Las Vegas

Episode 3.12 : Bait And Switch

  • Las Vegas
    • Episode Premiere : January 02, 2006
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime, Thriller
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2003 - 2008
    • Production Company: Gary Scott Thompson Prod., DreamWorks, NBC
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Danny knocks on a room door because someone's BLASTING music. He walks in on a couple taping themselves having sex. L'il Flip is doing a music video at the casino and the couple wanted to have footage of the pool in the background for their own personal video.

At the taping of L'il Flip's video, Flip yells 'cut' because he notices diamonds missing. The real diamonds have been replaced with fake ones. Danny interviews everyone around the pool, but Pete, the guy who provided the stones, doesn't want the police involved. He says the stones aren't technically his, but he provided them at a moment's notice so he wants to keep the incident under wraps. Danny decides to bring in an X-ray machine in case anyone hid them in places they can't see.

While on the floor, Sam sees a flyer for a Vegas show, Thunder Down Under. One of the guys looks identical to Mike. She shows it to Mary and they're both enamored with his 'endowment.'

Danny tells Ed that after X-raying everyone, nothing shows up. Ed tells him they need to interview everyone. Danny interviews Delinda and she makes it clear she still wants to sleep with him.

Ed interviews Pete, the diamond guy, and finds out they belong to a local gangster, Victor Castillo. Victor told Pete if he doesn't get the diamonds back in a day, he's going to kill him. Ed offers to keep Pete hidden in the hotel.

Mike watches a craps player, Anthony, who keeps winning and he's suspicious because he always wins on a 10. Ed and Mike find him on the floor and Anthony tells them he has a gift ' he can win any time he wants. Ed offers Anthony an opportunity ' he says for $100,000 he wants to set him up at a table for publicity, calling it 'the man who can win at will.' Anthony agrees. Ed and Mike are setting him up.

Mike tells Danny that over the last couple of days, all the girls in the casino have been hitting on him. They all think he's the guy from Thunder Down Under.

Mike finds Anthony on the monitors and notices that he always goes to the slots after he wins. Then another guy goes to the slots and picks something out of the tray right afterward.

Danny continues looking for the diamonds when he notices one of the pool cleaners, Javier, dives into the pool and might be fishing for stones. Danny meets him in the locker room and Javier gives Danny the stones.

Ed considers Anthony, who reminds him of a craps cheat he caught about 15 years ago. He decides to match the two pictures next to each other and finds out it's the same guy.

Victor comes to the casino and meets Ed in the lobby. He tells Ed that if Pete doesn't return his diamonds and his $18,000, he's a dead man. Ed wants Danny to continue trying to find the diamond thief since Javier had an alibi during the robbery.

Danny re-visits the young couple who filmed themselves having sex. Danny thinks he can use their footage to find out who stole the diamonds.

Mike and Ed bring Anthony to a special craps table to try and catch him cheating. Mike rigs a camera inside a poker chip to see if he switches the dice. The camera's signal starts to get fuzzy ' their trap isn't working. There's some sort of magnetic interference. Instead, Mike trails Anthony's partner and catches him with the faulty dice after Anthony makes the drop at the slot machine.

Danny checks the couple's video. Delinda interrupts, asking him if he's still sweet on her. He says it'll have to wait because he sees a woman by the pool, Veronique, shove the diamonds into the water. Danny places a wire on Javier and wants him to implicate Veronique.

Ed and Danny interrogate Veronique and he tells her she can get off if she can pay $18,000. She agrees and Ed tells her she has to give it to Victor Castillo or she's going to jail.

At the L'il Flip show, Danny and Delinda agree that if they want to be together, they should just talk to each other. Neither says anything as they awkwardly listen to the show.






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