up on a scanner and head over to their warehouse instead of the airfield.

A Buddhist monk has a string of good luck at the roulette table, raking in tens of thousands of dollars. Sam approaches him to extend the resort's hospitality, but he refuses. Instead, he gives her a penny and walks away.

Mr. Chips tries to play big shot when he calls Danny, but Ed snatches the phone away to play a little game of rat and louse. Ed lets Chips know who's calling the shots and refuses Chips' request for the casino's corporate jet.

At Wolfgang's, Mary makes for a terrible waitress as she drops plate after plate of food and delivers the wrong orders to the wrong people. She even dumps an entire bowl of soup on a poor shnook. Later on, she turns to the role of housekeeper and walks in on the soup guy doing naked jumping jacks in his room. It gets even worse when she has to give the same man, who sports a grotesquely hairy back, a massage in the spa.

Sam watches as the monk hits the $20,000 jackpot on a slot machine. In the surveillance booth, Mitch tells Mike the secret of the monk's success: he prays. They discover that the monk's name is Tsuldi Tendar. Mike's heard of the guy: every seven years he comes to Vegas to spread the teachings of Buddha and to clean out one casino. He's never been caught cheating and Mike wants to be the one to catch him in the act.

With the kidnappers boxed in and with no way out of the state, Ed and Danny head to the warehouse to scope it out. They decide they need to buy more time, so Ed calls Chips and offers himself and the plane in exchange for Delinda, but first he needs visual proof that Delinda is alive.

The monk gets under Sam's skin by hinting to her that she's an unhappy person who suffers a great deal. Mike has had enough and has his own talk with the monk. He tells him that he's no longer welcome at the casino and the monk tells Mike that, "your heart is noble. You should follow it more often." However, Sam tells Mike to let the monk stay because she refuses to let him walk out with over a million dollars in casino money.

Things get worse for Mary when she's forced to take over the DJ's role at Mystique. Needless to stay, her skillz are sorely lacking. She does do one good deed when the hairy naked soup guy comes in and is rejected by all the girls. Mary steps in and dances with him, even though he's the worst dancer of all time.

Chips has his shooters in place as Ed arrives at a junkyard to make the exchange. Chips shows him a video proving that Delinda is still alive. Ed instructs him to bring Delinda to the airport and they'll do the switch there. But it's not to be. The henchmen shove Ed to the hood of a car and put a gun to the back of his head.

Ed spins around and smacks the henchmen. Suddenly, a bullet comes whizzing past, killing another henchman. It was fired by Danny, who has come to the rescue.

Sam makes a proposition to the monk: wager his entire two million dollars on a single bet or get out. Mike tries to stop this since that kind of bet on a single number on roulette can break the entire casino. The monk places a bet on number eight. As it spins, he whispers to Sam, "14," and that's the number that comes in. For good karma, Sam gives him back the penny, which turns out to be a rare coin worth $80,000.

The hairy naked man tells Mary how impressed he was by how far she went out of her way to try and take care of her guests... and that's what he's going to write about, because he's the critic from Hotel Traveler Magazine!

Ed catches Chips in the junkyard, breaks his arm, and bundles him off into a car. Meanwhile, Danny fights his way into the warehouse until he finally frees Delinda! They kiss the kiss of all kisses and race outside to meet up with Ed and Jillian for a grand family reunion.

But there will be no more good times for Mr. Chips. Out in the desert, the failed kidnapper struggles for air as he fights an impossible fight to get out of a casket buried somewhere beneath the sand.






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